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Dr. Gina Atwater (Character)
from Doctor Strange (2007) (V)

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Doctor Strange (2007) (V)
Dr. Gina Atwater: I can't believe it, the great Dr. Strange has descended from his lofty tower to slum in the coma ward
Dr. Stephen Strange: Don't get used to it. This hospital didn't hire me to handle ordinary cases.
Dr. Gina Atwater: I almost forgot how grumpy you get when you miss your morning coffee and colonic.
Dr. Stephen Strange: Let me clarify the economics for you, Gina. Sensational patients bring recognition. Recognition brings money. And money keeps Wellhaven's doors open. You should be thanking me.

Dr. Gina Atwater: I am sick of this hospital feeding your monster ego. It's time you start giving back!

Dr. Gina Atwater: Listen, Stephen, nothing is absolute in the world of medicine. You know that.
Dr. Stephen Strange: Save it. I'll be lucky if I can open a door, let alone hold a scalpel.
Dr. Gina Atwater: You're still a doctor, and you don't need a scalpel to heal people.
Dr. Stephen Strange: You think I had this coming, don't you?
Dr. Gina Atwater: Stephen, please...
Dr. Stephen Strange: Just go.

Dr. Gina Atwater: Stephen? You look... You look great.
Dr. Stephen Strange: Things have changed for me.
Dr. Gina Atwater: I'm so glad. But how did you know I was here?
Dr. Stephen Strange: You always come here, Gina.
Dr. Gina Atwater: Wait. Your hand. It's healed. How did it...
Dr. Stephen Strange: It's a long story. But I want you to know that you were right. It is time I start giving back.
Dr. Gina Atwater: I don't understand.
Dr. Stephen Strange: You will.