Princess Nuala
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Princess Nuala (Character)
from Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)

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Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)
Princess Nuala: [with the others in the meat-locker] To wage his war, my brother needs this.
[holding the crown piece and cylinder]
Princess Nuala: The final piece of the crown of BethMora and this map to the location of the Golden Army chamber.
Johann Krauss: The Golden Army. The harbingers of death, the unstoppable tide...
Hellboy: [under his breath] Howdy Doody.
Johann Krauss: Your Highness, if you hand the crown piece over to us...
Princess Nuala: No. Where it goes, I go. My father died to uphold the truce with your world. We must honor his noble intentions.
Abe Sapien: The lady is in dire danger.
Johann Krauss: I take is your are vouching for her, Agent Sapien?
Abe Sapien: Most emphatically, yes.
Johann Krauss: Even so... I am sorry, but we simply cannot assume such responsibility on our own.
Hellboy: [getting in Johann's face] Lady just lost her father, what more do you want?
Johann Krauss: You may not care, but there are procedures, rules, and little handbooks that...
Hellboy: She's coming with us. You got that, gasbag?
Johann Krauss: [offended] What-what did you call me?
Prince Nuada: [from behind the group] You! You will pay for what happened to my friend down there.
Hellboy: [turning to face him, sarcastically] Yeah, right. You take checks?
Prince Nuada: [enraged] Demon. Born from a womb of shadows, sent to destroy their world and you still believe you belong?
Hellboy: Are we going to talk all night? Because I'm really sleepy.

Abe Sapien: [as she lies dying] I never got a chance to tell you how I feel.
Princess Nuala: Give me your hand.
[he takes her hand]
Princess Nuala: It's... beautiful.

Prince Nuada: [to Nuala, catching her in the library] Very creative of you. The parchment was of no importance. The cylinder... is very interesting
[picking up the burning chamber and rolling it to burn the imprint across the table, revealing a map]
Prince Nuada: We will find the Golden Army here. As for the crown piece, I know it's here.I can feel that much in you. Father always tried so hard to shield your heart from mine.
[pacing around the bookcase]
Prince Nuada: It's in one of the books and I will find it.
[holding a book, before throwing it down]
Prince Nuada: Blue? You always look so beautiful in blue. Blue, poetry, love, and lust. Only words. I will find it.
Princess Nuala: [Eyes the blue-colored book she placed the hidden crown piece in]

Abe Sapien: My name is Abraham Sapien.
Princess Nuala: There is no such name.
Abe Sapien: Oh, I don't like it much either, but...
Princess Nuala: Enough! Give me your hand.
Abe Sapien: I'm sorry?
[she menaces him with her dagger; he holds up his hand, and she places hers against it]
Princess Nuala: You are an agent of the Bureau For Paranormal Research And Defense.
Abe Sapien: Yes.
Princess Nuala: And your name is... oh, dear.
Abe Sapien: Awful, I know.

Princess Nuala: I am Princess Nuala, daughter of King Balor...
Abe Sapien: I know. Forgive me, Your Highness, but as you were learning about me, I could not help but learn a little bit about you. You need our help.
Princess Nuala: I'm afraid it's the other way around.