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Cassiopeia (Character)
from Clash of the Titans (1981)

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Clash of the Titans (1981)
Thetis: Hear me, vain and foolish mortal woman. You dare compare your daughter's beauty to mine and in my own sacred sanctuary? You will repent your boast and the cruel injury you have inflicted on my son, Calibos.
Cassiopeia: Forgive. Forgive.
Thetis: In 30 days, on the eve of the longest day of the year, your daughter Andromeda must be taken to the sacrificial rock at the edge of the sea, there bound and chained to the stone. She must be unknown to man, a virgin. A sacrifice suitable for the Kraken. She must be delivered to the Kraken at the setting of the sun or else the Kraken will destroy all Joppa and everyone within the city. For the insult you have done to me and the cruel injury inflicted on my son, I demand the life of Andromeda. In 30 days.

Princess Andromeda: [upon recognizing Perseus] You!
Cassiopeia: You know him?
Princess Andromeda: Only... from a dream.
[whispers in the crowd]
Princess Andromeda: I beg you, abandon me.
Perseus: Ask your riddle.
Princess Andromeda: In my mind's eyes I see... three circles joined in priceless, graceful harmony. Two full as the moon. One hollow as a crown. Two from the sea, five fathoms down. One from the earth, deep under the ground. The whole, a mark of high renown. Tell me, what can it be?
Perseus: Have courage, princess. What can it be? Three circles joined. Two moons and a crown.
Princess Andromeda: Tell me!
Perseus: The answer is a ring! Two pearls in a circle of gold! The ring of the Lord of the Marsh. The pearl ring of Calibos. Here, on the claw hand of Calibos himself!
[gasps from the crowd as he pulls from his cloak the severed hand of Calibos, the ring still attached]
Perseus: The ring. A gift from his mother... the goddess Thetis. Is that the answer?
[Andromeda hesitates in disbelief]
Perseus: Is that the answer? Tell me!
Princess Andromeda: [overcome with joy] Yes!
[cheers from the crowd]
Perseus: We fought in the swamp!
[the crowd silences]
Perseus: I spared his life on one condition. That he renounce his curse. There will be no more bonfires. No more nightmares. Light has conquered darkness. You're free.

Clash of the Titans (2010)
Cassiopeia: The gods need us. They need our worship. What do we need of them?

Andromeda: What's your name?
Perseus: Perseus.
Andromeda: Take this. Please, drink.
[Andromeda holds out a goblet of wine to Perseus, who reaches to take it]
Draco: [slaps the goblet away] Hands off!
Cassiopeia: Enough!
Kepheus: Our daughter the missionary!

Hercules (1983)
Cassiopea: Kiss me, Hercules!