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Tara Thornton (Character)
from "True Blood" (2008)

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"True Blood: Strange Love (#1.1)" (2008)
Sam Merlotte: It would only be a matter of time 'fore you went off on somebody. I don't wanna drive my customers away.
Tara Thornton: I only go off on stupid people.
Sam Merlotte: Most of my customers *are* stupid people.
Tara Thornton: Yeah, but... I could help you keep an eye on Sookie. You see the way she was looking at that vampire? That is just trouble looking for a place to happen.

Lafayette Reynolds: Hey, hooker. How you doin'? What are you doin' here?
Tara Thornton: I work here.
Lafayette Reynolds: [not believing] Oh no, the hell you don't.
Tara Thornton: Oh yes the hell I do too, you ugly bitch! You need to make peace with that.
Lafayette Reynolds: Shit. Sam must've lost his damned mind 'cause you should not be allowed to work in no situation where you actually gotta interact with people.

Tara Thornton: My life sucks.
Sookie Stackhouse: Tara, don't you be fellin' sorry for yourself. That's just lazy.
Tara Thornton: But why can't I keep a job?
Sookie Stackhouse: Maybe because you can't keep your mouth shut.
Tara Thornton: Bitch, who asked you!

Tara Thornton: [slaps Manager] That's for pattin' my ass too much! I'mmo get my baby daddy who just got outta prison to come and kick your teeth in!
Sav-A-Bunch Manager: Jesus, Tara. Please don't do anything like...
Tara Thornton: Oh, my God! I'm not serious, you pathetic racist! I don't have a baby! Damn! I know y'all have to be stupid, but do you have to be that stupid? Shit, fuck this job.

Sookie Stackhouse: [on the phone with Tara] This had better be an emergency.
Tara Thornton: I just quit my job.
Sookie Stackhouse: Again?
Tara Thornton: I can't work for assholes.
Sookie Stackhouse: Well, I'm glad you can afford to be so picky, Miss Say-Hello-To-The-Rest-Of-Us.
Tara Thornton: Oh, shut up. Sam is not an asshole, and he's totally in love with you.
Sookie Stackhouse: Tara, he is my boss.
Tara Thornton: Jesus, Sookie, you need to lighten up.
Sookie Stackhouse: You know I hate it when you use the "J" word. Now, I gotta go.
Tara Thornton: I'm comin' over. I need a margarita. A big one.

Sam Merlotte: Tara, you know how to tend bar?
Tara Thornton: No.
Sam Merlotte: Fake it!
[handing her his appron and leaving]

Sav-A-Bunch Shopper: You are a very rude young woman!
Tara Thornton: Oh, this ain't rude. This is uppity!

Tara Thornton: You know how many people are having sex with vampires these days? Sometimes those people... disappear.

Tara Thornton: [to Jason] Oh my God. You are a gigantic parody of yourself and you don't even know it.

[customer snaps for service]
Tara Thornton: Do NOT snap at me! I have a name, and that name is Tara. And innit that funny? A black girl being named after a plantation?
[customer laughs]
Tara Thornton: No, I don't think it's funny at all! In fact, it really pisses me off that my momma was either stupid or just plain mean. Which is why you better be nice if you plan on getting a drink tonight!

"True Blood: Cold Ground (#1.6)" (2008)
Sookie Stackhouse: [about yelling at at neighbor] I shouldn't have lost it like that.
Tara Thornton: Don't you feel sorry for yellin' at that snoopy old bitch. She's been stickin' her nose where it don't belong for years.
Lafayette Reynolds: Say it. I mean, if she talked any more shit she'd be shaped like a toilet.
[as he and Tara start to laugh]

Tara Thornton: [peeved] Nothin' says I'm sorry like a tuna cheese cassarole.
Lafayette Reynolds: Another one?

Sookie Stackhouse: Gran's gone. She's really gone.
Tara Thornton: Yeah, she is.
Sookie Stackhouse: I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Can't even think straight.

Tara Thornton: The sideshow's over!

Tara Thornton: Maybe I should go check on Sookie.
Lafayette Reynolds: Trust me, that child is dead to the world right now.

Tara Thornton: [about vampires] Do you think they're capable of lovin' a person?
Lafayette Reynolds: Who knows what they're capable of.

Lettie Mae Thornton: [at the funeral] I got somethin' to say.
Lafayette Reynolds: What is she doing?
Tara Thornton: [trying to stop her] No, Mama!
Lettie Mae Thornton: Oh, my fuckin' God. Girl, this about to get ugly.

Sam Merlotte: [about Sookie] She said she wants to be alone.
Tara Thornton: Well, I don't.
Sam Merlotte: Me either.

Tara Thornton: Give us a little girl time. Come on Lafayette.

Lafayette Reynolds: [looking at all of the food brought by the town] What the fuck is it with white people and jello? I don't understand.
Tara Thornton: [annoyed] What the hell we gonna do with all this?
Lafayette Reynolds: Toss it. Sookie don't need no bad juju cooking.
Tara Thornton: Bad juju?
Lafayette Reynolds: Way to a man's heart is through his stomach. That shit true as gold. You put some love in your food and folk can taste it.
[picks up the cornbread]
Lafayette Reynolds: Smell this. You can smell the-the fear and nastiness comin' off that cornbread.
Tara Thornton: [takes a bit] Tastes just fine to me.
Lafayette Reynolds: See bitch. You gonna wish you ain't did that. Watch.

"True Blood: Beautifully Broken (#3.2)" (2010)
Lafayette Reynolds: With a momma like you it's a miracle she ain't tried this years ago!
Lettie Mae Thornton: Where are you takin' her?
Lafayette Reynolds: Hospital!
Tara Thornton: [crying] No, no!
Lettie Mae Thornton: I'm goin' with you.
Lafayette Reynolds: You failed this girl for the last time.

Tara Thornton: I don't need to go to the hosptial. Just pull over please.
Lafayette Reynolds: [drives to a stop] You tried to kill yourself!
Tara Thornton: I didn't plan it. I just saw the bottles and I thought... enough. I deserve some peace.

Tara Thornton: [sobbing] If you take me to the hospital, they're gonna lock me in a padded room and pump me full of drugs. And force me to tell them what happened! If I tell them about Eggs and MaryAnn, they'll throw away the key.

Tara Thornton: What the hell is wrong with me, Lafayette?
Lafayette Reynolds: Life ain't not having problems, Tara! It's about being able to deal with the ones you got.
Tara Thornton: Well, obviously I can't.
Lafayette Reynolds: You can and you will, if I gotta drag your narrow ass through this world kicking and screaming. Buddha wasn't lying when he said life is suffering. It don't mean you get to check out early and leave me here.

Tara Thornton: [about Ruby Jean] Why didn't you tell me?
Lafayette Reynolds: She made me promise not to. Didn't want nobody seein' her like this.
Tara Thornton: But six months, Lafayette? Alone in this place? Even she didn't deserve that.
Lafayette Reynolds: That's right. She don't deserve it. You know much it cost keepin' her here? More than two legal jobs worth. That's how much.

Tara Thornton: [about Ruby Jean] You think I could end up like her?
Lafayette Reynolds: There's some darkness in this family, Tara. My momma, your momma. But they ain't strong enough to beat it. We are!

Lafayette Reynolds: [before they leave the hospital] Is you feelin' me?
Tara Thornton: I'm feelin' you.
Lafayette Reynolds: Is we clear?
Tara Thornton: We clear.
Lafayette Reynolds: We got it?
Tara Thornton: We got it.
Lafayette Reynolds: Alright now.

Franklin Mott: [to Tara] Busy night?... You the only waitress?
Tara Thornton: Actually I'm a bartender and I ain't workin' tonight.
Franklin Mott: Then what are you doing here?
Tara Thornton: [almost in tears] Honestly, trying not to kill myself.
Franklin Mott: And how's that going for you?
Tara Thornton: Well I'm still alive.
Franklin Mott: Makes one of us. You have any of those True Bloods?
Tara Thornton: [going to the fridge] We only got B-positive and the microwave's busted.

"True Blood: The First Taste (#1.2)" (2008)
Tara Thornton: [uptight] Did you own slaves?
Sookie Stackhouse: [shocked] Tara!
Bill Compton: I did not. But my father did.

Lafayette Reynolds: Why come you won't call Jason Stackhouse?
Tara Thornton: You are a mean, nasty bitch.
Lafayette Reynolds: And you need to move your sorry ass outcha mama's house. That's whatcha needs to do.
Tara Thornton: Yeah, whatever.
Lafayette Reynolds: Well, alright. Alright, I's on my way. But you might gotta find your own ride home, just in case I get lucky.
Tara Thornton: Whatchu mean *if* you get lucky? Your standards are so low you always get lucky.

Sam Merlotte: Remind me why I hired you again.
Tara Thornton: Affirmative action!

Lafayette Reynolds: [on his cell phone] Yellow, hooker. What's the T?
Tara Thornton: [at home] Where are you?
Lafayette Reynolds: I'm on my way to a party in Monroe. And hell no, I ain't swingin' by by to pick your needy ass up, hooker.
Tara Thornton: Lafayette, please. My mama's passed out on the couch and I-I can't face cleanin' her up and puttin' her to bed. It's just too goddamn depressin'.
Lafayette Reynolds: What's depressin' is how often I get this phone call from you. That's depressin'!

Terrell: [at the party] What's a fine girl like you doing sittin' here all by herself?
Tara Thornton: I'm watchin' my fool cousin tryin' to hit on the straightest man here.

Tara Thornton: Did he bite you?
Sookie Stackhouse: No!
Tara Thornton: Are you sure? Cuz you know they can hypnotize you!
Sookie Stackhouse: Yeah, and black people are lazy and jews have horns.

Tara Thornton: I should tell you, I am married.
Terrell: Well, that's not a problem for me.
Tara Thornton: Uh huh, well, my husband is a mercenary. Yeah, Blackwater. He just got back from assassinating some guys in Iraq.
Terrell: Ah, you making that shit up.
Tara Thornton: Oh, I wish I was. 'Cause he ain't worth me I can tell you that. But if he ever caught me with another man, he'd kill us both. I'm not sure who he'd kill first. Probably me. I hope so.
Terrell: Bitch, you crazy!
Tara Thornton: He already shot one guy in the nuts just for buyin' me a CD!
Terrell: Oh, hell no!

"True Blood: Mine (#1.3)" (2008)
Lafayette Reynolds: Wait a minute, you slept with Sam?
Tara Thornton: You know what? He barks in his sleep.
Lafayette Reynolds: Oh damn, white folk just all fucked up.
Tara Thornton: Yeah, that's what I said.

Tara Thornton: [to Sam] So maybe you and I should sleep together.

Tara Thornton: [to her mother, after being hit with a bottle] Alright. You may have carried me and nursed me, but obviously you are now set on killing me. And if I'm forced to choose between you and me, guess what? You lose!

Tara Thornton: [after his guest leaves] What the hell was that?
Lafayette Reynolds: That was a state senator.
Tara Thornton: You're a prostitute now?
Lafayette Reynolds: I'm an entrepreneur.

Tara Thornton: Can I ask you a personal question?
Sam Merlotte: Hold on.
[takes a drink]
Sam Merlotte: All right.
Tara Thornton: Are you lonely?
Sam Merlotte: Yes, I am. I am very, very lonely.

Tara Thornton: [after confessing about sleeping with Sam] Y'know what? He barks in his sleep.
Lafayette Reynolds: Oh damn. White folk get all fucked up.

Tara Thornton: Did he bite you?
Sookie Stackhouse: NO!
Tara Thornton: Are you sure, because you know they can hypnotize you?
Sookie Stackhouse: Yeah, and black people are lazy and Jews have horns.

"True Blood: Trouble (#3.5)" (2010)
Tara Thornton: We need to talk.
Franklin Mott: Don't say that to me. When women say that everything goes black and I wake up surrounded by body parts.

Tara Thornton: [scared to Talbot] I'm awful sorry.
Franklin Mott: [to Tara] No, you're not!
Talbot: Good girl.
Franklin Mott: Just ignore him. He's just the cleaning lady.

Lorena: [to Tara about Bill] You know him?
Tara Thornton: I thought I did.
Bill Compton: [to Russell] Why is she here?
Russell Edgington: [to Franklin] Why is she here?
Franklin Mott: She wants to be with me.
Talbot: Hence the restraints.
Franklin Mott: She's mine!
Lorena: Relax. Nobody wants her.

Franklin Mott: You have a text message. Bitch, where are you? You said no boyfriends. Who is he? Who's Lafayette?
[He rushes across the room and chokes Tara]
Franklin Mott: I'll rip your throat out!
Tara Thornton: [Struggling to breathe] He's my cousin and he's gay.
[He lets go of Tara and then smiles happily]
Franklin Mott: Well how do I get rid of him? How 'bout um, I'm busy bitch. No bitch. You are bitch. Too many bitches. Hooker? In his other messages he calls you hooker. Hookah. Not hookah. That's a water pipe
Tara Thornton: Tell him I'm okay. Say trust me motherfucker.
Franklin Mott: Trust me motherfucker. Brilliant. Hey Tara, watch how fast I type motherfucker.
[His thumb moves with incredible speed on the keypad]
Franklin Mott: It's cool right?
Tara Thornton: Yeah. Amazing.
Franklin Mott: I'll delete it so you can watch again.
[Again he types it extremely fast]
Franklin Mott: Hook, look at me.
[He types something else]
Franklin Mott: Love you.

Franklin Mott: [Franklin is crying after Tara tried to escape] Why? Tara? Why?
Tara Thornton: I-I was afraid.
Franklin Mott: Of me? You were afraid of me? That's insane!
Tara Thornton: But you tied me up!
Franklin Mott: To keep you safe. Oh my god what other reason could there be?
[Franklin begins sobbing hysterically]
Franklin Mott: You have no idea how much you've hurt me. I feel like I've been staked.
Tara Thornton: I'm sorry Franklin. It's my fault. My head is all confused. Can you forgive me? It's not you I'm afraid of. It's this place. All the other vampires. They're the ones who scare me.
Franklin Mott: I'll never let them touch you. It's okay. They don't exist. There's only you.

Franklin Mott: What's wrong? Who made you cry? I'll kill him.
Tara Thornton: Nobody. It's only I'm hungry and they brought me this. And I can't eat day-lillies.
[Franklin picks up the plate and throws it at a guard]
Franklin Mott: Tell Talbot we don't want anymore fucking flowers! And don't come back! She wants to be with me!

Tara Thornton: Franklin, I'm into you. I mean really into you.
Franklin Mott: [bashfully] Tara. Oh Tara

"True Blood: You'll Be the Death of Me (#1.12)" (2008)
Tara Thornton: [seeing her breakfast] This isn't food. This is sculpture.

Tara Thornton: I didn't just wreck my car. I totaled my whole life. All of it.
Maryann: Well, I suppose that's one way of looking at it. Personally I see your situation as an opportunity.

Tara Thornton: [about Maryann] So, collecting stray black people, that some kind of hobby of hers?
Eggs: [laughing] She's right about you. You are funny.
Tara Thornton: Oh, yeah? What else she tell you about me?
Eggs: Oh, she said, um, you crashed your car with a gallon of whiskey in your lap.
Tara Thornton: Yeah. It was vodka. Really cheap vodka.
Eggs: Hey, I'm-I'm not judging you... Believe me. I- When Maryann found me, I was, uh, well, let's just say I was a hell of alot worse off than you. She's a miracle worker. You'll see.
Tara Thornton: Yeah, well. I won't be stickin' around that long.
Eggs: That's too bad.
Tara Thornton: My mama, when she thought somethin' was too good to be true, sh-she'd say, "Satan in a Sunday hat." That's exactly what this is.
Eggs: You know it took me a long time to stop looking over my shoulder, too. But there are good people in this world. Sometimes, good shit happens.

Tara Thornton: Sookie?
Sookie Stackhouse: [wakes up, medicated] Tara. You look so pretty. Like someone turned a light on under your skin.
Sam Merlotte: [smiling] Hospital gave her pain meds. She's-she's a little loopy.
Tara Thornton: [in tears] Didn't you listen when I said I'd lose my shit if anything ever happened to you?
Sookie Stackhouse: Don't lose your shit. I'm fine. Did Sam tell you that he saved my life? He turned into a dog and bit Rene.
Lafayette Reynolds: [laughs] Well, shit. I'm gonna need some of them drugs they gave you.
Sam Merlotte: Okay, you guys. We should let her rest.
Sookie Stackhouse: Sam, you need to let people see the real you. 'Cause you're kind and brave. There's nothin there not to love.
Sam Merlotte: [smiles and winks] Right back at you.

Tara Thornton: You know you're about as subtle as a flying brick. Maryann says if you want some thing, you don't wait for it to come to you. You demand it.
Sam Merlotte: [annoyed] Do me a favor. Don't quote Maryann to me.
Tara Thornton: Well excuse me for givin' a damn.

Tara Thornton: This one time Lafayette went to Marthaville for the night, he ended up go-go dancin' in Palm Beach for like eight months.
Sam Merlotte: [rolling his eyes] Fantastic!

"True Blood: It Hurts Me Too (#3.3)" (2010)
Tara Thornton: I said you could bite me.
Franklin Mott: No.
Tara Thornton: Why not?
Franklin Mott: Because you want me to.

Talbot: [sniffing at Tara] Mm, spicy. Who's a pretty girl? Huh? You're a pretty girl. You're pretty. Yes, you are.
Franklin Mott: Piss off.
Talbot: [snippish] I know it's not too good to be all matchy-matchy, but you and your... Dusky little blood-beast are totally at odds with my decor. Your...
Franklin Mott: Well, nobody cares what you think about about anything. Shut up.
Tara Thornton: [near tears] I'm awful sorry.
Franklin Mott: No, you're not.
Talbot: Oh, good girl.
Franklin Mott: Just ignore him. He's the cleaning lady.

Lorena Krasiki: [to Tara, about Bill] You know him?
Tara Thornton: I thought I did.
Bill Compton: [to Russell, about Tara] Why is she here?
Russell Edgington: [to Franklin, bout Tara] Why is she here?
Franklin Mott: She wants to be with me.
Talbot: Hence the restraints.
Franklin Mott: She's mine.
Lorena Krasiki: Relax. Nobody wants her.

Tara Thornton: [to Bill] What is going on here? What's wrong with you?
Lorena Krasiki: Yes, Bill. Your behavior is somewhat erratic.

Franklin Mott: [as Tara comes in, dressed in white] Do you like your new gown?
Tara Thornton: [shaking] Oh, yes.
Franklin Mott: I picked it out especially for my lover.
Tara Thornton: Thank you so much.
Franklin Mott: Even when I'm away from you, I can feel your flesh molded to me. That's how close we are now.
Tara Thornton: That's really sweet.

"True Blood: Sparks Fly Out (#1.5)" (2008)
Tara Thornton: Giving vampire blood to Jason Stackhouse is like giving ho-hos to a diabetic. You know he can't control himself!

Tara Thornton: Why didn't you tell me you were going out with Sam?
Sookie Stackhouse: Because it just happened and how did you know?
Tara Thornton: Arlene. She works fast.
Sookie Stackhouse: Alls he did was ask me to the DGD tonight. It's in a church, for crying out loud. And why shouldn't I? He's perfectly nice, and he's got a good job, and he's not a vampire! And-and why-why , why do I have to justify this to you?
Tara Thornton: Well, I'm entitled to know what my girl's up to, ain't I?

Tara Thornton: Not every detail of everyone's personal life is your business, okay?

Tara Thornton: [to Jason, who is still intoxicated] Oh my god! You are still high. I'm gonna kill Lafayette!

Tara Thornton: [to Jason] Come to me when you're sober, then we can talk serious.

"True Blood: Nothing But the Blood (#2.1)" (2009)
Tara Thornton: [crying, about the body] Please tell me it's not Lafayette. Please.

Lettie Mae Thornton: [about Ms. Jeanette] She saved my life!
Tara Thornton: [trying] Momma? There was no Ms. Jeanette. She was just some woman who worked in a pharmacy. All-All that stuff on the buss wasn't real.
Lettie Mae Thornton: Don't lie to me!
Tara Thornton: She told me so herself.
Lettie Mae Thornton: You don't know what you're talking about!
[to the Andy and Kenya]
Lettie Mae Thornton: She's just sayin's all this 'cause she still angry with me!
Tara Thornton: No! I mean yes. But no, it's true. She gave me ipecac and peyote and made me think I was killing my demon.
Lettie Mae Thornton: No, no! It is a sin to speak of the dead like that! She was a good woman!
Tara Thornton: [still trying] No, momma. It was a scam. She stole from you and from me. So sorry.
Lettie Mae Thornton: But she cured me! She cured me. I'm alright now, ain't I? Ain't I still right?

Tara Thornton: [outside] Momma, I'm sorry. I didn't wanna tell you all that stuff. 'Cause in spite of everything of everything you've done, there's still some sick, sick part of me that can't bare to see you suffer. And I thought if you found out Ms. Jeanette was a fraud...
Lettie Mae Thornton: No, girl. There wasn't no fraud. I am living, breathing, thrivin' proof there wasn't no fraud. I'm still healed. Healed stronger than ever.
Tara Thornton: You are?
Lettie Mae Thornton: The good lord tested our faith by taking Ms. Jeanette away from us. I stayed true. I wish I could say the same about you. I'll pray for you.
Tara Thornton: Don't. I'm actually doing better than I have in a long time.

Eggs: [about MaryAnn] Doesn't it seem like she's got an endless supply of tropical fruit?
Tara Thornton: [passing him a joint] And pot?
Eggs: Now that I didn't notice. I'd been smoking pot since I was ten. My first kumquat, three months ago.
Tara Thornton: [laughing] I thought I was bad. Sneakin' cigarette's when I was twelve.

Tara Thornton: [to Eggs] You are a lucky man and since the bartender likes you, the drinks are on the house.

"True Blood: Release Me (#2.7)" (2009)
Tara Thornton: [under a trance] Just give in. It feels so good.

Maryann Forrester: [coming in, all filthy] Good mornin'!
Tara Thornton: Whoa! Maryann, are you okay?
Maryann Forrester: I am fantastic! I slept outside last night and communed with my animal nature.
Eggs: [eying the dead bunny] No shit.
Maryann Forrester: [holds it up] This little fellow hopped by and I thought, hmm, yummy! Rabbit stew.
Tara Thornton: Aww. Poor bunny.
Maryann Forrester: Feeling sorry for things is just an excuse not to celebrate your own happiness.

Tara Thornton: How's you leg?
Lafayette Reynolds: Great.
[when she looks at him unbelieving]
Lafayette Reynolds: What? I got a powerful immune system.
Tara Thornton: You have a powerful death wish is what you got!

Eggs: Just because you got a little too stoned don't make you your momma.
Tara Thornton: You're right. Sometimes it's like you're Sookie. Like you can read my mind or something.
Eggs: I just get you, that's all.

Lafayette Reynolds: See, that just ain't mother-fuckin' fair.
Eggs: Excuse me?
Lafayette Reynolds: First time in my god-damned life, I ain't chasin' after trouble and it just keeps walkin' through my front door. Loot at you. Damn! Ain't nothin' good can come outta somethin' so pretty.
Eggs: You must be Lafayette.
Lafayette Reynolds: Uh huh.
Eggs: I'm Eggs.
Lafayette Reynolds: Tara's Eggs?
Tara Thornton: [walking up] You know that just don't sound right.

"True Blood: Escape from Dragon House (#1.4)" (2008)
Tara Thornton: School is just for white people looking for other white people to read to 'em. I figured I save my money and read to myself.

Tara Thornton: Race may not be a hot-button issue it once was, but it's still a button you can push on people.

Tara Thornton: [staying with him as the doctor's about to stick him with a needle] I ain't never gonna be the same after this.
Jason: [extremely worried] You're not?

Jason: [really worried] I think I might'a OD'd.
Tara Thornton: Oh, my God. On what?
Jason: V.
Tara Thornton: You're doin' V now?
Jason: It was my first time.
Tara Thornton: Where on earth did you come across V in this town?
Jason: Lafayette.
Tara Thornton: My cousin is dealin' vampire blood now? God damn idiot. Well, at least that explains why I walked in on you dancin' around in that Laura Bush mask yesterday, 'cause I gotta tell you, without a reason, that was some fucked up shit! All right, let me see it.
Jason: Huh?
Tara Thornton: How long have you had the erection?
Jason: Well, how do you know?
Tara Thornton: Um, I read. You're not the first vain-ass, body-conscious ex-jock to overdo the V and wind up with an acute case of priapism!

"True Blood: Bad Blood (#3.1)" (2010)
Tara Thornton: Arlene, you could at least pretend you give a fuck!
Arlene Fowler: I give a fuck.

Lafayette Reynolds: You fellin' all floaty yet?
Tara Thornton: [broken] Kinda.
Lafayette Reynolds: Good. Tequila and klonopin, baby girl. A steady diet of that will keep them thoughts away 'til y'alls more equipped to deal with them.

Sookie Stackhouse: [comes in, seeing her crying] Tara?
Tara Thornton: [sobbing] It's Eggs.
Sookie Stackhouse: What happened?
Lafayette Reynolds: They shot him.
Sookie Stackhouse: What? Who?
Lafayette Reynolds: Andy Bellefleur said Eggs came at him with a knife, confessing to killing those women and cuttin' out their hearts.
Tara Thornton: The fuck he know any of that?
Sookie Stackhouse: Oh my god. Tara, he came to me earlier today. Said he needed help 'membering what Maryann made him do. So, so I helped him.

Tara Thornton: The only man I ever loved was just zipped up in a bag.

"True Blood: Keep This Party Going (#2.2)" (2009)
Tara Thornton: [to Sookie] How many times do I have to tell you comin' into work when you don't have to is pathetic. It's like goin' back to high school and visitin' your teachers.

Tara Thornton: [learning about Jessica] So basically you're like a step-mother to a vampire?
Sookie Stackhouse: Okay, you did not just call me that.

Tara Thornton: You smell nasty and nice all at the same time. When I was going to sleep last night, I realized I don't know much about you.

"True Blood: Burning House of Love (#1.7)" (2008)
Tara Thornton: No daddy and a drunk mom. All the fixin' fell to me.

Tara Thornton: [in the woods, walking to Miss Jeanette's] Damn! Get eatin' alive out here!
Lettie Mae Thornton: You wanna meet the devil, you wait at the crossroads.
Tara Thornton: Yeah, that was a mile back!
Lettie Mae Thornton: For Miss Jeanette, you gotta go past where the devil's at.

Tara Thornton: I can't believe I spent four hundred dollars to watch you drown a damn possum!

"True Blood: Scratches (#2.3)" (2009)
Tara Thornton: [to Sam, about Daphne] You can't expect her to learn if you don't give her any positive reinforcement.

Tara Thornton: Maryann, why does Sam hate you?
Maryann Forrester: Sam hates me?
Tara Thornton: He practically jumped down my throat after you left last night. Kept saying I need to stay away from you. Why would he say that?
Maryann Forrester: Well I mean, I barely know the man. But if I had to guess, I'd say jealousy. You two have a history, don't you?
Tara Thornton: Yeah. But we're better as friends than we ever were sleepin' together. We both know that.
Maryann Forrester: Tara, you're still not valuing yourself. You are a fantastic woman. Sam lost you. He's just lookin for someone to blame.
Tara Thornton: But why you?
Maryann Forrester: Because you've moved on and hopefully, I've been apart of making that happen. Sam seems like a sensible, wonderful guy. But all my instincts scream unevolved.
Tara Thornton: [laughing] You're right. That man has way to many issues.
Maryann Forrester: And they're not your problem. Unlike Carl, you've done enough of taking care of people to last a lifetime.

Eggs: [going after her] I just carried away, that's all.
Tara Thornton: Yeah. You and every body else out there. Is this what MaryAnn's about? Are you in the 'lifestyle'?
Eggs: Lifestyle? Tara, that's just a buncha drunk-ass people, trying to let loose and have a good time. That's got nothing to do with us.
Tara Thornton: I don't give a crap what people do with their own body parts, but there's not 'us' not if this is your scene.

"True Blood: Shake and Fingerpop (#2.4)" (2009)
Tara Thornton: So, why'd ya all pick Dallas for your trip?
Sookie Stackhouse: Bill has some business there.
Tara Thornton: Oh, hell. Do those vampires wanna use your mind readin' again?
Sookie Stackhouse: I'll have Bill there to protect me.
Tara Thornton: Sook, why are you even with this guy if he makes you do these things? The sex can't be that good?
Sookie Stackhouse: Oh, it's pretty good and I love him.
Tara Thornton: What? Yeah...
Sookie Stackhouse: You can't just sit around, savin' your heart for some perfect idea of a man who is never gonna come along. Life is too damn short. Besides Bill's not 'making' me do anything... I agreed to this to save your fool cousin. Thank you very much.
Tara Thornton: Lafayette?
Sookie Stackhouse: He didn't tell you?
Tara Thornton: Tell me what? I didn't even know he was back. Is he okay?

Tara Thornton: [from outside, knocking on the door] I know you're in there, even if you won't pick up the phone!
Lafayette Reynolds: Damn, hooka. Shit!
[gets up and opens the door, letting her in]
Tara Thornton: [coming inside] How come I have to hear about you being back from Sookie?
Lafayette Reynolds: What else did she tell you?
Tara Thornton: That you got shot and fed on and chained up in some vampire dungeon!
Lafayette Reynolds: Sookie need to keep her mouth shut and so do you.
Tara Thornton: Have you been to the hospital?
Lafayette Reynolds: Whatchu think is gonna happen if I show up to the ER with a gun shot wound? I don't need the police up in my business.
Tara Thornton: You need to see a doctor.
Lafayette Reynolds: For what? So they can give me drugs I already got?

Eggs: Hey, what were cryin' about?
Tara Thornton: [wiping tears away] I always cry on my birthday. It's always the worst day. No matter what I do, I end up cryin'. 'Cause my birthday always sucks.
Eggs: Well, this is the year that changes. I promise you that.

"True Blood: I Will Rise Up (#2.9)" (2009)
Maryann Forrester: [seeing Tara & Eggs all bruised] How much did you drink this time?
Tara Thornton: Nothin', far as I recall.
Eggs: Same for me.
[rubbing his jaw]

Tara Thornton: I've never been this out of control before.
Maryann Forrester: We need to be out of control. We crave it.

Tara Thornton: [seeing Lafayette and Lettie Mae] Ah well. Looky here. Aliens.
Maryann Forrester: Ooh. Who's that?
Tara Thornton, Eggs: Lafayette.
Maryann Forrester: Ooh. Lafayette, Ms. Thornton. Welcome, join us!
Lafayette Reynolds: No. We're good.
Lettie Mae Thornton: I'm takin' my daughter away from you.
Tara Thornton: Is that right?
Lafayette Reynolds: Yeah, that's right.
Lettie Mae Thornton: [to Tara] Child, listen to me this one time for once in your life.
Maryann Forrester: [as she, Tara and Eggs laugh] Don't be ridiculous. Take a load off. We're in the middle of a game.

"True Blood: To Love Is to Bury (#1.11)" (2008)
Tara Thornton: I'm an excellent driver. But you can not prepare for a naked lady and a hog in the middle of the road!

Tara Thornton: The first time I'm in trouble, you turn your back on the one person who's always stood by you.

"True Blood: The Fourth Man in the Fire (#1.8)" (2008)
Sookie Stackhouse: [after Tara came charging into the house] Watch you feet! I just waxed!
Tara Thornton: I hope you mean the floor.

Tara Thornton: [seeing her neck] Oh, my god! Are those fang marks?
Sookie Stackhouse: So what? It means someone cared for me when everyone else left me high and dry!

"True Blood: Hitting the Ground (#3.7)" (2010)
Tara Thornton: [to Alcide] You need a faster van!

Tara Thornton: [about Bill] Sookie, let's go! He is dead!
Sookie Stackhouse: [holding Lorena's entrails] No, he's not. This is what happens when a vampire dies.

"True Blood: Frenzy (#2.11)" (2009)
Tara Thornton: [pleading to Sookie] We have to go get him. Eggs needs to get out now! How many times have you put yourself in danger for the man you love? How come you get that option and I don't? I finally found a strong, beautiful man who loves me, and y'all wanna keep me from rescuing him because you're afraid I might get hurt? How hurt do you think I'm gonna be if we wait and something happens to him!

Tara Thornton: Eggs?
Eggs: [tranced out] Baby, where you been? I-I was so scred. Don't ever leave me again.
Tara Thornton: I won't, I promise. I love you. we gotta get you outta her, okay. Let's go some where else, please.
[when he doesn't move]
Tara Thornton: Listen to me.
Maryann Forrester: [from behind her] But everything you want is right here. I knew you'd come.
Tara Thornton: No. I don't know what you are, but I want out!
Maryann Forrester: Oh, it's too late for that.
Tara Thornton: You made me eat somebody's heart!
Maryann Forrester: And you loved it. Admit it.
Tara Thornton: You don't want us. You want Sam. we ain't got nothin' to do with it.
Maryann Forrester: Nothing to do with it? 'You' summoned 'me'.
Tara Thornton: [confusingly shocked] What?
Maryann Forrester: That night in the woods with that unfortunate pharmacist. You saw me. Well you saw 'you' through me.
[flashs back to the fake exorcism]
Tara Thornton: But Miss Jeanette was a fake. She scammed people by makin' up crazy rutals.
Maryann Forrester: A ritual is a powerful thing and calling forth that kind of energy... that's god's ritual.
Tara Thornton: She was real?
Maryann Forrester: Sadly no. I should've known she wasn't the vessel, but you have to try every option.

"True Blood: Beyond Here Lies Nothin' (#2.12)" (2009)
Eggs: [washing his hands] Where's Maryann? She's gotta know what happened.
Tara Thornton: We're okay. That's all that matters.
Eggs: [scoffing] Blood on my hands is not okay, Tara!
Tara Thornton: Sookie helped me remember some of the things I lost and I wish I could forget it again. Trust me, there's things you don't wanna know.
Eggs: Well, how do you know I don't wanna know 'em?
Tara Thornton: All that stuff's in the past. Why dwell on it? Can't was just start fresh?

Tara Thornton: I'm so sorry for bringin' all this craziness into your house. I got cuked in 'cause she made me feel like I was part of a family or something.
Sookie Stackhouse: Hey, you have a family. We're family.

"True Blood: Plaisir d'amour (#1.9)" (2008)
Tara Thornton: [about Lettie's exorcism] What exactly did you do to my mama?
Miss Jeanette: You were here. You saw it.

Tara Thornton: [her mother comes in the bathroom] What do you want?
Lettie Mae Thornton: Sam Merlotte's here to see you. You ain't sleepin' with him, are you?
Tara Thornton: Now what makes you jump to that conclusion?
Lettie Mae Thornton: Cause he brung flowers with him. And men only bring flowers if they already slept with you and lookin' to again. That especially goes for white men as black men are less prone to grovel.

"True Blood: Hard-Hearted Hannah (#2.6)" (2009)
Eggs: [trying to fix the water heater] Shoot!
Tara Thornton: [with the phone] Want me to take a look and you can hold the line?
Eggs: [straightening] See, that was some spiteful shit what you just said righ there. I got this, ok? I'm the man of the house.

Tara Thornton: [out in the woods] We've been walkin' for over fourty-five minutes now and you still haven't told me where we're going!
Eggs: Yeah, I did. I said I don't know.
Tara Thornton: 'I don't know' isn't a place, Eggs! It's a state of mind. It's a state of mind I don't like being in!

"True Blood: Never Let Me Go (#2.5)" (2009)
Tara Thornton: Did you know MaryAnn wants us all to be roommates here?
Eggs: No. Cool. I guess that other guy came back from Peru.
Tara Thornton: No, not cool! Not gonna happen. I just moved in.
Eggs: Okay, fine. We can go some where else if that's how you feel about it.
Tara Thornton: That's all you gotta say?
Eggs: Relax. It's not big deal.
Tara Thornton: What are you? What are you? Nomads?
Eggs: We move around a little bit. Nothing wrong with that.
Tara Thornton: Wait nothing! I didn't know. You coulda told me.
Eggs: Who cares? What matters is being with the people you love.
Tara Thornton: Well, other things matter too! Like knowin' the truth about the poeople you love. So while we're on the subject, what exactly is your 'thing' with MaryAnn?
Eggs: Look, when I was ready to lay down and die she lifted me up. Same as she did you.
Tara Thornton: Now you follow here where ever she goes?
Eggs: I'm not her dog if that's what you're trying to say. And why all of a sudden are you so paranoid about MaryAnn?
Tara Thornton: Because I'm tryin' not to be a fool.
Eggs: You know what this is about? Your history is so fucked up, you have no clue what family is.
Tara Thornton: [hurt] That's not fair. I do have a clue.
Eggs: Who gives a damn about a house. MaryAnn, Carl, and me; we take care of each other. We took care of you. That's what family is, Tara.

"True Blood: If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'? (#4.3)" (2011)
Tara Thornton: It's been a while since I've been attacked by a vampire, and guess what, it still sucks.

"True Blood: 9 Crimes (#3.4)" (2010)
Franklin Mott: [glamoring her] Tell me everything you know about Bill and Sookie.
Tara Thornton: [tranced] She says it was love at first sight.
Franklin Mott: You don't believe that?
Tara Thornton: True love? Hell no. People just get what they want and leave.
Franklin Mott: And what does Sookie want?
Tara Thornton: Quiet. Being a telepath gets real noisy. She can't hear Bill.
Franklin Mott: Her brother, is he a telepath too?
Tara Thornton: Jason barely knows what he's thinkin', let alone anyone else.

"True Blood: You Smell Like Dinner (#4.2)" (2011)
Tara Thornton: [seeing Eric with the coven] I hate this place.

"True Blood: I Don't Wanna Know (#1.10)" (2008)
Tara Thornton: [infuriated] What was in that shit you gave me, that snake juice?
Miss Jeanette: Ipecac syrup and a small amount of peyote. It's perfectly safe.

"True Blood: Everybody Wants to Rule the World (#5.9)" (2012)
Pam De Beaufort: Just because we drank a bitch together does not make us Oprah and Gayle. Get the fuck back to work.
Tara Thornton: Suck me, vampire Barbie!

"True Blood: Timebomb (#2.8)" (2009)
Tara Thornton: [eating the soufflé] Well damn. What is in that? Is that the rabbit you caught?
Maryann Forrester: [wickedly] Among other things.

"True Blood: New World in My View (#2.10)" (2009)
Tara Thornton: [coming out of her trance, crying] Oh my god. I'm crazy... I'm weak.
Sookie Stackhouse: No, no. It wasn't you. It was not you.

"True Blood: Everything Is Broken (#3.9)" (2010)
Franklin Mott: Don't, don't. It's an ugly, ugly sound.
Tara Thornton: I-I killed you.
Franklin Mott: That's what everyone said. That you did it. I thought why would anyone spread such vicious lies? Why would you kill someone that you loved?
Tara Thornton: I do not love you.
Franklin Mott: They said that too. That, I refused to believe. I had to see for myself. You wanna know what hurts the most? That you didn't mourn. If you had a shred of love in your heart for me... you would have mourned me! I love you so much.
Tara Thornton: You don't love anything. You can't. Because you are a psychopath. You violated me and terrorized me, because that's what vampires do. And you're calling that love.
Franklin Mott: I'll mourn you, Tara. I'll mourn you to my very marrow. The only pity is that you will never know how much I will grieve.
[Franklin extends his fangs]
Tara Thornton: Come on! If you're gonna fucking kill me, kill me! What's taking you so long? You want to hear me beg for my life? Is that it? It's the only thing y'all can feel. The destruction of life, because you ain't got none in you. You sick motherfucker, I won't give you the satisfaction!
Franklin Mott: Why do you want to die so much? Why do you want to make me kill you?
Tara Thornton: Because the second I'm gone, I'll be rid of you forever. I'll be free and you'll have nothing!
[He chokes her]
Franklin Mott: Shut up! Shut up! Oh, your heart is beating so fast. I want to feel it stop.
[Jason appears holding his shotgun]
Jason Stackhouse: Take your hands off her.
Franklin Mott: This is a private conversation. It's none of your concern. Run along.
Jason Stackhouse: Move the fuck away.
Franklin Mott: What, you gonna shoot me now? You do realize I'm a vampire. You could empty every round in me and I'll heal.
[Jason fires and hits Franklin in the chest. Franklin explodes into a puddle of blood]
Jason Stackhouse: Not if I got wooden bullets.

"True Blood: She's Not There (#4.1)" (2011)
Tara Thornton: [when asked if she needs to go home] I'm better off here.