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Quotes for
Lorelei Brown (Character)
from "My Favorite Martian" (1963)

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"My Favorite Martian: The Martian's Fair Hobo (#2.33)" (1965)
Jenny Holbrook: I was planning on taking a trip around the world this year.
Mrs. Lorelei Brown: Yes, and then next year she can go someplace else.

My Favorite Martian (1999)
Mrs. Brown: Tim, what are you doing?
Tim O'Hara: [standing on a ladder with a video camera] Uncle Martin is in the hot tub and I'm... watching.
Mrs. Brown: Oh...
[walking off, in sotto voice]
Mrs. Brown: Weird family.

"My Favorite Martian: RX for a Martian (#1.16)" (1964)
Mrs. Lorelei Brown: [as Uncle Martin's stretcher is being wheeled to an awaiting ambulance] Now, just relax, Martin. You know, doctors can cure anything these days. I know because I watch television.