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"Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man: Where No Duckman Has Gone Before (#4.27)" (1997)
Khan Chicken: Dwaaahh!
Eric Duckman: Hey, get your own wacky scream.

"Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man: Ride the High School (#1.6)" (1994)
George Herbert Walker 'King' Chicken: There is no Littlefield School. The students, professors, all animatrons. Robots.
Eric Duckman: Even Deanna, that lovely coed?
George Herbert Walker 'King' Chicken: Nope. I've never been able to make breasts. She's a Muppet.
Eric Duckman: Ohh. To be Frank Oz for a day.

"Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man: Inherit the Judgment: The Dope's Trial (#2.4)" (1995)
[Duckman is cross-examining King Chicken]
Eric Duckman: King Chicken - Was it you or me that day that said "egg?"
George Herbert Walker 'King' Chicken: This... is your plan?
Eric Duckman: Just answer the question!
George Herbert Walker 'King' Chicken: It was you.
Eric Duckman: Exa... heh. Oops. Well, uh - Was my saying "egg" in any way because of ventriloquism? And remember: You are under oath!
George Herbert Walker 'King' Chicken: No! There was no ventriloquism!
Eric Duckman: Uh... ha, ha. Did you, uh... use any kind of a hypno-ray on the crowd that made them hear "egg" when I really said "chicken?"
George Herbert Walker 'King' Chicken: You idiot! I assumed you had a reason for...
Eric Duckman: Ah! You *assumed!* Is that correct?
George Herbert Walker 'King' Chicken: [growls] Yes!
Eric Duckman: Then you shouldn't *assume!*
[writes "assume" on a chalkboard]
Eric Duckman: Because when you *assume,* you... you... - Wait. There's a trick here. I used to know it...