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Charlene (Character)
from The Librarian: Quest for the Spear (2004) (TV)

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The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice (2008) (TV)
Flynn Carsen: Charlene, how big is the Library?
Charlene: As big as we need it to be.

Charlene: [over the phone] And Mason?
Flynn Carsen: [looking around the room] He's here and he brought a friend... a very big friend.
Charlene: Whatever it takes, do not let him leave with that vase.
Flynn Carsen: [taking his seat in the room] Check. Save the world no matter what.
Charlene: As long as you don't go over budget.

Flynn Carsen: Where's Judson?
Charlene: In the large collections annex.
Flynn Carsen: We have a large collections annex?

Flynn Carsen: [getting upset after Excalibur repeatedly nudges him as Charlene and Judson talk] All right! Stop it! All of you!
Judson: Flynn? Flynn, are you all right?
Flynn Carsen: [loudly] Yeah, I'm fine. No, I'm good. What could possibly be wrong?
[stalks off]
Flynn Carsen: I mean I work in a basement, doing a secret job I can't even tell my mother about AND my best friend is a sword! What could possibly be wrong?
Charlene: [surprised] I think he's snapped.
Judson: Flynn, you're scaring the relics.
Flynn Carsen: [angrily strained] This place is SUCKING the life out of me!

Flynn Carsen: [over the phone] Is it there?
Charlene: One porcelain vase. Early Ming dynasty, circa 1400. Lot 011.

Judson: So, did you find the Philosopher's Stone?
Flynn Carsen: [digging in his pockets] Oh, yeah!
Charlene: [cynical as she looks away] Ask him how much it cost.

Charlene: [seeing the online bid for $150,000] Are you trying to bankrupt us?

Charlene: [following his down the stairs] Flynn! One million pounds!
Flynn Carsen: Please, Charlene. Not today. I'm not in the mood.
Charlene: [cynical] Oh fine! I'll just deduct it from your pay for the next fifty years.

Charlene: [about Flynn] Do you think he'll come back?
Judson: He'll come back. The Library has plans for him.

Charlene: [knocking on his door] Flynn, open up. It's Charlene!
Flynn Carsen: [as he opens the door] What are you doing here?
Charlene: Well, my combination speed dating/wine tasting was two streets down.
[drunkenly holds up an empty bottle]
Flynn Carsen: How did that go?

Charlene: [to Flynn] You have some vacation pay coming. But don't get greedy.

Charlene: Sometimes saying 'good-bye' is the right thing to do.

Charlene: [drunkenly to Flynn] You have time off. Get out of this apartment.

Judson: [to Flynn] Just think of yourself as a celibate monk.
Charlene: [happily] We do!

The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines (2006) (TV)
Charlene: [to Flynn] You're going to Casablanca.

Charlene: [to Flynn] Be safe, don't get killed. Save your receipts.

The Librarian: Quest for the Spear (2004) (TV)
Charlene: What makes you think you could be the Librarian?
Flynn Carsen: Well, I've read a lot of books.
Charlene: Don't try to be funny. I don't do funny.
Flynn Carsen: I'm sorry.
Charlene: [after a pause] What makes you think you could be the Librarian?
Flynn Carsen: I know the Dewey Decimal System, Library of Congress, research paper orthodoxy, web searching. I can set up an RSS feed...
Charlene: Everybody knows that. They're librarians. What makes you think you are the Librarian?
Flynn Carsen: [confused] I know other stuff?
Charlene: Mr... Flynn Carsen, stop wasting my time. Tell me something you know that nobody else who has walked in here could tell me.
Flynn Carsen: [examining her] You have mononucleosis. Your marriage broke up two months ago. You broke your nose when you were four, and you live with three cats. Is that what you had in mind? Swollen parajugular lymph nodes and distended eyelids are clearly mono. It takes three months for an indentation on the ring finger to completely disappear. Yours is two-thirds gone. Your plastic surgeon gave you a terminus paralateral scar, which is given to children under the age of six, and I can clearly see three distinct types of cat hair. A white Himalayan, a tortoiseshell, and an orange striped tabby.
Charlene: [slightly embarassed] I didn't break my nose until I was five.

Flynn Carsen: Well then, we better call the police.
Charlene: Oh yeah, call the police. Tell them about the Spear of Destiny, the golden goose, the lost Ark. Enjoy your stay in the psych ward. I understand Thorazine comes in vanilla now.