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Pangol (Character)
from "Doctor Who" (1963)

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"Doctor Who: The Leisure Hive: Part Three (#18.3)" (1980)
Mena: When the chairmanship passes to you, Pangol, you'll moderate your views.
Pangol: The ancient Greeks of Earth believed in moderation.
Mena: Athens was the seat of wisdom.
Pangol: And it fell to the might of Rome.

Brock: Excuse me for reminding you, but this is a sterile planet. There haven't been any Argolins born here since the war.
Pangol: Which was forty years ago, but how old do you think I am, Mr. Brock?
[It is obvious that Pangol is only twenty years old]

"Doctor Who: The Leisure Hive: Part Two (#18.2)" (1980)
Pangol: How did you get out?
Doctor Who: Through a hole in the back.
Pangol: But there isn't one.
Doctor Who: [hold up sonic screwdriver] There is now.