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B-Dawg (Character)
from Air Buddies (2006) (V)

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Space Buddies (2009) (V)
Rosebud: How do I look?
Mudbud: Uh... Like our sister in a space suit.
B-Dawg: I know I look tight.
Budderball: Mine's a little little too tight. Somebody give me a paw?
[Rosebud goes to help Budderball]
Mudbud, B-Dawg, Buddha: Don't pull his paw!
[Rosebud pulls Budderball's paw, and he farts causing his suit to inflate]
B-Dawg: Check it! It's the Good Year blimp!

Buddha: I think we should go explore and broaden our horizons.
B-Dawg: Broaden our horizons? We're lost in space, dawg! I think our horizons are broad enough!

B-Dawg: Check it! I'm doing the moonwalk!

Budderball: Which one is my left paw?
B-Dawg: We're doomed.
Budderball: Hey, it's not my fault I'm dyslexic!

Budderball: Guys? We have a problem. It's not working.
B-Dawg: You've gotta be kidding, dawg!
Budderball: I swear! Cross my stomach and hope to starve!

B-Dawg: Who put the Red Bull in Buddha's doggie bowl?

B-Dawg: Check out these cool retro shades!
Mudbud: Dude, you shouldn't be touching those.
B-Dawg: I can fly this thing no problem. Piece of cake.
Budderball: Yeah, there's cake.

Rosebud: Looks like he got a time out.
Buddha: When it rains, Mudbud gets grounded. He's a repeat offender.
Budderball: Remember the time I snagged a sample of the Thanksgiving turkey? I got a time out for that too.
B-Dawg: Sample shmample! You ate the whole butterball turkey, dawg!
Budderball: It's kind of embarrassing to be named after a turkey.

Budderball: [during the lift-off] It feels like my stomach is in my throat!
Rosebud: This is like a ride on Space Mountain!
B-Dawg: Dad always said I should be more down to Earth! Why didn't I listen?

Mudbud: Dudes, what is this place?
Rosebud: Whatever it is, it's getting closer!
B-Dawg: I hope it's not an alien's house! Not that I'd be scared or anything.
Budderball: I hope it's a Denny's! I can sure go for a Moons Over My Hammy right about now!

B-Dawg: Come on, aliens. I ain't scared of nothing. Because I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, dawg.

B-Dawg: Aaahh! The Death Star!
Buddha: B-Dawg, it's the moon. It looks a lot bigger up here then when we used to howl at it from home.
Budderball: Oh, thank goodness! All the bleu cheese a fella could eat!

Rosebud: You're a ferret.
B-Dawg: Yo, dawg! You mean to tell me we had a rodent as our flight director?
Gravity: Hey, I'm not a rodent! I'm related to the mustella family of mammals which includes minks and skunks!
Budderball: Hey, I'm told I'm related to skunks too.

Snow Buddies (2008) (V)
Rosebud: B-Dawg, what are you hiding from now?
B-Dawg: Who, me? I'm not hiding. I was just thinking let's play some... Hide and Seek.
Buddha: Seeking truth is a great start to our day. Ohmmmm... ohmmmm...
Rosebud: Whatever! You're it!
Mudbud: Dude, don't forget to find us after the tenth ohm.

Mudbud: [digging] Where's the dirt? Oh, come on!
B-Dawg: Yo, if you keep digging, you'll end up in China!
Mudbud: Is there dirt in China? Cause if there is, I'm gonna keep digging!

B-Dawg: If the delivery guy comes back, I'll deliver him the tail-whooping of his life!

B-Dawg: If we don't find a warm place soon, we'll all turn into puppy-cicles!

B-Dawg: I must be contagious, 'cause he's catching cool like it was a cold!

B-Dawg: What are you laughing at? Me and my home-dogs were being chased by a pack of huge wolves!
Shasta: Well, if you consider me a pack of huge wolves...

Shasta: Here they come.
B-Dawg: Dude, are we ambushing somebody?

Shasta: The biggest dogs should be closest to the sled. That means Budderball and Mudbud.
Budderball: Hey, who are you calling biggest?
Mudbud: Dude, chillax.
Shasta: The fastest dogs should go in the middle. That would be B-Dawg and Buddha.
B-Dawg: You got that right. I'm the fastest in my clan.
Budderball: Rosebud will be up front with me to navigate.
Rosebud: Because girls aren't afraid to ask for directions.

B-Dawg: I ain't playin', yall! It's on!

B-Dawg: I'm too young to die, talented, good-looking and modest!

Rosebud: Nobody double-crosses me and my brothers! We've got to beat them!
B-Dawg: We are the fastest...
Budderball: ...and the strongest!
Buddha: We have the power of positive thinking!
Shasta: It ain't over 'til the husky puppy howls!

B-Dawg: Yo, what's crack-a-lackin'? What are you doin' rolling in this hood?
Molly: Well, we're rolling in this hood to find you. That's what's... crack-a-lackin'.

Air Buddies (2006) (V)
B-Dawg: I might need a pooper-scooper.

B-Dawg: What's the 4-1-1?
Mudbud: They finished billing us to different families!
B-Dawg: I bet there was a bidding war for me.

Mudbud: They're taking us to our new homes tomorrow!
Rosebud, Bud-dha, B-Dawg, Budderball: Tomorrow?
Budderball: But tomorrow's taco night!

Bud-dha: True north is the way to go.
B-Dawg: Bro, I'm glad you were paying attention when Noah was taking his geography class.

Bud-dha: I'm sensing true north is this way.
B-Dawg: Well then, your sensing compass is busted, Dawg, cause we just came from that way!

B-Dawg: Do we really have to go in there?
Rosebud: Don't tell me you're a fraidy cat.
B-Dawg: Them is fighting words! I ain't no furball spitter!

Budderball: Can we stop for lunch?
B-Dawg: Why don't you stop thinking about your stomach for once?
Mudbud: Why don't you stop thinking about yourself for once?

B-Dawg: Sure. Send B-Dawg out as the decoy. I don't remember drawing the shortest straw.

B-Dawg: It's not the size of the puppy in the game, it's the size of the game in the puppy.

Treasure Buddies (2012) (V)
B-Dawg: This is so not happening! I'm practically naked without my bling!

Cammy: We can re-digest the food in our stomach and go for days without food or water.
B-Dawg: Eww! TMI, Cammy!

Cammy: My tribe has been here. There's camel poop on the ground.
Rosebud: [sniffs] Eww! That's camel poop alright.
B-Dawg: We're gonna need a bulldozer to clean that up! A pooper scooper ain't gonna cut it!

B-Dawg: [a date hits him on the head] What the? What was that?
Buddha: Relax, B-Dawg. It's probably just the wind.
B-Dawg: [gets hit on the head with another date] Then that wind has sick paw-eye coordination!

B-Dawg: [after Budderball wakes up from the mirage he saw] Now that's what I call a sand-wich!

Budderball: [sees a scarab] Bugs. I love bugs.
Rosebud: That's disgusting.
Budderball: [eats the scarab] A little slimy when uncooked, but okay.
[a swarm of scarabs enter the room]
B-Dawg: Uh... dawg? I don't think they appreciate you eating their cousin.

Santa Buddies (2009) (V)
Sniffer: You pups wanna sing along?
B-Dawg: Hey, I don't sing. I rap.

Puppy Paws: [after he breaks the vase] Did I bust some moves?
B-Dawg: You busted something, alright!

Mudbud: Is it my imagination, or is Budderball running with an elf?
Rosebud: It's an elf, alright.
B-Dawg: Where does he find these dogs? The looney bin?

B-Dawg: P-Squared, if you need help saving Christmas, we're your buddies!

[B-Dawg's nose turns red]
B-Dawg: What's happening?
Puppy Paws: That's what happens to the leader. It's what lights the way for the rest of us.
Rosebud: I think we're gonna call you Ru-Dawg.
B-Dawg: Now, that's tight! My nose shines just like my bling!

Spooky Buddies (2011) (V)
Mudbud: Why's the ghost chasing us? What does he want?
B-Dawg: Maybe he wants to drink our blood!
Mudbud: That's vampires.
B-Dawg: Maybe he wants to eat our brains!
Mudbud: That's zombies.
B-Dawg: Maybe he wants to eat everything he sees!
Rosebud: That's Budderball.
Budderball: Hmm?

B-Dawg: Yo, if you want a paw-tograph, I ain't in the mood.