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Kai Winn (Character)
from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (1993)

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"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Life Support (#3.13)" (1995)
Kai Winn: The Prophets teach us that while violence may keep an enemy at bay, only peace can make him a friend.

Kai Winn: [about Vedek Bareil] If he dies, then peace with Cardassia dies with him.

[Dr. Bashir has managed to revive Bareil, who had been fatally injured]
Doctor Bashir: Well, it's a little early to tell, but I'm hoping he'll make a full recovery. He should be back on his feet again in a few weeks.
Commander Sisko: You say that so calmly. But it's not every doctor that can lose a patient and then have him back on his feet in a few weeks!
Kai Winn: Indeed, you are too modest. You've performed nothing less than a miracle here. The Prophets must walk with you, Doctor.
Doctor Bashir: Well, I and the Prophets were lucky.

[Dr. Bashir explains that Bareil's desire to continue supporting Kai Winn in her peace negotiations prevents him from getting the proper treatment for his injuries]
Kai Winn: If I'm not mistaken, the decision regarding Bareil's treatment is up to him.
Doctor Bashir: Yes, as the patient, it is his right to make that choice. But I am asking you to help me change his mind.

Doctor Bashir: Eminence - you're the Kai. These are your negotiations. Let this be your moment in history. Finish the talks on your own, and you won't have to share the credit with anyone.
Kai Winn: You say that as though success is guaranteed.
Doctor Bashir: Of course... If the talks fail, you'll need someone to accept the blame. A scapegoat. You're a coward. You're afraid to stand alone.
Kai Winn: Bareil's already made his decision, Doctor. I won't interfere. And Doctor - I won't forget what you've said here.
Doctor Bashir: Neither will I.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: In the Hands of the Prophets (#1.19)" (1993)
Vedek Winn: Do you believe the Celestial Temple of the Prophets exists within the passage?
Keiko O'Brien: I respect that the Bajoran people believe that it does.
Vedek Winn: But that's not what you teach?
Keiko O'Brien: No, I don't teach Bajoran spiritual beliefs; that's your job. Mine is to open the children's minds to history, to literature, to mathematics, to science.
Vedek Winn: You *are* opening the children's minds - to blasphemy. And I cannot permit it to continue.

Vedek Winn: The course the Prophets choose for us may not always be comfortable. But we must follow it.

Vedek Winn: I once asked Kai Opaka why a disbeliever was destined to seek the Prophets. And she told me that one must never look into the eyes of one's own gods. I disagreed. I told her I would do anything to look into their eyes. She suggested that I sit in darkness for a day, and quite properly so. She cannot be replaced, and I miss her deeply.

[the school has been blown up, but no one has come to harm]
Vedek Winn: The Prophets have been kind today.
Commander Sisko: The Prophets had nothing to do with what happened here today. This was the work of a disturbed and violent mind, who listened to your voice, not the Prophets'.
Vedek Winn: Is the Emissary holding *me* responsible for this act of terrorism?
Commander Sisko: The Commander of this station is.
Vedek Winn: May the Prophets forgive you for abandoning them.

Vedek Winn: You live without a soul, Commander. You and your Federation exist in a universe of darkness, and you would drag us in there with you. But we will not go!
Commander Sisko: You have just made your first mistake, Vedek.
Vedek Winn: Have I?
Commander Sisko: The Bajorans who have lived with us on the station, who have worked with us for months, who helped us move this station to protect the wormhole, who joined us to explore the Gamma Quadrant, who have begun to build the future of Bajor with us, these people know that we are neither the enemy nor the devil. We don't always agree. We have some damn good fights in fact. But we always come away from them, with a little better understanding and appreciation of each other. You won't succeed here. The school will reopen, and when your rhetoric gets old, the Bajoran parents will bring their children back.
Vedek Winn: We'll see.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Strange Bedfellows (#7.19)" (1999)
Kai Winn Adami: [of the Prophets] Their love is strong. So is their wrath.

Kai Winn Adami: If the Prophets wanted me to step down, surely they would've told me so.
Colonel Kira: They don't always use words to make their wishes known. Sometimes they speak to us by touching our hearts, but... only you would know if they had done that.

Kai Winn Adami: I remember when I first saw the gate of the Celestial Temple - I was on the Promenade. When it burst into view, this... whirlpool of color and light, the people all around me were in awe. They said they could feel the love of the Prophets washing over them... Do you know what I felt, Anjohl? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. But I smiled, and pretended I did, because it was expected of me. I've never admitted that to anyone.

Dukat: [as Anjohl Tennan] The Prophets have done nothing for you. During the Occupation, they turned their backs and let our people suffer. You've sacrificed everything for them, and how have they rewarded you? They've appointed an alien Emissary. They've rejected you at every turn. Even now, they won't speak to you.
Kai Winn Adami: Solbor!
Dukat: Shh! Listen to me, please! The Pah-wraiths will give you everything you've ever dreamt of - the power, the adoration of the people. In spite of your protestations of humility, that's what you really want, admit it. Stop pretending to be something you're not. Take what they're offering you.
Kai Winn Adami: Get out!

[last lines]
Kai Winn Adami: I'm a patient woman; but I have run out of patience. I will no longer serve gods who give me nothing in return. I'm ready to walk the path the Pah-wraiths have laid out for me.
Dukat: [as Anjohl Tennan] I'll walk with you; and no one will be able to stand against us.
Kai Winn Adami: Those who dare to try - the Federation and its vedek puppets, the false gods and their precious Emissary - they will all be swept aside like dead leaves before an angry wind.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: In the Cards (#5.25)" (1997)
[Kai Winn has informed Sisko about an upcoming meeting between Bajor and the Dominion]
Sisko: I'm concerned. The Dominion is notorious for its political intrigue.
Kai Winn: I have some experience in that area as well.

Kai Winn: Can you promise me that you will not let one Jem'Hadar soldier set foot on Bajor? Can you promise me that you will use your entire fleet to protect our planet, even if it means sacrificing other worlds, like Vulcan, or Andor, or Berengaria, or perhaps even Earth itself?
Sisko: I can't make that kind of promise.
Kai Winn: I wouldn't believe you if you did.

Kai Winn: If we ally ourselves with the Federation against the Dominion, we risk becoming the first casualty of the next war.
Sisko: And if you ally yourselves with the Dominion, you risk becoming the next conquered world.
Kai Winn: A most unhappy choice.

Weyoun: It is enough to know that you and I have found so many common interests. I feel that we are very much alike.
[Kai Winn grasps Weyoun's ear]
Kai Winn: [debonair] No. We are nothing alike. Nothing at all.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: What You Leave Behind (#7.25)" (1999)
Dukat: Benjamin Sisko will be dealt with by me, and me alone.
Kai Winn: Assuming he survives the invasion of Cardassia.
Dukat: Oh, he'll survive. But I promise you - he'll wish he hadn't.

Gul Dukat: Let me guess. We're here.
Kai Winn: We've reached the end of one journey, and stand ready to begin another. What's the matter, Dukat? You look disappointed.
Gul Dukat: Well, this may sound naive, but I was expecting to see fire. They are called The Fire Caves.
Kai Winn: And with good reason.
[she kneels and begins to chant]
Kai Winn: Lano ka'la bo'shar lanu no'vala, pahrom carana mokado ba'jah. Ko'se nusso ma'kora kajani. Lano ka'la Kosst Amojan.
[flames appear all around them out of nowhere]
Kai Winn: Is that better?

Kai Winn: Kosst Amojan, I am yours, now and forever!

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Collaborator (#2.24)" (1994)
Vedek Winn: [to a group of children] Remember now: honor the Prophets, and they will always love you.
[the children leave]
Vedek Bareil: As I understand the Sacred Texts, the Prophets' love is unconditional. They ask nothing in return.
Vedek Winn: Thank you, Vedek Bareil, for reminding us how the Sacred Text can be so easily misinterpreted.
Vedek Bareil: Nothing pleases me more than providing you with an opposing viewpoint, Vedek Winn.
Vedek Winn: Somehow you never fail to do that.

Major Kira: What brings you to the station, Vedek Winn?
Vedek Winn: My child, if I thought the Prophets wanted you to know the purpose of my visit, I would have informed you of it in advance.
Major Kira: Well, now that I know you're here, I'll be sure to inform Constable Odo to increase station Security.
Vedek Winn: That won't be necessary. I feel quite safe here.
Major Kira: No, it wasn't... *your* safety that concerned me.

Vedek Winn: My child, I know you still hold me responsible for the deplorable attempt on Vedek Bareil's life. But I can only pray that someday, you'll be cured of this unfortunate misconception.
Major Kira: Well, that's one prayer that will never be answered.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Rapture (#5.10)" (1996)
Kai Winn: Before Captain Sisko found B'hala, my path was clear. I knew who my enemies were. But now... now nothing is certain.

Kai Winn: Those of you who were in the Resistance, you're all the same. You think you're the only ones who fought the Cardassians; that you saved Bajor single-handedly. Perhaps you forget, Major, the Cardassians arrested any Bajoran found to be teaching the word of the Prophets. I was in a Cardassian prison camp for five years, and I can remember each and every beating I suffered. And while you had your weapons to protect you, all I had was my faith, and my courage. Walk with the Prophets, child. I know I will.

Kai Winn: May the Prophets reveal their wisdom to you, Emissary.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Shakaar (#3.24)" (1995)
Kai Winn: This isn't about soil reclamators. This is about the future of our society. When someone like Shakaar can defy the law and escape punishment, we risk descending into anarchy and chaos. This is a test - a test by the Prophets. They want to see if I'm worthy of the role they've given me as First Minister and Kai. I will not fail them. I will stop Shakaar by any means necessary.

Commander Sisko: You want me to bring in Shakaar for you.
Kai Winn: Such an act would do much to solidify the relations between the Federation and Bajor.
Commander Sisko: I wasn't aware that our relationship needed solidifying.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: When It Rains... (#7.21)" (1999)
Kai Winn: Remember your place, Dukat.
Dukat: I thought my place was in your bed.
Kai Winn: That was before I knew who you were.
Dukat: Adami, I'm not the same man I was during the occupation. The Pah-wraiths have changed me.
Kai Winn: But they can't change what you did. Do you really think I could let myself be touched by a man whose hands are stained with the blood of my people?
Dukat: When we do release the Pah-wraiths from the fire caves... your hands will be stained as well.

[Dukat has been blinded]
Kai Winn: You need a lesson in humility. I'm going to see that you get it.
Dukat: By putting me out on the street?
Kai Winn: You'll find the Bajoran people are very kind.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Changing Face of Evil (#7.20)" (1999)
Dukat: [as Anjohl Tennan] I am but a moon made warm by the light of your sun.
Kai Winn: I hope you're a better farmer than you are a poet.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Reckoning (#6.21)" (1998)
Major Kira: You defied the will of the Prophets, and you did it because you couldn't stand the fact that a Human, an infidel, had a stronger faith than you. The Emissary was willing to sacrifice his own son to serve the Prophets.
Kai Winn: My faith is as pure as the Emissary's.
Major Kira: I think you're confusing faith with ambition.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Circle (#2.2)" (1993)
Minister Jaro: Think of the prestige of having the new leader of Bajor being a member of your order.
Vedek Winn: If you *are* the new leader.
Minister Jaro: Have the Prophets given you reason to doubt it?
Vedek Winn: I didn't say that.
Minister Jaro: Then let them bless my ascension. Tell the people the Prophets are with me.
Vedek Winn: That's a lot to ask.
Minister Jaro: I know that.
Vedek Winn: I need more than just prestige, Essa.
Minister Jaro: I know that too.
Vedek Winn: The people need leadership to return to the old values - yours and mine.
Minister Jaro: I can think of no one more worthy of being the next Kai than you, Winn. I shall do everything in my power to see that you are.
Vedek Winn: The Prophets are smiling on you today, Minister.

"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: 'Til Death Do Us Part (#7.18)" (1999)
Kai Winn: Your pagh is strong, Anjohl. I've been waiting for you.