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Bill Compton (Character)
from "True Blood" (2008)

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"True Blood: The First Taste (#1.2)" (2008)
Sookie Stackhouse: [awakes to find Bill licking at her open head wound] Do I taste different from other people?
Bill Compton: Yes. What are you?
Sookie Stackhouse: Well, apparently I'm not dead. What I am is telepathic. I can hear people's thoughts.
Bill Compton: Even mine?
Sookie Stackhouse: No. That's why I like you so much. I can't hear you at all. You have no idea how peaceful it is after a lifetime of "blah, blah, blah."
Bill Compton: May I ask you a personal question?
Sookie Stackhouse: Bill, you were just licking blood out of my head. I don't think it gets much more personal than that.

Sookie Stackhouse: So I guess you've killed a lot of people.
Bill Compton: I killed a few by accident at first. I was never sure when I was going to get my next feed. But it's all different now. There's Tru Blood, I can get donor blood from a clinic in Monroe, or I can glamour someone into letting me feed on them for love, and then they'll forget all about it.
Sookie Stackhouse: Did you feed on the Rattrays?
Bill Compton: Yes, after I'd given you my blood while you were healing. You drank a lot of my blood.
Sookie Stackhouse: What will that do to me?
Bill Compton: Well, you'll have keener senses.
Sookie Stackhouse: What else?
Bill Compton: [pauses] Your libido will be more active.
Sookie Stackhouse: [blushes] Is-Is that it?
Bill Compton: I'll always be able to feel you. I'll be able to find you fast. If you're ever in trouble, that could come in quite handy.

Sookie Stackhouse: Can you turn into a bat?
Bill Compton: No. There are those who can change form, but I'm not one of them.
Sookie Stackhouse: Can you levitate?
Bill Compton: No.
Sookie Stackhouse: Turn invisible?
Bill Compton: Sorry.
Sookie Stackhouse: Well Bill, you don't seem like a very good vampire. What can you do?
Bill Compton: I can bring you back to life.

Jason Stackhouse: A lot of Americans don't think you people deserve special rights.
Bill Compton: They're the same rights you have.
Jason Stackhouse: No, I'm just saying there's a reason things are the way they are.
Bill Compton: Yeah. It's called injustice.

Tara Thornton: [uptight] Did you own slaves?
Sookie Stackhouse: [shocked] Tara!
Bill Compton: I did not. But my father did.

Jason Stackhouse: Look, Gran, I am the man in this family.
Adele Stackhouse: You are a man in this family, but I am the oldest person here and this is my house. You better respect me boy.
Bill Compton: Actually, I'm the oldest person here.

Bill Compton: [laying her on the ground] Sookie... Sookie.
Sookie Stackhouse: [choking] I can't feel my legs.
Bill Compton: [bites his wrist to give her blood] Quick, drink before the wound closes!
Sookie Stackhouse: Would I be a vampire?
Bill Compton: You won't be! God damn it Sookie! Do you wanna live or not?
Sookie Stackhouse: [drinks a little before stopping] No!
[he forces her to drink]

Sookie Stackhouse: How old are you? Am I allowed to ask that?
Bill Compton: I was made vampire in 1865, when I was thirty human years old.
Sookie Stackhouse: Wow, you look older than that.
Bill Compton: Life was harder then.
Sookie Stackhouse: Were you in the Civil War?
Bill Compton: [apprehensive] I was.
Sookie Stackhouse: Would you be willing to come and talk to my grandmother's club? It's mostly a bunch of old people who had family in the war. They call themselves, The Descendants of the Glorious Dead.
Bill Compton: [incensed] The glorious dead? There is nothing glorious about dying in a war. A bunch of starving, freezing boys killing each other so the rich people can stay rich. Madness.
Sookie Stackhouse: I'm sure it was awful.
Bill Compton: Would it make you happy if I did this?
Sookie Stackhouse: Oh, it would make my grandmother ecstatic.
Bill Compton: Would it make you happy?
Sookie Stackhouse: Well... yes.
Bill Compton: I'll do it, then. I look forward to meeting your grandmother. When may I call on you?
Sookie Stackhouse: I'm off work tomorrow.
Bill Compton: Just after dark then.

Sookie Stackhouse: I went to the Rattrays' trailer.
Bill Compton: I told you I was strong.
Sookie Stackhouse: I don't believe I fully gauged the extent of your strength.
Bill Compton: Over the years, we become stronger and more skillful at hiding what we've done.
Sookie Stackhouse: You might wanna remember for next time tornadoes hop. They don't just land in one place.

Sookie Stackhouse: [after everything he has told her] You're gonna have to give me a minute here, Bill. I'm feelin' a little overwhelmed.
Bill Compton: Of course.
[they start walking again]

Sookie Stackhouse: You said you could glamour somebody into letting you bite them? What is that? Hypnosis?
Bill Compton: Kinda. It's similar. All humans are susceptible to it.
Sookie Stackhouse: Have you done it to me?
Bill Compton: [affronted] No. And I never will.
Sookie Stackhouse: Really? Try it.
Bill Compton: No. I don't feel comfortable with that.
Sookie Stackhouse: You chicken?
Bill Compton: [stops walking and stares intensely into her eyes] Sookie?
Sookie Stackhouse: [hypnotic] Yes?
Bill Compton: Can you feel my influence?
Sookie Stackhouse: [laughs] No! Not a bit! Sorry.
Bill Compton: [confused] Sookie, this is very strange.
Sookie Stackhouse: You don't like not being able to control people, do you? That's not a very attractive trait, Bill.
Bill Compton: Humans are usually more squeamish about vampires than you are.
Sookie Stackhouse: Who am I to be squeamish about something out of the ordinary?

Sookie Stackhouse: I was diagnosed with ADD. They tried to put me on drugs, but my momma wouldn't let them. She knew that wasn't it. She tried to protect me even though I scared her.
Bill Compton: [knowingly] When did you lose her?
Sookie Stackhouse: Just before I turned eight. Both my parents, flash flood.
Bill Compton: I lost my wife and my children. Everyone I knew from my human life. Most of them are buried here in this cemetery.
Sookie Stackhouse: You really don't consider yourself human at all?
Bill Compton: I'm not human.

Sookie Stackhouse: [seeing his home] This is where you live?
Bill Compton: Since old Jesse Compton had no living heirs when he died, ownership reverts back to me.
Sookie Stackhouse: I thought that wasn't for sure unless the VRA passes.
Bill Compton: Well, I haven't been getting in any trouble with the renovations I've been doing. Although, of course I've been doing them myself in the night. I need an electrician, but I can't get anyone to return my calls.
Sookie Stackhouse: Maybe if I made a few calls tomorrow, I could come by after work and tell you who to contact.
Bill Compton: Thank you.
[stops walking and stares at Sookie standing in the moonlight]
Bill Compton: Take your clip out.
[she removes her clip]
Bill Compton: May I?
[touches her hair; leans forward and takes a deep breath]
Bill Compton: I can smell the sunlight on your skin.
[they kiss passionaty]
Bill Compton: [pushes her away and turns, his fangs drawn] I should see you home.
Sookie Stackhouse: All right.

Sookie Stackhouse: [standing outside her house] Well, since you're here...
[opens her door, but Bill hesitates]
Sookie Stackhouse: What's wrong?
Bill Compton: You have to invite me in. Otherwise, it's physically impossible for me to enter a mortal's home.
Sookie Stackhouse: Seriously? Well, come on, try.
Bill Compton: I-I can't. I can't even try.
Sookie Stackhouse: That is so weird!
Sookie Stackhouse: Oh Bill, won't you please come in?
Bill Compton: Thank you.
Sookie Stackhouse: [blocks his path] So, if I were to withdraw my invitation, would you have to leave?
[Bill nods, embarrassed]
Sookie Stackhouse: I'll have to remember that.

Bill Compton: There must be some people who know about your talent.
Sookie Stackhouse: The people closest to me. But, we never talk about it. And I do my best to stay out of their heads. Over the years, I've learned how. I figured it's kind of unethical to listen into my family, and my friends, my boss. But, they know. Other people suspect or they think I'm psychic. Most people just think I'm crazy.
Bill Compton: [intrigued] What does it sound like?
Sookie Stackhouse: It's sort of like a stream of consciousness. Gets weirder when people are mad or upset. Sometimes... sometimes it's just images. I should be gettin' home.
[moves to sit up, surprised]
Sookie Stackhouse: Wow, I feel completely healed.
Bill Compton: [definite] You are.
Sookie Stackhouse: Do doctors know that V juice can do this?
Bill Compton: No. We wanna keep it that way. I should show you to your car.

"True Blood: Escape from Dragon House (#1.4)" (2008)
Bill Compton: Vampires are always in some kind of trouble. I prefer to be in it with you.

Bill Compton: [with Sookie at Fangtasia] You able to pick anything up?
Sookie Stackhouse: [looking around] All anyone's thinkin' about here is sex, sex, sex!
Bill Compton: One needn't be telepathic to pick up on that.

Bill Compton: [looking at Eric and back down at his drink] Uh oh.
Sookie Stackhouse: Don't say "uh oh". Vampires are not supposed to say "uh oh".
Bill Compton: It's Eric. He's scanned you twice. He's goin' to summon us.
Sookie Stackhouse: He can do that?
Bill Compton: Oh, yeah.

Sookie Stackhouse: [while driving to Fangtasia] Penny for your thoughts?
Bill Compton: I thought you liked not knowing what I'm thinking.
Sookie Stackhouse: Most of the time I do.
Bill Compton: You won't care for it.
Sookie Stackhouse: That doesn't mean I don't wanna know.
Bill Compton: [looking at her clothes than back to the road] You look like vampire bait.
Sookie Stackhouse: [laughing] What's that supposed to mean?
Bill Compton: I promised your grandmother no harm would come to you at Fangtasia tonight. I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to keep that promise with you dressed like this.
Sookie Stackhouse: So are you sayin' you think I look nice?
Bill Compton: Doesn't matter what I think. This isn't a date. Remember?

Sookie Stackhouse: [after pulling him outside of Merlottes] You know my friend who works here, Dawn? Some one killed her last night.
Bill Compton: How?
Sookie Stackhouse: Say you're sorry.
Bill Compton: Excuse me?
Sookie Stackhouse: You wanna learn to fit in with people, you gotta say you're sorry. You don't even have to mean it. Lord knows they don't most the time.
Bill Compton: [trying] I am sorry.
Sookie Stackhouse: Thank you. Anyway, I'm the one who found her. Strangled. Cops think it was my brother.
Bill Compton: Was it?
Sookie Stackhouse: No, he's not capable of it.
Bill Compton: I've been around long enough to know just about anyone is capable of just about anything.
Sookie Stackhouse: He didn't do it. So I've been listenin' in on peoples' thoughts, hopin' I might hear somethin' to clear him and apparently there's this vampire bar where Maudette and Dawn use to hang out at in Shreeveport. You know it?
Bill Compton: Fangtasia.
Sookie Stackhouse: Fang-tasia?
Bill Compton: You have to remember that most vampires are very old. Puns used to be the highest form of humor.
Sookie Stackhouse: Well I was thinkin' if I went there, I could do some sniffin' around. You think maybe you could take me?
Bill Compton: [smiling slightly] How 'bout tonight?
Sookie Stackhouse: The sooner the better. I just gotta tell Sam I'm leaving and run home and change.
Bill Compton: Meet you there.
Sookie Stackhouse: Thank you. Bill, I'm asking you this as a friend, okay? This is not a date.
Bill Compton: Fine.
Sookie Stackhouse: It's not a date. I'm serious.
Bill Compton: [still smiling] As am I.

Sookie Stackhouse: [at Fangtasia, looking around] Who's that?
Bill Compton: Oh, you noticed him did you?
Sookie Stackhouse: No, it's not like that. I just...
Bill Compton: Everyone does. That's Eric. He's the oldest thing in this bar.

Eric Northman: So, Bill. Are you quite attached to your friend.
Bill Compton: She is mine!
Sookie Stackhouse: Yes. I am his.
Eric Northman: Well, what a pitty... for me.

Bill Compton: [points the gun at the state trooper's face] Now, you listen to me, officer. I do not take kindly to you shining your light in the eyes of my female companion. And as I have more than 100 years on you, I do not take kindly to you calling me "son". So the next time you pull somebody over on suspicion of bein' a vampire, you better pray to God that you're wrong. Because that vampire may not be as kind to you as I'm about to be. I'm not gonna kill you. But I am gonna keep your gun. Does that sound fair?

Sookie Stackhouse: [inside Fangtasia] This feels a little bit like what a vampire bar would look like if it were a ride at Disney World.
Bill Compton: Well, don't get too comfortable. It tends to get more authentic as the night wears on.

Pam: [as he walks up to Fangtasia with Sookie] Bill. Haven't seen you in a while.
Bill Compton: I'm mainstreamin'.
Pam: Good for you. Who's the doll?
Bill Compton: Pam, this is Sookie. Sookie, this is Pam.
Sookie Stackhouse: [smiling, extending her hand to Pam] Pleased to meet you.
Pam: [just looks at her] Can I see your ID?
Sookie Stackhouse: Oh. Sure. How funny. Who'd have thought? Getting carded at a vampire bar.
Pam: I can no longer tell human ages. We must be careful we serve no minors... in any capacity.
[looking at her id]
Pam: Twenty-five, huh? How sweet it is.

"True Blood: Scratches (#2.3)" (2009)
Bill Compton: [to Sookie] Are you still angry about our fight? Sookie, none of that matters anymore.
Sookie Stackhouse: You're right. I'm alive and in one piece. Unlike my friend Lafayette who Eric chained up like an animal and left to bleed to death.
Bill Compton: What?
Sookie Stackhouse: You better not have known anything about this, Bill Compton. Because if you did, I don't think I could ever forgive you!
Bill Compton: I have no idea what you're talking about.
Eric Northman: [behind them] I imagine she's referring to the human in my basement... The human who traded sexual services with a vampire in order to sell his blood - which as you know is a grave offense.
Sookie Stackhouse: [to Eric] His name is Lafayette and you ought to be ashamed of yourself for what you've done to him.
[slaps him]
Bill Compton: Sookie!
Eric Northman: [unfazed] I'm glad you're feeling better and may I add that color suits you very well.
[refering to her red shirt]
Sookie Stackhouse: Go to hell!
Bill Compton: [holding her back] Sookie! Enough!
Sookie Stackhouse: Oh it's not nearly enough. They've tortured him and bitten him and shot him and kept him down there in his own filth for weeks.
Bill Compton: [to Eric] Is this true?
Eric Northman: There are others who would have done far worse and you know it.
Sookie Stackhouse: You're gonna let him go right now or I swear, I'm going to the police.
Eric Northman: [draws his fangs] I do not respond well to threats!... But perhaps we could come to some sort of arrangement.

Eric Northman: [after Bill tells him what attacked Sookie] The head of a bull?
Bill Compton: That's what she said. It was dark. It all happened in seconds.
Eric Northman: You didn't see this... bull-man?
Bill Compton: No.
Eric Northman: And you gave her your blood?
Bill Compton: I didn't work.
Eric Northman: [thinking] Hmmm.
Bill Compton: You ever heard of anything like this?
Eric Northman: Surprisingly, no.

Sookie Stackhouse: [arriving at Bill's house] See, I knew it. Underneath that tough vampire exterior, you're nothing but a big softy.
Bill Compton: Don't tell nobody.
Sookie Stackhouse: [looking at the clothes] Wow, this is a lot of pink, Bill. I'm sure Jessica will love it.
Bill Compton: Yes, well I remember when ladies clothing stores sold petticoats.
Sookie Stackhouse: [giggling] That's just weird.
Bill Compton: Actually, I kinda miss my times. They left something to the imagination. Unfastenin' 'em required a certain skill.
Sookie Stackhouse: I think there's a Halloween store around here that might still have some.
Bill Compton: [grinning] You are such a tease.

[first lines]
Sookie Stackhouse: [to Bill, about Jessica] I'm sorry. She promised she was just gonna look in the window. I know I made a mistake. But they're her family.
Bill Compton: [enraged] She is a vampire! She has no family!
Jessica Hamby: [crying] I'm a monster and I'm gonna be alone forever because of you!

Bill Compton: [to Sookie, about Jessica] You undermined my authority as her maker! You risked those people's safety and your own! If I had not glamoured them with in an inch of their sanity, both our lives would have shattered!
Sookie Stackhouse: I know. I'm sorry!
Bill Compton: You keep sayin' that and I am expected to what? Forget this ever happened?
Sookie Stackhouse: What else do you want me to say? I know when she asked me to take her, I should say no. But all I could think about was Gran and what I would give to see her again.
Bill Compton: That does not give you license to behave like an irresponsible child! She is a loaded gun, Sookie. Not a doll for you to dress up and play with!
[Sookie gets out of the car]
Bill Compton: What are you doing?
Sookie Stackhouse: Walking!
Bill Compton: Don't be ridiculous. Bon Temps is nearly 20 miles away!
Sookie Stackhouse: [walking away] I'd rather walk all night then spend another second in that car with you!
Jessica Hamby: [to Bill, after he gets back in the car] She wants you to go after her. She wants you to go after her and kiss her and tell her that you love her.
Bill Compton: She will come back, when she calms down... she will come back.

Bill Compton: [after finding her bloody] Sookie... What did this to you?
Sookie Stackhouse: [choking] Bull... human... I couldn't see... Bill, I can't move.

Sookie Stackhouse: [gasping, hurt] Am I dying?
Dr. Ludwig: Yes.
Bill Compton: No! She cannot die! You will save her!
Dr. Ludwig: Back off, vampire. Let me do my job!
Eric Northman: Forgive him. Bill is abnormally attached to this human.
Dr. Ludwig: [working on Sookie] Well, we don't have a lot of choices. She's been poisoned. You ever heard of Komodo dragons? Their mouths are teaming with bacteria. After one has bitten you it will track you for hours, days just waiting for the toxins to slowly eat away at your nervous system. 'Til you're good and helpless. Then it will devour you alive.
Sookie Stackhouse: [gasping] I was... scratched by a dragon?
Dr. Ludwig: No, but this poison is similar but way more efficient. I don't think I've seen it before but it's hard to tell without further testing and we don't have that kind of time.

Dr. Ludwig: [to Bill, about Sookie] You can give her blood now. Her body should accept it.
Eric Northman: [moving fast to Bill, about blood] Mine is much stronger. Allow me.
Bill Compton: Never!

Sookie Stackhouse: [to Eric] So if I agree to go to Dallas to help look for this missing vampire, you'll let Lafayette go?
Bill Compton: No! You nearly died last night. You are not going to Dallas.
Bill Compton: Bill, I can make up my own mind.
Eric Northman: I will pay all of your expenses, of course. And yes, I will release your friend.
Sookie Stackhouse: And I want $5,000.
[to Bill]
Sookie Stackhouse: I've missed a lot of work and I need a new driveway.
Eric Northman: [to Bill] Your human is getting cocky.

Sookie Stackhouse: [while driving home with Bill] I use to get so mad when people judged vampires just for being different. It's like they were judging me too. I told myself their fear was nothing but small mindedness. But maybe that's what I wanted to believe. 'Cause the more open my mind gets, the more evil I see.
Bill Compton: Sookie, most of us, vampire, human or otherwise are capable of both good and evil. Often simultaneously.
Sookie Stackhouse: You can't expect me to believe that Eric is capable of anything good. Not after how he tortured Lafatette.
Bill Compton: I have had worse sheriffs.
Sookie Stackhouse: I don't understand how you can defend him.
Bill Compton: He saved your life.
Sookie Stackhouse: I can still hate him.
Bill Compton: I hate that he maybe putting you in harms way once again, for his own selfish reasons. And I hate that he has shown your the barberousness we call justice. If I could glamour it away for you, I would.
Sookie Stackhouse: I'm glad you can't. I'm sick of things sneakin' up on me. Rene and what ever the hell that was that attacked me last night. If I'm never gonna be safe, I'd rather know what to be affraid of.
Bill Compton: Well, after last night I hope that doesn't include me.
Sookie Stackhouse: I know there is evil in you. I know there is and it scares the hell outta me. But you're right. There's goodness in you too and when I look in your eyes, that's what I see.

"True Blood: Mine (#1.3)" (2008)
Bill Compton: I have no heart-beat. I have no need to breathe. There are no electrical impulses in my body. What animates you no longer animates me.
Sookie Stackhouse: What does animate you then? Blood? How do you digest it if nothing works?
Bill Compton: Magic?
Sookie Stackhouse: Oh, come on Bill! I may look naive but I'm not, and you-you need to remember that.
Bill Compton: You think that it's not magic that keeps you alive? Just 'cause you understand the mechanics of how something works, doesn't make it any less of a miracle... which is just another word for magic. We're all kept alive by magic, Sookie. My magic's just a little different from yours, that's all.

Malcolm: [to Sookie] Maybe you oughtta come on inside.
Sookie Stackhouse: Are you trying to glamor me?
Malcolm: [taken aback that she noticed] Yes.
Sookie Stackhouse: That doesn't work on me.
Liam: Why not?
Sookie Stackhouse: I don't know, it just doesn't. Is Bill available?
Bill Compton: [from inside the house] Let her in... Diane, let her in.
Diane: Oh, fuck him.
Malcolm: [backing away] You have.

Bill Compton: [after Malcolm and his gang have left] I'm sorry you had to witness that. Your visit was unexpected.
Sookie Stackhouse: What's hep D?
Bill Compton: Hepatitis D is the only blood born pathogen to which we are subseptible. Malcolm must be furious.
Sookie Stackhouse: Hepatitis?
Bill Compton: A mutation. Relatively harmless to humans, oddly enough.
Sookie Stackhouse: I've never even heard of it?
Bill Compton: That's because we've kept it out of the media.
Sookie Stackhouse: And it makes you sick for a year?
Bill Compton: No. Just makes us weak for about a month or so. The biggest danger to us from hep D is being captured and staked during that time.
Sookie Stackhouse: Yeah. You don't want your weaknesses to be public knowledge.
Bill Compton: Precisely.
Sookie Stackhouse: And what the hell did you mean, "Sookie is mine"?
Bill Compton: I was communicating to the others that you were my human and therefore I was the only one who can feed on you.
Sookie Stackhouse: [furious] You most certainly can not feed on me!
Bill Compton: Well of course I can't, Sookie. But had they known that, they'd have considered you fair game. And I wouldn't have been able to stop them from attacking you. It would be three against one. And Malcolm is much older than I am and quite strong.
Sookie Stackhouse: And... you and Diane dated?
Bill Compton: We had sex once, just after she was made vampire back in the late 1930's.
Sookie Stackhouse: [sickened] What? Gross. Bill, she so- Th-they're all so mean, so...
Bill Compton: Evil. Yes, they are. They share a nest and when vampires live in nests, they become more cruel, more vicious. They become laws unto themselves. Whereas vampires such as I, who live alone are much more likely to hang on to some semblance of our former humanity.

Sookie Stackhouse: [just getting home and seeing him suddenly] God damn it Bill! How many times do I have to tell you do not do that!
Bill Compton: I'm sorry. It wasn't intentional. I just got here. I wanted to make sure that you were safe.
Sookie Stackhouse: [listening to his mind and hearing nothing] Why can't I hear your thoughts? Do you even have any thoughts?
Bill Compton: Oh, I have thoughts. Many life times of thoughts.
Sookie Stackhouse: So why can't I hear them?
Bill Compton: I don't know. Perhaps it's 'cause I don't have brain waves.
Sookie Stackhouse: Why not?
Bill Compton: Because I'm dead.
Sookie Stackhouse: No, you're not! You're standing here, talking to me.

Sookie Stackhouse: I think we need to stop seeing each other.
Bill Compton: Why?
Sookie Stackhouse: Because you don't breathe. You don't have any electrical what ever it is. Your friends would like nothing more than to rip my throat out and because vampires killed that precher from the Fellowship of the Sun church and his wife and baby! You look me in the eye and tell me they didn't do it?
Bill Compton: Humans have killed millions upon millions in senseless wars. I do not hold you responsbile for that.
Sookie Stackhouse: Bill, night before last I had to bury my bloody clothes becuase I didn't want my grandmother to find out I was almost killed and tonight I was almost killed again! Why on earth would I continue seeing you?
Bill Compton: [very serious] Because you will never find a human man you can be yourself with.

Malcolm: [letting Bill in] Well look. It's everyone's favorite buzz kill.
Diane: Hey baby.
Liam: Yo mister mainstream. Thirsty?
[offers him blood]
Bill Compton: No.
Diane: Hungry for something else? I remember you having a very sizable... appetite.
Bill Compton: The three of you will stay away from me and Sookie from now on.
Malcolm: I'm your elder. You have no authority here.
Bill Compton: There are higher authorities.
Malcolm: I'm not afraid of Eric.
Bill Compton: Higher than him.
Malcolm: When then she can speak to me.
Diane: She can suck on sunlight for all I care.
Bill Compton: You know, you are doing nothing to help our cause.
Diane: Not everyone wants to dress up and play human, Bill.
Liam: Yeah, not everybody wants to live off that Japanese shit they call blood, either. As if we could.
Bill Compton: We have to moderate our behavior now that we are out in the open.
Malcolm: Not everybody thinks it was such a great idea and not everybody intends to toe the party line.

Bill Compton: [seeing Jenella's bloody body] You know, y'all make me sick.
Diane: You used to be fun. This all on a count of that little breather?
Bill Compton: If you insist on flaunting your ways in front of mortals, there will be consequences.

Bill Compton: [in her dream] Sookie, don't ever sneak up on a vampire. What are you doing here?
Sookie Stackhouse: All right, here's the deal. And this is a little embarrassin'. I've never been with a man intimately, for all the reasons I told you about. But, I feel things when I'm with you that make me think and I know this could be a huge mistake, one I will regret forever, but it feels like you're the one that I'm supposed to, you know, do it with. And I'm really nervous about that. And frankly I'm scared to death of you. So can we just get it out of the way already so I can relax and get a good night's sleep?
[he draws close to kiss her]
Sookie Stackhouse: J-just don't bite me, Okay?

Diane: [about Sookie] Where'd you find this?
Liam: [sniffing] Man! She smells fuckin' sweet!
Malcolm: And to think just five minutes ago you were telling us how you were living mainly on synthenic blood. You big poser.
Diane: I don't know, Malcolm. She looks like a virgin to me.
Sookie Stackhouse: [snapping] That's none of your damn business, you nosey bitch!
Diane: It is my business cupcake! And you wanna know why? 'Cause virgin blood is the best tasting blood there is. Well, second best. The best would be...
Liam: Baby's blood.
Diane: [laughing] Yeah.
Liam: [grabbing Sookie to him] I get hard just thinking about it.
[turning her head back]
Liam: Ladies first.
Bill Compton: [getting to his feet] Stop! Sookie is mine!

Bill Compton: [to Sookie] We're all kept alive by magic, Sookie. My magic's just a little different from yours, that's all.

"True Blood: Timebomb (#2.8)" (2009)
Eric Northman: [chained in silver] I... I offer myself in exchange for Godric's freedom and the girl's as well.
Steve Newlin: That's noble, but she's just as culpable as you are. She's a traitor to her race. The human race. She hardly deserves mercy. Maybe we should tie her to you so you could meet the sun together.
Bill Compton: [charging in] Sookie!
Steve Newlin: [holding a gun to Sookie's head] One more step, vampire and the girl dies.
Bill Compton: If you shoot her, everyone here will die. Let her go, now!
Steve Newlin: [to Sookie] Honestly, what do they see in you?

Stan: Steve Newlin! You have pushed us too far. You expect us to sit on our thumbs while you round up your men to come lynch us? We'll kill you first. Same way we did your father.
Sookie Stackhouse: Oh god, no.
Steve Newlin: Murderer!
Stan: [to the other vamps] Destroy all of them.
Godric: [as the vamps swarm the church] Enough! You came for me, I assume. Underlings?
Stan: Yes, sheriff.
Godric: These people have not harmed me. You see we can coexist. Mr. Newlin, I do not wish to create blood shed when none is called for. Help me set an example. If we leave you in peace, will you do the same?
Steve Newlin: [seething] I will not negotiate with subhumans! Kill me. Do it. Jesus will protect me.
Godric: I am actually older than your Jesus. I wish I could have known him, but I missed it.
[to the armed congregation]
Godric: Good people, who of you is willing to die for this man's madness?
[met with silence]
Godric: That's what I thought. Stand down, everyone. People, go home. It's over now.
Sookie Stackhouse: Oh, thank god. Bill?
Bill Compton: It's alright. You're safe now.

Sookie Stackhouse: I was in that basement for two days. You don't even wanna know what almost happened to me down there. Where were you?
Bill Compton: Sookie, it's...
Sookie Stackhouse: 'It's complicated' is not an answer. Every time I've needed you, you've always come runnin'. Even in broad day light. What kept you?
Bill Compton: [reluctant] ... I was held.
Sookie Stackhouse: Held? Like kidnapped? By who? By Eric?
Eric Northman: [walking up] Hmmm. I heard my name. I hope you are speaking well of me.
Sookie Stackhouse: Why should I? You let me walk into a trap.
Eric Northman: I regret that. If I had known it was a possibility...
Sookie Stackhouse: You did know! But because it was Godric, you'd risk anything.
Eric Northman: The bond between a vampire and his maker is stronger than you can imagine. Perhaps one day you'll find out.

Eric Northman: [as Bill catches his arm] I don't like being touched.
Bill Compton: [disgusted] Oh believe me, I do not like touching you. Your contact with Sookie will cease from this moment on.
Eric Northman: Oh ,that's hardly your decision.
Bill Compton: Callin' my maker 'cause you couldn't win Sookie for yourself is feeble and desperate, even for you.
Eric Northman: [smiling] Are you picking a fight? I'd like to see you try.
Bill Compton: She will never be yours and there's nothing you can do. In this you are powerless. Accept it.

Jason Stackhouse: I need you to forgive me.
Bill Compton: [confused] What?
Jason Stackhouse: You love my sister and there ain't no reason why you shouldn't be able to. All this time, I let my stupid ignorance stand in the way.
Bill Compton: Thank you. But I am also in your debt for helpin' rescue Sookie.
Jason Stackhouse: After all I did to fuck everything up, it's the least I could do. I-I'm just sorry it took so long to wake up to it.
Bill Compton: Well you did, just in time.

Lorena: [walking up to Sookie] Hello there. I'm Lorena.
Sookie Stackhouse: Nice to meet you. I'm Sookie.
Lorena: Hmmm, yes. You're what all the fuss is about.
Sookie Stackhouse: Excuse me?
Lorena: Aren't you a morsel.
Sookie Stackhouse: I'm sorry. Who are you?
Lorena: Well, we have a mutual friend.
Sookie Stackhouse: Bill?
Lorena: Funny, he never mentioned you. I practically made him what he is today.
Bill Compton: [entering the room] Lorena!
Lorena: Oh, hello darling. I was just getting to know your plaything. You always did like to prey on the innocent.
Sookie Stackhouse: Bill, is this your maker?
Bill Compton: She released me years ago. She no longer has any hold over me.
Lorena: Oh I wouldn't say that. We had two marvelous nights in your hotel room.
Sookie Stackhouse: What?
Lorena: Did you know your boyfriend hit me over the head with a fifty-two inch plasma screen television earlier tonight? Everyone always says they're so thin and light. But let me tell you when wielded properly, it's quite a weapon.
Sookie Stackhouse: [to Bill] You did?
Bill Compton: Lorena, you need to leave!
Lorena: [to Sookie] I hope he doesn't pull the same shenanigans with you. There's no excuse for domestic violence.
Bill Compton: What she has failed to mention is that she was holding me prisoner!
Lorena: [almost laughing] Cha! We were catchin' up, is all.

Lorena: [crying] I don't know how it got this way. I can't help that I still love you. You know I do. But now it has become a constant humiliation.
Bill Compton: The pain you suffer you have inflicted upon yourself.
Lorena: When will we see each other again?
Bill Compton: Never.
Lorena: We're immortal. Our paths are bound to cross eventually.

[Jason has just awkwardly hugged Bill]
Jason Stackhouse: Was that all right for you?
Bill Compton: [He is noticeably uncomfortable but still tries to be polite] It was fine.

"True Blood: Sparks Fly Out (#1.5)" (2008)
Bill Compton: We've have had a difficult relationship with law enforcement for many years.

Bill Compton: A fresh corpse full of blood, Detective, that's something no vampire could resist.

Lorena: [taking him back home for a last look at his family] You know you can never enter. Do you wish to see them grow old, grow feeble and die while you remain the same year after year?
Bill Compton: [beseeching as tears of blood start] They are my family.
Lorena: They are as good as dead if they are found harboring a vampire. I've brought you here, and now it's time for us to go. Come.

Bill Compton: Sookie, you cannot be frightened of everythin' you don't know in this world.
Sookie Stackhouse: Well my world's openin' up mighty fast! And what I got here may be boring, but it's safe! And after the past couple of nights, safe sounds pretty good about now.

Sam Merlotte: [wrapping his arm tighter around Sookie] Well, we better get going. We're gonna grab a cup of coffee before we call it a night.
Bill Compton: Coffee? Sounds delightful.

Tolliver Humphries: My great-grandfather was in the 28th. I wonder if you might have known him. His name was Tolliver Humphries.
Bill Compton: Tolliver Humphries. Yes, I knew him very well. We fought together. Tolliver Humphries was my friend. He was a brave man, perhaps to a fault. I dare say it contributed to his death.
Tolliver Humphries: What happened? Were you there?
Bill Compton: I was.
[flashes back to a battle field with wounded and dying men]
Bill Compton: We were about twenty miles north of where I stand now. The federals outnumbered us 5 to 1 and they had better fire power as well. We spent much of the afternoon recovering the bodies of those we'd lost. There was a boy in our troop, no more than 13 or 14, who lay wounded in the middle of a field under poor cover. He called to us all day. He begged us to help him. He knew he would die if we didn't. I admit I had considered shooting the boy myself just to shup him up. But Tolliver convinced me that would be an act of murder, not war. He told me God wanted him to rescue that boy. I pleaded with him not to go. To think of his own wife and children back home. But he ran into that field like it was a cool spring day. They shot him just as he reached the boy. It was obvious to us that he was beyond help.

Bill Compton: [awakens, very weak and looks around seeing 2 bodies] The others?
Lorena: [meakly] They all presented themselves as gentlemen. Blame the war if you like. They proved to be no more than savages once I let them into my home. They deserved no better.
Bill Compton: Am I dying?
Lorena: Oh, yes. But I'm not keen to let you go quite so easily. I've waited a long time for a man such as you.
[straddles his waist and cuts her neck]
Lorena: Drink. If you do not drink, you will die as certain as I am speakin' to you right now. Do you wish to see your family again? Your wife, your children? You must drink from me.
[Bill drinks with reluctance]
Lorena: Take me in you. Feel me in you. We are together, William. Forever! You are mine!

Bill Compton: [flashback] Is there anyone inside? I require help. I'm a soldier of the 28th Louisiana infrantry. I require food and water. Is there anyone who can help me?
[cuts the door open and enters]
Lorena: [holding a gun to his head] Do not move. I will shoot you!
[scene flash forwards to a warm dinning area]
Lorena: I wasn't even aware we surrendered.
Bill Compton: Word came two weeks ago. We disbanded immediately. Most of the men marched back to Monroe. But I chose to take a short cut home by-by way of these trails. I over estimated my knowledge of the land.
Lorena: You're not far off. The lake is 10 miles southwest of here and Bon Temps is 10 miles south of that. My husband was in the 13th infantry, under Colonel Gibbson. He fought at Shiloh. He used to write to me every few weeks. But I haven't heard from him in nearly seven months.
Bill Compton: Many of the postal routes have been disrupted. I'm sure your letter simply got lost.
Lorena: That's kind of you. But I've considered myself a widow for sometime now. You still have quite a lot of blood on you. You're a lucky man, Lieutenant. I doubt you would've survived another day without food.
Bill Compton: I'm in debt to you for taking pity on me.
Lorena: I think, for your sake, you best spend the night here, with me.
[tries to kiss him]
Bill Compton: [rising suddenly] I'm sorry. I apologize if I misled you. But I have a wife and two small children waitin' for me. And if Bon Temps is as close as you say it is, then I'll see them soon and I do not wish to sully our reunion.
Lorena: You are an honorable man. The others have not always been so.
Bill Compton: [surprised] There's been others?
Lorena: From time to time. Deserters mostly. I offered them a crust of bread and a place to rest, and they would help appease my loneliness. It may not be moral, Lieutenant. But these are times of war.
Bill Compton: I do not judge you. Your choices are your own, as are mine. I wish to continue on my way home. You have my gratitude for your hospitality. I will not soon forget it.
[he turns to leave as she appears at the door, biting him]

"True Blood: Strange Love (#1.1)" (2008)
Bill Compton: You want to drink the blood they collected?
Sookie Stackhouse: [disgusted] No!
Bill Compton: I understand it makes humans feel more healthy. Improves their sex life.
Sookie Stackhouse: I'm as healthy as a horse, and I have no sex life to speak of, so... you can just keep it.
Bill Compton: You could always sell it.
Sookie Stackhouse: I wouldn't touch it.
Bill Compton: [leans in close] What are you?
Sookie Stackhouse: Well, I-I'm-I'm Sookie Stackhouse, and I'm a waitress. What's your name?
Bill Compton: Bill.
Sookie Stackhouse: [giggles] Bill? I thought it might be Antoine, or Basil, or-or-or like Langford, maybe. But, Bill? Vampire Bill!

Sookie Stackhouse: I never thought I would be having sex with you. At least, not so fast.
Bill Compton: [flashes his fangs] Who said anything about sex?
[Sookie wakes up from her dream]

Bill Compton: [leaning in close] Do you realize that every person in this establishment is staring at us right now?
Sookie Stackhouse: [shyly] Oh, their just staring at me because my brother is in some kind of trouble with the police. Bill, did you know Maudette Pickens?
Bill Compton: I did not. They are staring at us because I am a vampire and you... are mortal.
Sookie Stackhouse: Well, who cares what they think?
Bill Compton: Well, I want to make this town my home, so... I do.

Sookie Stackhouse: [after chasing off the Rattrays] Oh, bless your heart. I am so sorry I didn't get here faster. You'll be okay in a minute, right?... Do you want me to leave?
Bill Compton: No. They might come back and I can't fight yet.
Sookie Stackhouse: [a dog begins to bark and runs up to Sookie, licking her face] Oh! Hey, there, dog.
Bill Compton: He's checkin' on you.
Sookie Stackhouse: That's just some old dog that hangs around the bar sometimes. He must live nearby.
Bill Compton: [still staring at her] Oh, no doubt.
Sookie Stackhouse: [goes to remove the plastic tubing on his arm, and he quickly pulls his arm away] I reckon you're not too happy about being rescued by a woman.
Bill Compton: Thank you.
Sookie Stackhouse: [trys to read him] I can't hear you.
Bill Compton: [louder] Thank you.
Sookie Stackhouse: [kneels down and holds his head between her hands] No, no, no. I can hear you, but I can't... Oh, my stars.

Bill Compton: May I call on you sometime?
Sookie Stackhouse: Call on me?
Bill Compton: Um... may I come and visit with you at your home?
Sookie Stackhouse: Sure. My grandmother would love to meet you. Oh! That reminds me. Can I talk to you after work? I have a favor to ask you.
Bill Compton: Of course. After all, I am in your debt.
Sookie Stackhouse: Not a favor for me, for my grandmother. If, if you'll be up... well, I guess you will be. Would you mind meetin' me around the back of the bar when I get off at... probably around 1:30?
Bill Compton: I'd be delighted.

Sookie Stackhouse: Your hand is cool.
Bill Compton: Yes. Uh, I'm afraid I'm not as warm as the men that you must be accustomed to.
Sookie Stackhouse: What men?
Sookie Stackhouse: So, what can I get for you tonight?
Bill Compton: What are you?
Sookie Stackhouse: I told you. I'm a waitress.
Bill Compton: No. You're something more than that. You're something more than human.
Sookie Stackhouse: [giggles] I beg your pardon?
Bill Compton: Sookie... that's an unusual name, Sookie. Is it short for something else?
Sookie Stackhouse: Nope. Just... just plain Sookie.

Sookie Stackhouse: What can I get for you tonight?
Bill Compton: Do you have any of that synthetic bottled blood?
Sookie Stackhouse: No, I'm-I'm so sorry. Sam got some a year ago, but nobody ever ordered it, so it went bad. You're our first.
Sookie Stackhouse: Vampire.
Bill Compton: Am I that obvious?
Sookie Stackhouse: I knew the minute you came in. I can't believe nobody else around here seems to.
Bill Compton: [referring to Sam] He does.
[Sam is looking at Sookie and Bill]
Sookie Stackhouse: Oh, don't worry about Sam, he's cool. I know for a fact he supports the Vampire Rights Amendment.
Bill Compton: How progressive of him.
Sookie Stackhouse: Well, anything else you drink?
Bill Compton: Actually, no. But you can get me a glass of red wine, so I have a reason to be here.
Sookie Stackhouse: Well, whatever the reason, I'm glad you are!

Bill Compton: Aren't you afraid to be out here alone with a hungry vampire?
Sookie Stackhouse: No.
Bill Compton: Vampires often turn on those who trust them, you know. We don't have human values like you.
Sookie Stackhouse: A lot of humans turn on those who trust them, too.
[wraps silver chain around her neck]
Sookie Stackhouse: I'm not a total fool.
Bill Compton: Oh, but you have other very juicy arteries. There is one in the groin that's a particular favorite of mine.
Sookie Stackhouse: Hey, you just shut your nasty mouth, mister! You might be a vampire, but when you talk to me, you will talk to me like the lady that I am!

"True Blood: Plaisir d'amour (#1.9)" (2008)
Eric Northman: You killed a vampire, Bill. For a human. What are we gonna do about this?
Bill Compton: What do you have in mind?
Eric Northman: I'll take the girl.
Bill Compton: No!
[long pause]
Bill Compton: You can have anyone you want. Why do you want her?
Eric Northman: Why do *you* want her? You're not in love with her, are you?
Bill Compton: [incensed] Sookie must be protected.
Eric Northman: Now, that sounds like an edict. But it couldn't be, because I would know about that. Admit it. You love her.
Bill Compton: If I hadn't done what I did, would you have let his disloyalty stand?
Eric Northman: Whatever I did to Long Shadow I would not have done in front of witnesses. Especially not vampire witnesses. Not smart, Bill. Not smart at all.

Sookie Stackhouse: [worried] So, you're not in any trouble?
Bill Compton: A simple slap on the wrist. That's all.
Sookie Stackhouse: You swear? Because Pam made it sound...
Bill Compton: Pam was turned almost a hundred years ago, and yet somehow still behaves as though every day were Halloween. She's all drama and theatrics. I assure you, everything's going to be fine.

Bill Compton: [in bed with Sookie after finding the cat dead] Aren't you tired?
Sookie Stackhouse: Everytime I close my eyes, I see her face.
Bill Compton: Your cat?
Sookie Stackhouse: Gran. But now that you mention it, Tina's in there too.
Bill Compton: You do know that I'm not gonna let anything happen to you. That I am here for you, to protect you.
Sookie Stackhouse: What if I don't wanna need to be protected? What if wanting to be protected makes me feel like the helpless little girl I used to be all over again?
Bill Compton: Sookie... all of the things that you need to be protected from, all of the trouble you're in, you are in because of me. So, you needing to be protected has nothing to do with you or who you are. All of it is my fault. So why don't you just go to sleep and let me be the one to worry about it.
Sookie Stackhouse: Bill, all the trouble I'm in, it's mine. I chose it. I chose it when I chose you.
Bill Compton: Yes, but...
Sookie Stackhouse: Don't you think I wanna blame somebody else? But what happened to my Gran, and now to poor Tina, it's my fault. And it's sweet of you to try to take it on from me, but if I let you, I'd be so mad at you, I'd never be able to look at you again. And right now your face is just about the only thing getting me by. So why don't we just leave it on me, okay?
Bill Compton: [pause, accepting] Very well.
Sookie Stackhouse: Night Bill.

Bill Compton: [as Eric enters his home] I take it by your being here, there was no way around it then?
Eric Northman: I can't really say. Didn't exactly look into it.

Chow: What's your game?
Bill Compton: Excuse me?
Chow: You were playing Wii. What's your game?
Bill Compton: Golf.
Chow: What's your best score on Pebble Beach?
Bill Compton: Seven under.
Chow: Mine's eleven under.
Bill Compton: [deadpan, to Eric] I liked Long Shadow better.

Bill Compton: Try to behave yourself.
Eric Northman: Don't I always?

Bill Compton: Sookie hates feeling like she doesn't have her independence.

"True Blood: Never Let Me Go (#2.5)" (2009)
Bill Compton: [about her menu-ordered blood donor] Jessica, we discussed this.
Jessica Hamby: All I did was order him off the menu. You didn't say not to order off the menu.
Bill Compton: I would no more allow you to feed on that young man than to watch pornography on television!

Bill Compton: [waking up as she comes back to bed] I dreamed you were gone.
Sookie Stackhouse: You did?... That's funny, 'cause I was.
Bill Compton: [chiding] Sookie...
Sookie Stackhouse: It was only for a few minutes. I had to. Bill, it's the most amazin' thing. I met another telepath and he's not a vampire or very good at it. Oh, it's wonderful knowin' there's somebody besides me.
Bill Compton: You made him aware of your gift after everything I've said?
Sookie Stackhouse: Not on purpose. We were in each other's heads before we knew it. I thought you'd be happy for me.
Bill Compton: The more people know what you do, the harder it is for me to protect you.
Sookie Stackhouse: [about Barry] He can't even admit what he is to himself. He's not gonna do any talkin' about it.
Bill Compton: You can't be sure.
Sookie Stackhouse: Yes, I can. I'm good at this. Look, if all we're supposed to do in Dallas is shut up and take orders, I might as well be slingin' beers at Merlotte's. You're the one who told me I was more than a waitress.
Bill Compton: You are. But...
Sookie Stackhouse: What?
Bill Compton: Never mind.
Sookie Stackhouse: Talk to me. Lean on me. I've leaned on you plenty.
Bill Compton: Well, here I am responsible for you and Jessica. Yet no decisions are mine. It makes me feel...
Sookie Stackhouse: Like a human?
Bill Compton: Like a waitress.
Sookie Stackhouse: You're walkin' in my shoes and it's givin' you blisters.
Bill Compton: Eric is strangely intent about all this. It's not like him. I don't trust it.
Sookie Stackhouse: Don't you worry about Eric. We'll do the job and go home. A deal's a deal.
Bill Compton: Sookie, you know what he's like. It's not like him to break a contract with a girl.
Sookie Stackhouse: A woman... he needs me. He won't wanna make me mad.
Bill Compton: ...I can't lose you.
Sookie Stackhouse: You never will.

Stan: You should have told me Eric hired a fuckin' human, Isabel.
Sookie Stackhouse: Now wait just a minute.
Bill Compton: [about Sookie] Respect her!
Isabel: [to Stan] I couldn't tell you, Stan. You've been off on your own for days.
Eric Northman: Are you certain Godric was abducted by the Fellowship of the Sun?
Isabel: No!
Stan: Yes! They're the only ones with the organization and man-power.
Isabel: But they're amateurs. It doesn't make any sense. This is Godric we're talking about. Two thousand years old.
Stan: Old don't make you smart.
Isabel: Besides there's not proof.
Sookie Stackhouse: If they've got him, I'll hear it. That's my job.
Stan: There's not reason to wait. We need to take these fanatics down. Full out attack. Exterminate them like the vermin they are.
Isabel: [angrily sarcastic] Hmm, vampire hating church annihilated. Wonder who did it? Fucking brilliant!
Bill Compton: I doubt the king of Texas would approve of the destruction of our international political agenda.
Stan: Fuck that. The great revelation is the biggest mistake we ever made.
Isabel: Don't use Godric to make your own little power play.
Stan: You're completely incompetent!
Eric Northman: [almost yelling] What's happened to Godric that he surrounds himself with clowns?
Isabel: We invited you as a courtesy. This is not you territory. You have no voice here.
Stan: Yeah, sheriff. Why don't you run back on down to Louisiana. We don't need you or your puppets.
Eric Northman: I'm not going anywhere.
Sookie Stackhouse: I'm nobody's puppet!
Stan: I have a plan.
Isabel: It's not a plan. It's a movie!

Bill Compton: [about Sookie] You're playin' with her life.
Eric Northman: It's not game to me.
Bill Compton: All this for a colleague. For the sheriff of Area 9, why?

Bill Compton: [about the other vamps] You saw them in the lair tonight. Despicable, vicious, petty creatures.
Sookie Stackhouse: You're different. You're not like them. No, you're not. You have a heart, whether it beats or not. There wasn't one vampire there who could say the same.

[Jessica has fed on a human despite orders not to. Bill just chewed her out for it]
Bill Compton: To your room, please. Tru Blood.
Jessica Hamby: [Stomps off annoyed] You are going to be *so* sorry when I get an eatin' disorder!

"True Blood: To Love Is to Bury (#1.11)" (2008)
Bill Compton: Jessica, stop!
Jessica: No!
Bill Compton: Stop!
[pulls her down on a rock]
Jessica: Why?
Bill Compton: Because we need to talk.
Jessica: [without caring for what Bill's saying] Why?
Bill Compton: Because there are things you must learn.
Jessica: Why?
Bill Compton: Because you are no longer human.
Jessica: Why?
Bill Compton: Because, as I've been trying to explain to you at length, you have been made vampire!
Jessica: [suddenly scared] Why?
Bill Compton: Because you were unlucky. Because life and death are unfair. Because of me.

Bill Compton: [while he is digging a grave for Jessica, to Pam] Would you leave her alone!
Pam: It's your own fault. You and your insane affection for stupid cows.
Bill Compton: Just go away!
Pam: I wouldn't be here if the magister could trust you.
Bill Compton: I fulfilled the conditions of my sentence! I murdered this innocent girl.
Pam: There was no murder. You drained her blood and gave her yours.
Bill Compton: I've proven my loyalty!
Pam: Yes. But you're romantic, you're sentimental. You just might do something to keep the little blood bag from joinin' our ranks. I'll follow my orders. I won't let you stake her before she goes to ground.
Bill Compton: I'm not gonna stake her. I'm gonna set her free.
Pam: You've already set her free. The same as Eric freed me.
Bill Compton: Everyone she's ever known will recoil from her. Everything she's ever loved has been stolen from her.
Pam: Oh, please! There's no comparison. You've given that pathetic lump of temporary flesh...
Bill Compton: Jessica!
Pam: The ultimate gift. You're a maker. You're a hero.
Bill Compton: I find myself doubting whether you were ever truly human.
Pam: [smiling] Thank you.

Bill Compton: [to Jessica] You drank from me. Your blood was replaced with mine. And then I shared my essence with you when we slept together in the ground.

Sookie Stackhouse: I rescind your invitation!
Bill Compton: [crushed] Sookie, don't. Please... Sookie. Please.

Eric Northman: [at Fangtasia, about Jessica] She's your punishment, not mine. What am I supposed to do with her?
Jessica: Excuse me! I can hear you, mister rude! I wanna go to the bar. I wanna be one of those dancers. I'm hungry.
Bill Compton: She won't listen to me! It will take more time than I have to teach her obedience.
Jessica: I don't obey anybody! Those days are over.
Eric Northman: Can't handle one little girl, Bill? New ones can be like this. Man up, my friend. She's not even one night old.
Bill Compton: That is not the issue!
Eric Northman: [to Jessica] You want to stay with you maker, don't you?
Jessica: No, he's a dick! Dick, dick, dick.
[Eric chuckles]
Jessica: You're cute. Can I sit in your lap?
Eric Northman: No.
Jessica: [whining] Why? Nobody let's me have any fun. Fuckers!
Eric Northman: Sit down and shut up! Close the door.
[turning to Bill]
Eric Northman: See, you have to be tough with them or they'll walk all over you.
Bill Compton: I am well aware of that. But you see how she is and there are urgent matters to which I must attend!
Eric Northman: Sookie Stackhouse? Haven't you done enough for her?
Bill Compton: If any harm were to come to her because of my absense, you would be...
Eric Northman: [leaning in intensely] What?
Bill Compton: Without her helpful skills.
Jessica: Let me out! I wanna do something bad!
Bill Compton: I would be in your debt. I would return the favor.
Eric Northman: Oh yes, you will. You most definitely will.

Pam: You're a maker, you're a hero.
Bill Compton: I find myself doubting whether you were ever truly human.
Pam: Thank you.

"True Blood: Frenzy (#2.11)" (2009)
Bill Compton: [watching Sophie-Anne feed on her female slave Hadley's thighs] Uh... is this a bad time?
Sophie-Anne: [straightening] Bad time? There's no such thing as bad or time for that matter. Wanna join me?

Sophie-Anne: What gives you the right to say "no" to the femoral blood of a good human woman? You know what your problem is, William? You're a snob. I hate snobs. I also hate tiny, tiny souls... or penises.
[to Hadley]
Sophie-Anne: Get out.
[to Bill]
Sophie-Anne: Have you eaten?
Bill Compton: Not tonight, but...
Sophie-Anne: I have several new members at court. A Latvian boy. Has to be tasted to be believed. Not polluted like most humans. Just exactly the way they use to taste just after I was turned. Before the Industrial Revolution fucked everything to hell. Should I summon him?
Bill Compton: [slightly chagrined] No, thank you. There are pressing matters at hand that I need your help with. I need to know how to kill a maenad.
Sophie-Anne: A maenad, in Bon Temps? That's random.
Bill Compton: Yes. She seems to have caused some sort of mass hypnosis. The whole town has devolved to a primitive state in a matter of days.
Sophie-Anne: Oh my. She's an old one. Well, they're all old. Relics.
Bill Compton: Ancient Greece, correct?
Sophie-Anne: Before that even. Orgies, sacrifice?
Bill Compton: Yes.
Sophie-Anne: Cannibalism?
Bill Compton: We suspect.
Sophie-Anne: Oh, finally!
Bill Compton: So, how do I kill it?
Sophie-Anne: You can't. She's convinced herself she's immortal and so she is... William surly you know everything that exists imagined itself into existence.
Bill Compton: Umm... I'm not entirely familiar with that theory, no.
Sophie-Anne: [musing] Well, think about it. Imagine that you're a wild young girl who's married to some jerk who treats you like property and is also fucking some 14-year-old boy. And along comes this religion which encourages you to get hammered, run naked through the woods, have sex with who ever, what ever, and it's all part of getting closer to God?
Bill Compton: I can see how that would have it's appeal, especially to humans with their tendencies towards puritanism.
Sophie-Anne: Exactly! So you're fucking everybody in the dirt, why not kill something and eat it raw? Hey, you're super pious. There's nothing you can't do and each time you do, it brings you one step closer to the divine.
Bill Compton: Isn't that delusional?
Sophie-Anne: Never under-estimate the power of blind faith. It manifests in ways that bend the laws of physics or breaks them entirely.

Sophie-Anne: Maenads are sad, silly things... the world changed centuries ago and they're still waiting for the God who comes.
Bill Compton: Does 'he' ever come?
Sophie-Anne: Of course not. Gods never actually show up, they only exist in humans' minds, like money and morality.
Bill Compton: If I can't kill her, how do I get her to leave Bon Temps?
Sophie-Anne: She has to believe she successfully summoned forth Dionysus in hope he will ravage her and quite literally devour her until she is lost into oblivion.
Bill Compton: So she seeks death? The true death. The only thing she has evolved beyond.
Sophie-Anne: You know they're really not that smart, these maenads.
Bill Compton: So how does she summon this non-existent god of hers?
Sophie-Anne: I never said he was non-existent. I just said he never comes. She believes if she finds the perfect vessel, sacrifices and devours part of him or her, plus surrounded by the magic of her familiars then her mad god will appear. At that point when she willingly surrenders herself to him...
Bill Compton: That's the only point she can be killed.

Bill Compton: [as he leaves the Queen's house] What are you doing here?
Eric Northman: Hopin' the Queen knows how to kick some maenad's ass.
Bill Compton: [skeptical] Now why would you do that? So that you look like a hero to Sookie?
Eric Northman: [smoothing his hair] Oh Billy, this paranoia is really quite unbecoming. Has she, uh, mentioned me?
Bill Compton: No. That was really quite desperate of you. Tricking her into drinking your blood, so that she'd become attracted to you.
Eric Northman: Unlike you, who fed her your own blood the very night you met.
Bill Compton: How do you know that?
Eric Northman: So you're not denying it.
Bill Compton: I was saving her life.
Eric Northman: Isn't that convenient.
Bill Compton: You stay away from Sookie, Eric or I will tell the Queen you are forcing humans to sell vampire blood for you.
Eric Northman: [ominous] You wouldn't.
Bill Compton: I won't... as long as you never come close to Sookie ever again.
Eric Northman: I don't like threats, Bill.
Bill Compton: Neither do I.
[walks away]

Ludis: I can have the sex with you!
Bill Compton: That will not be necessary.

Sophie-Anne Leclerq: Have you eaten?
Bill Compton: Not tonight, but...
Sophie-Anne Leclerq: I have several new members of court. A Latvian boy. Has to be tasted to be believed. Not polluted like most humans. Tastes exactly the way they used to taste just after I was turned. Before the Industrial Revolution f****d everything to hell. Should I summon him?
Bill Compton: No, thank you.

"True Blood: Beyond Here Lies Nothin' (#2.12)" (2009)
Bill Compton: [producing Sam] Maenad! I have your sacrifice!

Bill Compton: You've heard there's a maenad in our midst?
Sam Merlotte: I'm familiar.
Bill Compton: You are aware she is here because of you.
Sam Merlotte: Something like that.
Bill Compton: I need you and Sookie needs you to make this right.
Sam Merlotte: If I thought it was as easy as givin' myself up to Maryann, I'd have done that by now, and what's to say she's gonna stop at me? Killers just don't suddenly quit killin'. You oughta know that.
Bill Compton: And standing by idly is not an option either. You must come with me.
Sam Merlotte: Oh, I'm not sure I wanna be doing that.
Bill Compton: I'm not sure I'm giving you a choice.

Bill Compton: I wanted to thank you for trusting me with your life. It couldn't have been easy.
Sam Merlotte: Sookie's safe. You got what you wanted.
Bill Compton: You wanted it too.
Sam Merlotte: Well, she's family, but they all are. If there was a way to save 'em, I'm not gonna say 'no'.
Bill Compton: I am grateful you would reveal your gift for the sake of the town.
Sam Merlotte: It took me this long to realize you suffer a lot longer hidin' something than if you face up to it.

Bill Compton: [to Sookie] I love nothing more than to see you happy. It's really quite selfish.

Sookie Stackhouse: [finishing her dessert] It's a good thing you don't eat, 'cause I wouldn't share it with anyone. I think of a better way to top off the best meal of my life.
Bill Compton: I do have one last thing.
[hands her an envelope]
Sookie Stackhouse: [opening it] Plane tickets?... Where's Burlington?
Bill Compton: It's in Vermont.
Sookie Stackhouse: Why would we...
Bill Compton: Here's the other part.
[takes out a jewel box and pushes it to her hands. She opens it to find a diamond ring]
Bill Compton: Ms. Stackhouse, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife? That is assuming last night did not scare you off weddings for good.
[as she says nothing]
Bill Compton: Sookie, say something.
Sookie Stackhouse: [tearing up] I've dreamed of this since I was a little girl... In my dreams I always say 'yes'.
Bill Compton: Than it ought to be easy.
Sookie Stackhouse: Then why can't I say it? My heart's flying around in my chest. I can't even think straight. My life's inside out. With all that's happened I'm not sure about anything. I don't even know if I'm human!
Bill Compton: What?
Sookie Stackhouse: Maybe I am some kind of freak. I've only met one other person in the world like me and who even knows where he is? And what happens when I grow old and weak and you're still the same, what then?
Bill Compton: Sookie, I don't care about any of that. I want you just as you are.
Sookie Stackhouse: But I'm not even sure what I am!
Bill Compton: Are you saying no?
Sookie Stackhouse: No, I'm saying... I don't know what I'm saying. I need a minute to clean myself up. I'm sorry.
[leaves the table]

Sookie Stackhouse: How long before sunrise?
Bill Compton: Forty one minutes.
Sookie Stackhouse: Hold me for forty?

"True Blood: Nothing But the Blood (#2.1)" (2009)
Jessica Hamby: Ooh, can I have one of those?
[Jessica looks at Bill's cell phone]
Bill Compton: No.

Bill Compton: [to Jessica] Your bed-time will be at 4 a.m. and not a minute later. And whilst you're under my roof, hunting is completely forbidden.
Jessica Hamby: [snapping] Like I'd know where to find people in the bum-fucked town! Are we even in a town?

Sookie Stackhouse: [to Bill about Jessica] You killed her?
Bill Compton: Not entirely. No.
Sookie Stackhouse: Well you obviously did something to this... this...
[to Jessica]
Sookie Stackhouse: How old are you?
Jessica Hamby: Seventeen.
Sookie Stackhouse: Oh my god. Where your parents?
Jessica Hamby: [to Bill] Is she always like this?
Sookie Stackhouse: [to Bill] So what then? You bit her?
Bill Compton: Yes.
Sookie Stackhouse: You drained her?
Bill Compton: Yes.
Sookie Stackhouse: Did you have sex with her?
Bill Compton: No!
Jessica Hamby: Eww! Gross!
Bill Compton: Jessica was brought to me as a condition of my punishment. I had to create a vampire as reparation for the one I destroyed to save you.
Jessica Hamby: [to Sookie] So this is all your fault?

Bill Compton: [about Jessica] We can't turn her out. Not yet. She a very young vampire. At her age, with her impulses, she could be quite dangerous.
Sookie Stackhouse: Where has she been tonight?
Bill Compton: Here with me and before that with with Eric and Pam.
Sookie Stackhouse: So there's no way she could have anything to do with that woman at Merlotte's with her heart missing?
Bill Compton: No!... probably not.
Sookie Stackhouse: [baffled] Two weeks and you never said anything. We've laid in bed for hours talking about my life, your life, the weather, and rules of football. And not once did you mention that you slept with and killed...
Bill Compton: I did not!
Sookie Stackhouse: ...a seventeen year old girl.
Bill Compton: Sookie, for a century and a half, I never turned a human... because I couldn't bare to inflict the suffering I felt when I was turned. The pain of that is not an easy thing to share.
Sookie Stackhouse: If I'm with you and she's with, then she's with me. And I'm sure as heck sharing in that.
Bill Compton: If I with held anything, it was only to protect you.
Sookie Stackhouse: And if she stayed with Eric, I still wouldn't know. Would I? That's not protecting me. That's lying to me. How am I supposed to ever trust you if you keep something like that from me? What else are you keeping from me?
Bill Compton: ...Nothing.
Sookie Stackhouse: I can't stay... not tonight.
Bill Compton: Sookie?
Sookie Stackhouse: I've shared every dark, horrible corner of my life with you. What makes you think I couldn't handle every bit of yours?

Bill Compton: [to Jessica] Two-thirds of new vampires never survive the first year.

Sookie Stackhouse: Jess, I feel like we got off to a bad start and it is totally my fault. I never got to hear your side of things, find out what you're like. None of that. Can you forgive me?
Jessica Hamby: [skeptical] You really wanna get to know me?
Sookie Stackhouse: Of course I do. You deserve that and frankly, I'm curious about you. I've just got one huge favor to ask. Give me tonight with my boyfriend and we'll have all night tomorrow to ourselves. Just us girls.
Jessica Hamby: Sure. I mean I guess I got nothing but time now, right?
Sookie Stackhouse: [as Jessica leaves] Good night.
Bill Compton: Must say I'm impressed. It's almost like you glamoured her.
Sookie Stackhouse: Did you have anything to do with Uncle Bartlett's death?
Bill Compton: ...He hurt you.
Sookie Stackhouse: [stunned] Oh my god. Is it that easy for you to kill? Does human life mean so little, you can just kill on command? Toss someone in the water? I can't have people dyin' every time I confide in you. I never felt more inhuman than when I had to kill Rene. It still haunts me and now you're made me feel like I killed another person. I feel sick... I always thought as different as we are, some how we can still be together. And now I don't know. I don't know anything...
[almost crying]
Sookie Stackhouse: Please says something, Bill.
[walking away]
Bill Compton: [catching her at the door] Sookie... I cannot and I will not lose you. For all the ways I have dismayed, aggrieved or failed you, I swear I will atone. But I am not sorry. I refuse to apologize for what you have awakened in me. You, you are my miracle, Sookie. For the first time in a hundred and forty years, I felt something I thought had been lost to me forever... I love you.
Sookie Stackhouse: [crying] God damn it, Bill Compton. I love you.

"True Blood: I Will Rise Up (#2.9)" (2009)
Bill Compton: It doesn't matter if we ever meet again. You may be immortal, Lorena. But you are dead to me.
Lorena: [tearfully before leaving] I wish you hadn't said that.

Bill Compton: [searching inside the bombed home] Sookie! Sookie!
Sookie Stackhouse: [on the floor, under Eric] Bill?
Eric Northman: [weakly] I covered her. She's only stunned. Get the humans.

Bill Compton: [to Sookie as she helps Eric] What are you doing?
Sookie Stackhouse: [spitting out a bullet] I sucked silver out of Eric's chest to save his life, even though I really didn't want to.
Eric Northman: ...She was superb.
Bill Compton: Eric was in no danger.
Sookie Stackhouse: W-what?
Eric Northman: A tiny falsehood.
Bill Compton: He was already healing. The bullets would've pushed themselves out. This way he's... forced you to drink his blood.
Sookie Stackhouse: No! No! No!
[getting to her feet]
Bill Compton: You're connected. He'll be able to sense your emotions.
Sookie Stackhouse: [to Eric] You big lying a-hole.
Eric Northman: Bill, I think you're right. I think I can sense her emotions... sweet.
Sookie Stackhouse: [to Eric] I'll never do anything for you again! Monster!
Bill Compton: [to Sookie] It's not your fault.
Eric Northman: I think I'm gonna cry.

Sookie Stackhouse: [coming from the bathroom] I could kick myself. I'm so stupid! I wasn't thinkin'.
Bill Compton: [about Eric] He did take bullets for you. At least we both came out alive.
Sookie Stackhouse: I know better than to believe one word outta that man's mouth. I sucked his chest! What is wrong with me?
Bill Compton: Eric has had a thousand years pratice at deceit... He lied to prove his power to me. He counted on your goodness. There's no shame in that.
Sookie Stackhouse: But his blood, Bill. I tried to spit it all out. But some of it musta gone down.
Bill Compton: It only takes a drop or two.
Sookie Stackhouse: He'll always know where I am and how I feel. Always. That's worst of all.
Bill Compton: No, not the worst.
Sookie Stackhouse: What do you mean?
Bill Compton: Don't be surprised if you... feel some... attraction to him. Sexual.
Sookie Stackhouse: [detest] To Eric? That's impossible. I-I can't stand him.
Bill Compton: It is possible. Another consequence of the blood. Woulda happened sooner or later. He was determined to form this bond with you.
Sookie Stackhouse: I could kill him.
Bill Compton: I concur.

Sookie Stackhouse: I'm going to find Godric.
Bill Compton: None of this has anything to do with us. Godric is not your concern.
Sookie Stackhouse: If it weren't for him I wouldn't be standing here. He's in pain. He's suffering. I gotta do something.
Bill Compton: Don't you think we've done enough for Dallas?
Sookie Stackhouse: You of all people should understand how he feels. What if it were you, Bill? What if in eighteen hundred years, you were Godric?

Bill Compton: What are you doin'?
Sookie Stackhouse: I sucked silver out of Eric's chest and saved his life even though I *really* didn't want to.
Eric Northman: She was superb.
Bill Compton: ...Eric was in no danger.
Sookie Stackhouse: He... what?
Eric Northman: A tiny falsehood.
Bill Compton: He was already healing, the bullets would have pushed themselves out. This way he's forced you to drink his blood.
Sookie Stackhouse: [shouts] No... No! No!
Bill Compton: You're connected. He'll be able to sense your emotions.
Sookie Stackhouse: [shouts at Eric] you big lying A-hole!
Eric Northman: Bill, you're right, I believe I can sense her emotions.

"True Blood: It Hurts Me Too (#3.3)" (2010)
[last lines]
Lorena Krasiki: Most impressive. You won the trust of Russell Edgington himself. A bravura performance.
Bill Compton: I don't care what you believe. My only loyalty is to my king.
Lorena Krasiki: Your only loyalty is to your own sentiment. It's your great failing. A century ago it was to your human wife, now some ridiculous waitress. You'll say anything to save her.
Bill Compton: We can never love humans without bringing suffering upon them. You taught me that. And I will never forgive you for it.
Lorena Krasiki: It's an essential truth. One you refuse to face, because you've clung to the illusion of humanity.
Bill Compton: [grabs her by the neck] You are right! Is that what you wish to hear? You proved it to me once, and now I've learned it again! You have won. You've deprived me of my freedom. My home. My humanity. But I will never, ever love you.
Bill Compton: [Lorena kisses him, he throws her on the bed] Never!
Lorena Krasiki: Yes! Make love to me!
Bill Compton: Never! I will never!
Lorena Krasiki: [Bill rips her clothes off and has sex with her, then twists her head around a full 180 degrees] Oh William, I still love you.

Caroline Compton: [opening the door with a gun trained] Who's there?... Good god in heaven.
Bill Compton: [coming out of the shadows] Caroline, my dearest.
Caroline Compton: The war ended three years ago... I was sure you had parrished.
Bill Compton: I'm home now.
[embracing her]

Russell Edgington: Mr. Compton has accepted a position in my court and therefore keeps nothing from me.
Eric Northman: Oh... You're here of your own accord. Which means...
Bill Compton: Sookie is no longer mine.
Eric Northman: Oh.
Russell Edgington: A king in front of them, a queen behind them, and they're talking about a human girl.
Talbot: [tsking] Men.
Eric Northman: Your Majesty... I confess. I sold the blood at my queen's command and accused Bill to protect her. So, what do I do now? Unless I give the Magister Compton, he'll murder my progeny.
Talbot: Darling, so sad.

Lorena Krasiki: [to Tara, about Bill] You know him?
Tara Thornton: I thought I did.
Bill Compton: [to Russell, about Tara] Why is she here?
Russell Edgington: [to Franklin, bout Tara] Why is she here?
Franklin Mott: She wants to be with me.
Talbot: Hence the restraints.
Franklin Mott: She's mine.
Lorena Krasiki: Relax. Nobody wants her.

Lorena Krasiki: [as they walk down the hall] I'll let you play your little game of hard to get. You're gonna be that much sweeter when you're mine again.
Bill Compton: [disgusted] You know, Russell was right. You're not very smart. You played yourself into a corner, you tiresome cow.
[resoundingly shuts a door in her face]

"True Blood: Burning House of Love (#1.7)" (2008)
Bill Compton: This is where I spend my days.
[Shows Sookie where he sleeps]
Sookie Stackhouse: Does anyone ever get in there with you?
Bill Compton: This is not a place for you.
Sookie Stackhouse: So, we can never sleep beside each other?
Bill Compton: No one else knows where I rest.

Malcolm: [girlishly] You never called me back. Now, if I remembered what feelings were, mine might be hurt.
Diane: [circling Bill] Join our nest, Bill. Forget these blood sacks.
Liam: Yeah. Mainstreaming's for pussies.
Diane: Let's party like we use to, huh? We used to have so much fun.
Bill Compton: [never taking his eyes of Sookie] All right. Let's go.
Sookie Stackhouse: What the hell are you doing?
Bill Compton: I should be with my own.
Sookie Stackhouse: But you're not like them. You're better than they'll ever be.
Bill Compton: I am not human, Sookie. I am vampire.
[leaves with Malcolm and his gang]

Sookie Stackhouse: [surprised as Bill wipes off the mirror] Wait a minute. I thought you were supposed to be invisible in the mirror.
Bill Compton: We started most of the myths about ourselves many centuries ago. If humans thought that we couldn't be seen in a mirror, it was another way for us to prove that we weren't vampires. And that way, we could stay hid.
Sookie Stackhouse: So, what about holy water?
Bill Compton: [splashing bath water] It's just water.
Sookie Stackhouse: Crucifixes?
Bill Compton: Geometry.
Sookie Stackhouse: Garlic?
Bill Compton: It's irritating, but that's pretty much it.
Sookie Stackhouse: [pause, smiling] Wow. I feel a little weak.
Bill Compton: Of course you do. I fed on your blood. You should take some vitamin B-12 to replenish.
Sookie Stackhouse: Will I need to do that everyday?
Bill Compton: If you don't mind, yes. And no garlic.
Sookie Stackhouse: Is it always like this?
Bill Compton: No, it is not.
Sookie Stackhouse: I never thought I'd be able to...
Bill Compton: I am honored that you chose me.

Bill Compton: [pulling her close] You think about whatever you think about. It's okay. You're safe with me.

Uncle Bartlett: [seeing Bill suddenly] I... I don't keep cash in the house.
Bill Compton: Oh, I'm not here for money... I'm here for Sookie.

"True Blood: The Fourth Man in the Fire (#1.8)" (2008)
Sookie Stackhouse: [after they have made love] Doesn't it get old for you? I mean you've been doing it for over a hundred years. Doesn't it get predictable?
Bill Compton: Not with you it doesn't. You're entirely different. And the beauty and the tragedy of it is that you don't know just how different you are.
Sookie Stackhouse: Please tell me if I'm doing something wrong.
Bill Compton: There's nothing more natural than the act of making love. Who am I to try to change what comes naturally to you.
Sookie Stackhouse: But if you could change something...
Bill Compton: I wouldn't change a thing.
Sookie Stackhouse: [pauses] What's it like to sleep in the ground?
Bill Compton: Well, it's not exactly comfortable. But it is safe. Which if I recall is what the three voicemails required of me that night.

Eric Northman: [after Bill has found him in his bathtub, with soft music playing] I texted you three times. Why didn't you reply?
Bill Compton: I hate using the number keys to type. What are you listening to?
Eric Northman: From my younger days. It's really quite beautiful if you know old Swedish. I have a favor to ask of you.
Bill Compton: A favor or an order?
Eric Northman: Depends on how you look at it. Honestly, did you think you could keep her to yourself?

Bill Compton: [arriving at Fangtasia] You said you wanted to go out tonight.
Sookie Stackhouse: [clearly upset] I did not mean Fangtasia! I mean really, all those pathetic people who come here looking for sex with vampires.
Bill Compton: I know. It's despicable.
Sookie Stackhouse: You know what I mean. So what? Five, ten minutes?
Bill Compton: As long as Eric requires us.
Sookie Stackhouse: You mean as long as he requires me! Didn't even have the decency to ask me himself.
Bill Compton: You are mine. He didn't need to ask your permission.
Sookie Stackhouse: He cannot check me out like a library book!
Bill Compton: Unfortunately Sookie, he can. Eric is sheriff of Area 5.
Sookie Stackhouse: Sheriff?
Bill Compton: It's a position of great power among our kind. We do not wanna anger him. As long as the requests are reasonable, we should accede to his wishes.

Sookie Stackhouse: Who wants pizza?
Lisa Fowler: Me!
Coby Fowler: Me!
Sookie Stackhouse: Well, that's good, 'cuz that's what we're having!
Rene Lenier: [to Bill] You can eat pizza?
Bill Compton: Unfortunately, no. But I understand it's delicious.

Lisa Fowler: [as they're eating ice cream] Bill, how come you can't have ice cream?
Bill Compton: You might say that I'm lactose intolerant.
Coby Fowler: Just like my Aunt Fern. 'Cept she don't tolerate Mexicans.

"True Blood: New World in My View (#2.10)" (2009)
Bill Compton: [about Maxine's crazy trance] Does she ever clam down?
Hoyt Fortenberry: Playin' Wii gets her to focus, but I wouldn't call it calm!

Jason Stackhouse: I'm goin' to Merlotte's and find out what the hell's happenin' on my turf!
Bill Compton: Jason, if it is the same creature we think it might be, you don't wanna go any where near it. Trust me.
Jason Stackhouse: Mr. Compton, I ain't about to sit back and let some monster destroy my town.
Sookie Stackhouse: Jason, this would be one of 'those' times to use your head.
Jason Stackhouse: Oh I am. I ain't never been so clear in my whole life. This here, is the war I've been training for.

Maryann Forrester: [catching Bill and Sookie] What are you doing in my house?
Sookie Stackhouse: This is 'not' your house!
Maryann Forrester: [wickedly] It is now.
Bill Compton: [to Maryann] I strongly suggest you remove yourself immediately!
Maryann Forrester: [about Bill] My, you found yourself quite a specimen. Though I dare say there's nothing stopping him from one day leaving you cold.
Sookie Stackhouse: You don't scare me.

Sookie Stackhouse: [driving as Bill retches out the window] Bill?
Bill Compton: [sitting back] I'm alright.
Sookie Stackhouse: No, you are not alright! None of this is alright. I'm callin' Eric!
[as Bill vomits again]
Bill Compton: I will not turn to Eric!
Sookie Stackhouse: I've got to get you to Dr. Ludwig.
Bill Compton: [sitting back again] Sookie, What happened back there? What did you do to her?
Sookie Stackhouse: I don't know. I swear. It was Maryann that attacked me in the woods, even though I don't have a scar. I could feel her there on my back when she was touchin' me.
Bill Compton: I will kill her!
Sookie Stackhouse: Good. How?
Bill Compton: Tara has been under Maryann's influence. Maybe she could be of some help to us.

Sookie Stackhouse: I've know Tara my whole life and every trace of her was gone. Replaced. And here I thought vampires were the only one's who could hypnotize people.
Bill Compton: No offense Sookie, but humans are shockingly susceptible to just about every form of thought manipulation.
Sookie Stackhouse: It's all comin' from Maryann. All of it. She-she eats people's hearts and she wants more. She wants their souls and that chant...
Bill Compton: Chant?
Sookie Stackhouse: Lo lo Bromios, lo lo Dendrites, Eleutherios, Enorches, Bacchus.
Bill Compton: [very serious] Bacchus!
Sookie Stackhouse: Bill... I've seen that look on your face before and I don't like it.
Bill Compton: I read about some ancient creatures many years ago. But I always assumed it was just a myth. But I believe Maryann might be one.
Sookie Stackhouse: What is she and more importantly, how do we kill her?
Bill Compton: I do not know how to defeat her, but I do know one vampire who might.

"True Blood: Shake and Fingerpop (#2.4)" (2009)
Bill Compton: [to Hoyt] Are you gonna leave or am I gonna have to throw you out! Through a window that is closed!
Sookie Stackhouse: Bill, that is just rude!
Bill Compton: Sookie, I've got this.

Hoyt Fortenberry: I wasn't gonna do nothing.
Bill Compton: [about Jessica] It's not her I'm protectin', son.

Bill Compton: We established there was to be no hunting in this house.
Jessica Hamby: I know you feel like shit because you had to make me and you should feel like shit! But guess what? I'd never kissed a boy before that. Meetin' Hoyt is the only good thing that's happened to me since... my whole new life started. No, I'm not ready for any thing to happen to fast. I-I'd been happy just to go on kissin' him all night long... Is it my fault my fangs come out when I get turned on?
[realizes what that means and runs up stairs]
Sookie Stackhouse: I think I'm gonna like her.
Bill Compton: Sookie, do not make the mistake of thinkin' you two can be girlfriends. She is...
Sookie Stackhouse: Yeah, I get it. She's a vampire. Believe me, I learned my lesson about that.

Eric Northman: I admire you,, Bill, it takes a real vampire to admit he cannot protect his human.
Bill Compton: And it takes a true monster to not care about anyone or anything other than himself.
Eric Northman: I care about others.
Bill Compton: You care about Godric. You had no obligations to Dallas or Texas. This is personal for you, why?

Bill Compton: Why this allegiance to Godric?
Eric Northman: He is much beloved by his subjects.
Bill Compton: Only kings and queens have subjects Eric. Not Sheriffs.
Eric Northman: Godric could have been king of Texas had he wanted. He could have been king of any vampire territory anywhere. He is twice as old as I am and very powerful. There are none above him in the new world.
Bill Compton: Well if he's so powerful, how could they abduct him?
Eric Northman: Now that is what worries me. If one such as he can ben taken by humans, then none of us are safe.

"True Blood: Keep This Party Going (#2.2)" (2009)
Sookie Stackhouse: Another first.
Bill Compton: How do you mean?
Sookie Stackhouse: We've never had 'make up' sex before.
Bill Compton: How does it compare to 'you thought I was dead' sex?
Sookie Stackhouse: That was pretty great too, but I wouldn't want to go through that again. I hated feeling like I'd lost you.
Bill Compton: Yet, you like fightin' me.
Sookie Stackhouse: I don't like too. I just...
Bill Compton: Let's not get too used to it then. We don't want to be one of 'those' couples.
Sookie Stackhouse: You're right... holy f. I am so embarrassed, I could die.
Bill Compton: What is it?
Sookie Stackhouse: Jessica. I completely forgot she was here. Do you think she heard us?
Bill Compton: No! If she had, she'd had no compunction about letting us know it.
Sookie Stackhouse: You know you might wanna try going a little easier on her. It's hard enough being a teenager without...
Bill Compton: She is a vampire, Sookie!
Sookie Stackhouse: So are you. Yet parts of your former self are still in there. I wouldn't be with you if they weren't.
Bill Compton: Yes... I've had to work extremely hard at finding my way back to my humanity. When a vampire is as new as Jessica is, she has no humanity. She is in the grips of an overwhelming transformations, there will be times when she cannot control even a single impulse... and believe me she 'has' many.
Sookie Stackhouse: How is that any different from being a teenage girl? No humanity, check. In the grips of overwhelming transformations, check. Cannot control impulses, check. Alright, uh... how is that different?
Bill Compton: Alright. So what do you suggest I do? Just spoil the girl? Give into her every whim and desire? After all that is what every teenage girl wants, isn't it?
Sookie Stackhouse: You don't have to be sarcastic with me, Bill Compton. And should you at least think about what I'm sayin', if no other reason that what you're doing right now isn't working out so hot.
Bill Compton: Hmmm.
Sookie Stackhouse: How ironic. We promised each other we weren't gonna fight anymore, yet here we are.
Bill Compton: This isn't a fight.
Sookie Stackhouse: ...Yes it is.
Bill Compton: Well then. Prepare to be made up to.

Eric Northman: The sheriff of Area 9 in Texas has gone missing. Have you heard about it?
Bill Compton: I hadn't. But I know the vampire of whom you speak. His name is Godric. Correct?
Eric Northman: Indeed. That goes without saying he needs to be found. Which is where Sookie comes in.
Bill Compton: No!
Eric Northman: She's yours and I'm asking your permission to take her with me to Dallas.
Bill Compton: You you can do whatever you want with me but I am not putting her in this position anymore. I cannot and I will not allow you to bring her into these matters.
Eric Northman: We made a deal, your human and I. That if I didn't kill anyone she would work for me as often as I like. You remember that don't you? You were there.
Bill Compton: Taking her across state lines is a far cry from taking her to Fangtasia for the evening!
Eric Northman: I'm only asking your permission out of respect. If I want her I can simply take her... Is no your final answer?
Bill Compton: It is.
Eric Northman: Poorly played, Bill.

Sookie Stackhouse: [after he breaks down the door] Bill!
Bill Compton: Jessica let him go!
Jessica Hamby: But?
Bill Compton: As your maker I command you!
Sookie Stackhouse: Thank god you're here.
Bill Compton: Shut up!

Sookie Stackhouse: I'm sorry!
Bill Compton: Get the hell outta here!
Sookie Stackhouse: Bill?
Bill Compton: [pushing her out the front door] Now, so I can clean up your mess!
Sookie Stackhouse: [about Jessica's parents] Please don't kill them!
Bill Compton: This is all your fault! Now get the hell out of here!

"True Blood: 9 Crimes (#3.4)" (2010)
Lorena: That was the best sex I've had in decades.
Bill Compton: At least someone enjoyed it.

Sookie Stackhouse: [asnwering the phone] Hello?... Hello?... Bill?
Bill Compton: ...Yes.
Sookie Stackhouse: Are you hurt? I know the werewolves have you.
Bill Compton: Nobody has me. I have left my life in Bon Temps and I am leaving you.

Sookie Stackhouse: [shocked] The last time I saw you, you asked me to marry you.
Bill Compton: You did us both a favor by not saying 'yes'.
Sookie Stackhouse: You have to say that... Someone is is listenin'.
Bill Compton: Lorena, actually.

Bill Compton: Look at your life since I entered it. I've only caused you pain.
Sookie Stackhouse: [in tears] That's not true!
Bill Compton: I am death. I will only bring you sufferin'. Our worlds are too different. Our natures are to. We were doomed from the start.
Sookie Stackhouse: I don't believe you.
Bill Compton: Believe what you want. You are no longer of concern to me. Do not try to find me. I do not wish to be found.
[hangs up]

"True Blood: Bad Blood (#3.1)" (2010)
[last lines]
Bill Compton: [to the wolves surrounding him] I should warn you... I have fed.

Bill Compton: [struggling] You're the one in charge, is that correct?
Cooter: I got vamper juice all over my good touring gloves.
Bill Compton: If you have any kind of orders to keep me alive, you are about to fail. At the rate you're drainin' me, I will die!

Bill Compton: [entering the house] May I trouble you to use your phone?
Olivia: [pushing her tank back into the living room] I don't have one. I had to chose between my oxygen and my phone. And since no one calls me anyhow, I chose oxygen.

Olivia: [very dazed as she wakes up] Who are you?
Bill Compton: That doesn't matter... what's your name?
Olivia: Olivia.
Bill Compton: That's a lovely name. Now listen, Olivia. I was never here tonight. You will not remember what I've done to you.
Olivia: What did you do to me?
Bill Compton: [smiling] Good girl. Now before I go, can you tell me where I am?
Olivia: In my house.
Bill Compton: And what parish do you live in?
Olivia: I live in Copiah county.
Bill Compton: [alarmed] Mississippi?
Olivia: Yes.
Bill Compton: [handing her money] I want you to have this. It's from Stanley. He came to see you.
Olivia: He did?
Bill Compton: He wanted you to have it to show you he appreciates everything you have ever done for him.
Olivia: He's such a good boy, my Stanley.
Bill Compton: I have to go now. Good bye, Olivia.
[leaves quickly]

"True Blood: Beautifully Broken (#3.2)" (2010)
Russell Edgington: [to Bill] Coot can be a little sensitive about his name and the evisceration of his friends.
[to Coot]
Russell Edgington: Future reference, Coot. I'm not a fan of improvisation. When I give you an order, I expect it to be followed exactly. You understand?
Bill Compton: These wolves do your bidding?
Russell Edgington: Well, unfortunately not as well as I hoped. I'm terribly sorry, Mr. Compton.
Bill Compton: [incredulous] You're sorry? Your Majesty. You had me abducted by werewolves!... Dragged across state lines. They took silver to me; fed on my blood!
Russell Edgington: [to Coot, incensed] You drank from guest?

Talbot: [to Bill] I'll show you to your room.
Bill Compton: My room? Your Majesty, you promised me an explaination.
Russell Edgington: And I have no intention of letting you leave without one.

Bill Compton: You're only making matters worse for yourselves by holding me captive.
Russell Edgington: Oh, no one's holding anyone captive. We're uh, we're conducting business. You're a guest in my house.
Bill Compton: Guests are invited. Guests can leave at their own accord.
Russell Edgington: Once you've heard my proposal, so can you if you chose.

Bill Compton: I am not the vampire you are looking for. I am not privied to the queen's secrets. Nor do I have any interest being your sheriff. I'm sorry to waist your time.
[rises to leave]
Russell Edgington: [musing] Poor Sookie. Such a shame she has to pay the price for your stubbornness.
Bill Compton: [drawing his fangs] You leave Sookie out of this!
Russell Edgington: You are in my house, Mr. Compton. Put your fangs away!

"True Blood: Release Me (#2.7)" (2009)
Bill Compton: If Sookie is hurt in any way because of you, I will not stop until I drive a stake through whatever semblance of a heart you have left.
Lorena: It's true. You're in love with a human. That's so tragic, it's funny.
[starts laughing]

Bill Compton: [weakly] We need to rest.
Lorena: So the minute I shut my eyes, you can run into the sun light and destroy yourself to save her? I care about you too much to allow that.
Bill Compton: I may love her, but I'm not suicidal.
Lorena: I know better than anyone what you are capable of.
Bill Compton: Lorena, this is foolish! We are getting weaker and the bleeds have begun. You may be able to keep me here awake, for a day, maybe two but not forever.
Lorena: You're right. Forever is a long time. Than again, I'm very patient.

Lorena: [in 1935, shouting] I gave you everything! Everything and you've thrown it away, moaning over what you've lost. You disgust me.
Bill Compton: Than let me go!
Lorena: No. I made you and you are mine!
Bill Compton: You know I don't love you!
Lorena: You never tried.
Bill Compton: [seething] I have spent decades tryin'! I despise myself for what I did for you! God help me. I killed innocent people to prove to that I loved you! But it was pure annilism... I do not, I cannot, I will never love you.
Lorena: Men have readily laid down their lives to spend just one night with me. What more can I give? What is it that you want from me?
Bill Compton: Choice... Let me go.
Lorena: With out me, you would be alone forever.
Bill Compton: You're the one who's afraid of that. You are the saddest, loneliest creature I have ever known.
Lorena: How dare you!
[throws him into the table]
Lorena: ... You hate me that much?
Bill Compton: Let me go!
Lorena: [tearfully] I cannot live without you.
Bill Compton: [putting the stake to his heart] You'll have to.
Lorena: No! Don't!... As your maker... I release you.

Bill Compton: [back in the present] You released me. There was nothin' left between us. What could you possibly have to gain from this?
Lorena: You're making a fool of yourself with that girl. You have no future with her. Everyone knows it but you... Some day you'll see this for what it is. An act of love.

"True Blood: You Smell Like Dinner (#4.2)" (2011)
Bill Compton: [about the witches] If they can control the dead, they can control us.

Bill Compton: [in 1982, about his victims] They may be dinner, but they don't deserve to die.

Bill Compton: I am the king of Louisiana. I don't have to ask anyone for permission!

"True Blood: Cold Ground (#1.6)" (2008)
Bill Compton: Sookie, Sookie, Sookie, Sookie, Sookie, Soo-!

Sam Merlotte: [walking into Sookie's room] She's asking for you.
Bill Compton: There something you want to say to me?
Sam Merlotte: I want you to stay away from her.
Bill Compton: You know Sookie doesn't take kindly to people making decisions for her.
Sam Merlotte: You don't need to tell me who Sookie is. I know who she is. I've known a long time.
Bill Compton: Well, then you'll also know that this is neither the time nor the place for you to... mark your territory.

Bill Compton: [to Sookie] Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere.

"True Blood: And When I Die (#4.12)" (2011)
Bill Compton: I liked you better when you were brain damaged.

Sookie Stackhouse: I can't stand this anymore; it's like being ripped in half. No matter what I do somebody gets hurt.
Bill Compton: Sookie I just want you to be happy and if being happy and if being with Eric is what makes you happy, then you have my blessing.
Eric Northman: See, it's OK Sookie, Bill's fine with it. Bill had his chance; he blew it. He lied to you.
Sookie Stackhouse: protect me, and I lied to him to protect you and you've lied to both of us so many time, we can't count. What a mess.

Nan Flanagan: How about your little fairy waitress. Oh come on, the mind reading, the microwave fingers. You didn't think I knew what she was? There are at least a couple of thousand vampires that would do almost anything to get a taste of her blood.
Eric Northman: She smells fantastic, but it's hardly worth dying for.
Nan Flanagan: I saw the way you both looked at her, hungry puppy dogs slobbering over the same juicy bone.
Bill Compton: [Stakes Nan] We are not fucking puppy dogs.
Eric Northman: What a bitch.

"True Blood: You'll Be the Death of Me (#1.12)" (2008)
Sookie Stackhouse: [opening the door and seeing Bill, all better] You're alive?
Bill Compton: Well, technically no. But I am healed. I fed.
Sookie Stackhouse: Would you like to come in?
Bill Compton: Yes.
[enters as she closes the door behind him. seeing her bruised face, he tries to bite his wrist]
Sookie Stackhouse: No.
[stopping him]
Sookie Stackhouse: Without my blood, it'll take weeks for you to heal.
Sookie Stackhouse: I don't care. After everything I just need to feel human right now.
Bill Compton: I failed you.
Sookie Stackhouse: [smiling] You were willing to sacrifice yourself to save me.
Bill Compton: But if I'd just been...
Sookie Stackhouse: My life is too short for all that.
[they kiss passionately]

Jessica: [enters with Eric and Pam] Hi, daddy.
Bill Compton: [furious] What is this?
Eric Northman: There are favors and there are... favors.
Pam: She is extremely annoying.
Bill Compton: You can't do this! We had a deal!
Eric Northman: Yeah, well now the terms have changed. She's yours, unless you wanna give me Sookie?
[laughs as he draws his fangs]
Eric Northman: It's just a suggestion. Though a few nights with this one may change your mind.
Pam: Good luck.
Eric Northman: [in Swedish, as they leave] O du ljuva frihet.
[translation: Oh sweet freedom]
Jessica: [as Bill turns to her] So, who's good to eat around here?

"True Blood: I Don't Wanna Know (#1.10)" (2008)
Bill Compton: Long Shadow was choking the girl and would have killed her.
Magister: So you murdered a higher life form for the sake of your pet! You broke an acient and fundimental law. You decreased our numbers at a critical time in our history. Very bad. Very, very bad.
Bill Compton: Magister, Long Shadow broke the law first. She was mine and he knew it. He would have killed her and fed from her!
Magister: [displeased] Hello! Human! Irrelevant. Happens every day!
Bill Compton: He was stealing from Eric.
Magister: Sheriff?
Eric Northman: Yes, Magister. It's true. Long Shadow was a thief and a liar. He was hurting my business.
Magister: [considering] The business part, that is a serious offense.
Bill Compton: And it was the human who exposed Long Shadow. Would you tell him, Eric?
Eric Northman: The only reason the girl was there was because I called her.
Bill Compton: To protect your wealth!
Eric Northman: To protect my wealth, yes. Magister, she is... valuable.
Magister: Humans exist to serve us. That is their only value.
Bill Compton: There are those among us who think differently.
Magister: [challenging] Do you question my authority? I am the magister. I was trained in the Inquisition and I am the adjudicator for every vampire territory in North America! As the humans say, the humans you love more than your own kind, back your shit down!
Eric Northman: [warningly] Bill.
Magister: Well, you haven't bored me. That works in your favor. And you seem to be obedient to your sheriff.
Eric Northman: For the most part... When it matters, yes he is.
Magister: The usual sentence is five years in a coffin, chained with silver. During which time your body will waste to leather and sticks. You'll probably go insane. However, I'm feeling a bit... creative.

Bill Compton: If you wanna torture anyone, torture me!

"True Blood: I Got a Right to Sing the Blues (#3.6)" (2010)
Lorena Krasiki: I may not be able to make you feel for me. But I will make you feel.
Bill Compton: You have always so enjoyed making others suffer.
Lorena Krasiki: And there's nothing wrong with that. Especially after having been made to suffer as I have been.
Bill Compton: You haven't suffered at the hands of others for a very long time.
Lorena Krasiki: I am suffering now!
[She cuts open his chest]
Bill Compton: Please. Do it quickly.
[She cuts her finger and places it on his wound mixing their blood together]
Lorena Krasiki: Even as you face the true death I will be inside you. Not Sookie. Me.
Bill Compton: I wish I had known you before you were made. Before you turned hard. I would like to have seen you smile with light in your eyes instead of darkness. That, would have been something
[She starts to cry]
Lorena Krasiki: I have no choice. William

Bill Compton: You should go to ground.
Lorena Krasiki: And not be with you when the light flows out of you? I cannot.
Bill Compton: And what will you do then? Find another man that you deem honorable? So you can turn him into a violent hateful thing like yourself? Destroying whatever it was you loved about him to begin with?
Lorena Krasiki: Yes. It's all my fault isn't it? You never enjoyed killing those humans, writhing naked in their blood. Making love to me as the light died in their eyes. Oh no. I forced you to do all that.
Bill Compton: No, you did not.
Lorena Krasiki: Be a man and admit you liked it.
Bill Compton: Just as you liked enticing all those starving men with your flesh. Luring them into your maker's clutches so that he could murder them and defile their bodies in unspeakable ways as you watched!
Lorena Krasiki: I am NOT Istvan!
Bill Compton: Really? He made you his mirror just as you tried to make me yours. He is the reason that a girl, who once marveled in the beauty of all life, now delights in bringing pain and horror to every moment
Lorena Krasiki: You never embraced our nature!
Bill Compton: Your nature! It was never mine! I welcome death because only then will I be truly free of the disease that is you.

"True Blood: Fresh Blood (#3.11)" (2010)
Bill Compton: When this is over, let's begin again. We'll be new.
Sookie Stackhouse: Will we? I don't know. I don't know if people change, even when they try.
Bill Compton: We can if we want to. Do you want to?
Sookie Stackhouse: You know I do.

Sookie Stackhouse: Who would we be if we were normal? It's hard to even picture it. Would we live in Gran's house or your house?
Bill Compton: Both. We'd be married, happily married.
Sookie Stackhouse: And I'm not a waitress anymore. I'm... I'm going to college. No, I'm a real estate agent, and I'm really rich.
Bill Compton: I teach third grade and I love my job.
Sookie Stackhouse: We'll have a big flower garden.
Bill Compton: We grow vegetables.
Sookie Stackhouse: Tara comes over for dinner and sometimes we double date with Arlene and Terry.
Bill Compton: And I go fishing with Jason.
Sookie Stackhouse: We don't even know Eric Northman.
Bill Compton: Everything is peaceful.

"True Blood: Hard-Hearted Hannah (#2.6)" (2009)
Isabel: I know how worried you were about Sookie infiltrating the Fellowship and I thought Hugo could help.
Bill Compton: And why would you want to help us?
Isabel: Because Godric is my sheriff, not yours. It would be criminal to let you take such a risk without my at least offering.

Lorena: [as Bill wakes up suddenly] Is somethin' happenin' to your human?
Bill Compton: Lorena!
Lorena: [holding him down] I made you. Your blood knows mine. You will never physically overpower me.

"True Blood: I Smell a Rat (#3.10)" (2010)
Bill Compton: Sookie. It is not your blood that I love. I love *you*. Your mind; your heart; your soul. And I will forswear ever feeding on you again if that's what it takes to convince you of that. You have brought light back into my life; and hope; and gratitude. That is why I love you. Nothing else.

"True Blood: Soul of Fire (#4.11)" (2011)
[repeated line]
Bill Compton, Eric Northman, Pam De Beaufort: Fuckin' Sookie!

"True Blood: Me and the Devil (#4.5)" (2011)
Bill Compton: Vampires have often found it advantageous to maintain a hidden presence in humanity's most powerful institutions and in the 1600's, that was the Catholic Church and today, as you all know, it's Google and Fox News.

"True Blood: Trouble (#3.5)" (2010)
Lorena: [to Tara about Bill] You know him?
Tara Thornton: I thought I did.
Bill Compton: [to Russell] Why is she here?
Russell Edgington: [to Franklin] Why is she here?
Franklin Mott: She wants to be with me.
Talbot: Hence the restraints.
Franklin Mott: She's mine!
Lorena: Relax. Nobody wants her.

"True Blood: Life Matters (#6.9)" (2013)
Siren #1: Your time on earth is through, Bill Compton.
Bill Compton: I am not going anywhere.

"True Blood: Somebody That I Used to Know (#5.8)" (2012)
Eric Northman: What are you doing?
Bill Compton: Evolving.