Bill Compton
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Biography for
Bill Compton (Character)
from "True Blood" (2008)

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Bill Compton is a vampire living openly among humans, having chosen to "mainstream" and co-exist after the Great Revelation.

He maintains the airs and manners of a 19th century gentleman. He is fiercely protective of people he cares about and believes in a vampire version of right and wrong, avoiding killing people he feeds upon and glamouring them to forget. He has a ruthless side that comes out when he attains a position of power.

Bill falls madly in love with Sookie Stackhouse as the series begins, and introduces her to the world of the supernatural.

Background: William Thomas Compton was born April 9, 1835 and lived in Bon Temps with his wife and two children, Thomas and Sarah, when the Civil War began. He fought with the 28th Louisiana Infantry. He was making his way home to his family after the war when he was turned into a vampire around 1865 by Lorena, who was angered when he spurned her advances. She brought out the worst of his vampire side, encouraging him to partake in orgies and killing sprees.

Bill and Lorena traveled to San Francisco in 1905 and visited the Comstock Brothel, run by Pamela Swynford De Beaufort, where they first encountered powerful vampire Eric Northman.

Bill visited his daughter on her deathbed in 1910 and refused her request to turn her into a vampire, believing it is a curse.

Bill continued traveling with Lorena, with stops in Chicago in 1926, and Los Angeles in 1935, after which they parted when he made clear that he was not in love with her.

Bill has a stronger resistance to the sun than some vampires and is able to glamour humans into doing what he wants. He has also proven able to imitate others' voices.

He is the maker of Jessica Hamby, an immature teenager, upon the orders of Magister, as punishment for killing another vampire. As her maker, Bill is responsible for teaching Jessica how to survive as a vampire.