Carlos Green
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Carlos Green (Character)
from "Six Degrees" (2006)

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"Six Degrees: Pilot (#1.1)" (2006)
Carlos: Let me ask you this. Do you think you can fall in love with someone that you don't really know at all? The reason I ask, I live in New York City with almost 8 million other people, and I always thought, who knows, the person sitting next to you on the subway could be your soul mate. My point is, the instant before you do meet them, they're strangers to you and you to them. Strangers, in this city, an absolute stranger can inspire you. You can walk past the same building, everyday, not even realizing that the person who lives there is one day gonna be your best friends... maybe someone who desperately needs a best friend. It's my favorite thing about New York, you've got some people on top of the world, others are scraping rock bottom. On any given day, you never know, who you're gonna meet, maybe it'll be someone just trying to clean up their act, as tough as that might be, maybe someone living their life with reckless abandon, someone trying to lose themselves completely. But we're all forced together, everyday, and the only thing that separates us is chance. Fate maybe. You go through your life with daily struggles. You think you're alone, but you're not. 8 million people in the city and anyone of them, anyone, at any time, can walk into your life and change it. Forever.