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Quotes for
Eliot Chase (Character)
from Private Lives (1976) (TV)

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Private Lives (1931)
Amanda: I was brought up to believe it was beyond the pale for a man to strike a woman.
Elyot: A very poor tradition. Certain women should be struck regularly, like gongs.

Elyot Chase: You don't hold any mystery for me darling; do you mind? There isn't a part of you I don't know, remember, and want.

Amanda: Have you known her long?
Elyot: About four months, we met in a house party in Norfolk.
Amanda: Very flat, Norfolk.

Elyot: What are you doing here?
Amanda: I'm on my honeymoon.
Elyot: Hope you're enjoying it.
Amanda: It hasn't started yet.
Elyot: Neither has mine.

Elyot Chase: Will you have a cocktail? There are two here.
Amanda: There are two here too.
Elyot Chase: We'll have my two first.
[handing her a glass]
Amanda: Shall we get roaring, screaming drunk?
Elyot Chase: I don't know. We tried it once before and it was a dismal failure.
Amanda: It was lovely at the beginning.
Elyot Chase: You have an immoral memory, Amanda. Here's to it.

Sibyl Chase: She was pretty, wasn't she, Amanda?
Elyot Chase: Very pretty.
Sibyl Chase: Prettier than I am?
Elyot Chase: Much.
Sibyl Chase: Elyot!
Elyot Chase: She was pretty and sleek,and her arms were long and slim and her legs were long and slim, and she danced like an angel. You dance very poorly, by the way.
Sibyl Chase: Could she play the piano as well as I can?
Elyot Chase: She couldn't play the piano at all.
Sibyl Chase: Had she my talent for organization?
Elyot Chase: No... but she hadn't your Mother either.