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Victoria (Character)
from Twilight (2008/I)

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Twilight (2008/I)
Laurent: I believe this belongs to you.
[Laurent tosses the ball back to Carlistle, who catches it easily]
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Thank you.
Laurent: I am Laurent, and this is Victoria, and James.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: I'm Carlisle, this is my family
Laurent: Hello.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: I'm afraid your hunting activities have caused something of a mess for us.
Laurent: Our apologies. We didn't realize this territory had been claimed.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Yes, well. We maintain a permanent residence nearby.
Laurent: [slightly amused] Really? Well, we won't be a problem any more. We were just passing through.
Victoria: [smiles smugly] The humans were tracking us, but we led them east. You should be safe.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Excellent.
Laurent: So, could you use three more players?
[Carlisle looks around warily]
Laurent: [gives a friendly smile] Oh, come on. Just one game.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: [glances in Edward's direction] Sure, why not? A few of us were leaving, you can take their place. We'll bat first.
[Carlisle tosses the ball back to Laurent]
Victoria: [catches ball in front of Laurent's face] I'm the one with the wicked curve ball.
Jasper Hale: Oh, I think we can handle that.

Waylon Forge: Well hello.
James: Nice jacket.
Waylon Forge: Who are you?
James: Always the same inane questions... 'Who are you?'
Victoria: 'What do you want?'
James: 'Why are you doing this?'
Laurent: James... let's not play with our food.