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Quotes for
Frazer Yeats (Character)
from "Neighbours" (1985)

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"Neighbours: Episode #1.5427" (2008)
Frazer: So, your family doesn't know, Carmella doesn't know and now my wife can't know?

Frazer: Permission to say bad words.
Rosie: Denied.

"Neighbours: Episode #1.5426" (2008)
Frazer Yeats: [excitedly] That's awesome!
Daniel 'Fitzy' Fitzgerald: That's awesome'? What are you, 14?
Frazer Yeats: That's what all the cool kids are saying.

Frazer: I just saw Declan running across the road. He said I didn't see anything.

"Neighbours: Episode #1.5370" (2008)
Ringo Brown: I've failed her.
Frazer Yeats: Have you given up?
[Ringo shakes his head]
Frazer Yeats: Then you haven't failed her.

Frazer Yeats: I know that whatever decisions you make for your child will be because you believe that they are the right ones. I reckon that's what being a good parent is.
Oliver Barnes: You've thought about this a lot, haven't you?

"Neighbours: Episode #1.5387" (2008)
Oliver: Marco is still in love with his ex-wife.
Frazer: No, no, absolutely not, no way. Is he?

"Neighbours: Episode #1.5429" (2008)
Frazer: You've changed, you know?
Rosie: Yeah, I know, I'm wider.

"Neighbours: Episode #1.5399" (2008)
Toadie: I'm starting to think some kind of evil force is trying to stop us from getting married.
Frazer: What's Valda got to do with it?

"Neighbours: Episode #1.5407" (2008)
Frazer: Why can't Toadie help?
Rosie: He's resigned from the case.
Frazer: What? That guy is always resigning from cases!