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Sticky Webb (Character)
from "The Proud Family" (2001)

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The Proud Family Movie (2005) (TV)
[Penny is driving the boat]
Sticky Webb: Penny, slow down! You're goin' to crash into the rocks!
Penny Proud: Cool it Sticky! This isn't the first time I've drivin a boat.
Penny Proud: Hee hee. It's the second... t-time.

"The Proud Family: I Love You Penny Proud (#1.16)" (2002)
Mr. Carson: [Trying to get to the bottom of the Graffiti with Penny's name on it all around the school] Somebody's gonna tell me what I wanna know!
[Takes Sticky's headphones off]
Mr. Carson: How 'bout you, Gadget Boy?
Sticky Webb: I got a gadget in my pocket; It's called a *breath mint*!
Mr. Carson: Whoa, you're not only funny-looking, you're also *funny-talkin'*! Now drop and give me...
Sticky Webb: [resigned] I know, give you ten...