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Oscar Proud (Character)
from "The Proud Family" (2001)

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"The Proud Family: Strike (#1.2)" (2001)
Trudy Proud: Oscar, what're the twins doing here?
Oscar Proud: You remember, Trudy, year ago, hospital, crying, 'I ain't never having a baby again!'

Penny Proud: Daddy, $5 is not enough to see a movie.
Oscar Proud: It is at the dollar theater.
Penny Proud: But all those movies are dubbed in Spanish.
Oscar Proud: Adios, mu chacho.

Trudy Proud: Oscar, I'm worried about my baby, she might catch a cold.
Oscar Proud: She'd catch more than that if she were in here, 'I'm not doing my chores', I brought her into this world...
Trudy Proud: Now wait just a minute. *I* brought her into this world, and I want her back in this house.

Oscar Proud: Where're you going?
Suga Mama: I'm taking my grandbaby a pie.
Oscar Proud: What? You never made me any pie. Shoot, they don't need it.
[takes a bite out of the pie]
Oscar Proud: Hmmm, tart yet sweet, crunchy yet mushy. What kind of pie is this?
Suga Mama: Prune.

"The Proud Family: She's Got Game (#1.7)" (2001)
Oscar Proud: It's like James Brown said,
Oscar Proud: It's a man's world! And there's no room for uno girl.
Suga Mama: James Brown never said that.

Trudy Proud: Are you saying only a boy can take a hit?
Oscar Proud: I'm saying there's no pain like football pain.
Trudy Proud: What about childbirth?
Oscar Proud: [grumbles] Yeah chidlbirth's worse, but I'm not signing a permission slip for that either!
Trudy Proud: Then I will.

"The Proud Family: Seven Days of Kwanzaa (#1.11)" (2001)
Oscar Proud: What do you think you're doing?
Joseph: We're here to celebrate Kwanzaa.
Oscar Proud: I thought we did that yesterday.
Bobby Proud: [singing] Oh, everybody knows Kwanzaa's seven days.
Oscar Proud: Seven days? I don't do anything for seven days.
Suga Mama: 'Cept go without bathing.

Penny Proud: Daddy, why can't I have a cell phone for Christmas?
Oscar Proud: Because people with cell phones have cell phone bills, and you have a can and string allowance.

"The Proud Family: Don't Leave Home Without It (#1.10)" (2001)
Trudy Proud: I heard humming and I thought it was the mouse!
Oscar Proud: You thought the mouse was humming?

Penny Proud: Why is daddy dressed like a Ghostbuster?
Oscar Proud: I ain't afraid of no mouse.

"The Proud Family: EZ Jackster (#1.5)" (2001)
Penny Proud: [Find Mr.Min sobbing uncontrollably, on the the empty record store floor] Mr. Min, what happen?
Dijonay Jones: Yeah, where is everybody?
Mr. Min: [sarcastic] Oh, I don't know. Maybe they're home, listening to the free music they get off EZ JACKSTER!
Penny Proud: Everybody, can't be doing that?
[points at store TV]
Marsha Mitsubishi: Last weeks apprehension, of Penny Proud's has to turn millions of young people from trading music via EZ Jackster. In fact, more EZ Jacks as they are called, are joining the free music movement. As a result, record sells are down severally. One of the place hit hardest, is Wizard Kelly industries.
Various Character Voices: She's right Wizard, we're down in the fourth quarter.
Wizard Kelly: [changing into basketball uniform] Down in the fourth quarter? Well put me in the game and pass me the ball.
Marsha Mitsubishi: [on a TV taken by repomen] Even world famous music artist like, Sir-Paid-A-Lot are changing their lifestyles
Sir-Paid-A-Lot: Hey dawg. Not my big screen TV, you can't take that. I'm in the middle of watching the game. DAWG!
Marsha Mitsubishi: The spiraling record sells are affecting all parts of society. Malls are empty, hair salons have closed. there isn't a signal citizen that EZ Jackster hasn't affect.
Oscar Proud: [at Proud Snack factory] No records, no record release party, no record release party, no record release snack. BUT THESE BABIES ARE GOOD FOR MORE THEN EATING. YOU CAN STRIP PAINT WITH THEM, PAVE YOUR DRIVEWAY, EVEN RESOLE YOUR SHOES! THAT'S RIGHT, PROUD SNACKS!
Marsha Mitsubishi: That's it for tonight, I'm Marsha Mitsubishi, and...
[given papers]
Marsha Mitsubishi: sigh, and I'm looking for a job too.
Penny Proud: Daddy?
Mr. Min: You, you did this, Penny. To all of us, it's all because of you.
Dijonay Jones: Mm-hm, I tried to tell her
Mr. Min: The only good thing about this is I have to fire you.
Dijonay Jones: I'm gonna miss ya Boo.
Mr. Min: You, too. Queen Latifah.
Dijonay Jones: [sarcastic] Thanks a lot, Penny.

Trudy Proud: [after Penny is publicly arrested] I've never been so humiliated in my life.
Oscar Proud: So I forgot to take the Christmas lights down, I said I was sorry.
Suga Mama: Not you, Jingle Bells, she's talking about Penny.

The Proud Family Movie (2005) (TV)
Oscar Proud: [to Penny] You're not even allowed to turn sixteen.

"The Proud Family: I Had a Dream (#1.15)" (2002)
Oscar Proud: It's the year 1955, and NOBODY says the word 'black' in this family, young lady.
Penny Proud: 1955? Where am I?

"The Proud Family: Hip-Hop Helicopter (#1.20)" (2002)
Oscar Proud: In my day, we did clean, wholesome dances.
Suga Mama: The freak, the grind, the bump, the shake-your-rump.

"The Proud Family: Psycho Duck (#3.12)" (2005)
Oscar Proud: [after Chester the duck eats his cobbler] I'm tellin' you, there's something wrong with a duck that eats a man's cobbler!

"The Proud Family: Bring It On (#1.1)" (2001)
Oscar Proud: One of our new neighbor's sho is ugly! Good Goo-ga moo-ga!

"The Proud Family: Forbidden Date (#1.8)" (2001)
Oscar Proud: No dating 'til after you're married.

"The Proud Family: A Hero for Halloween (#2.2)" (2002)
Mr. Peterson: Hello, Mr. Proud, do you remember me, Alvin Peterson?
Oscar Proud: Of course, I remember you Peterson. I'll never forget my favorite all day sucker. ha ha. I negotiated you down to nothing, when I bought this house.
Mr. Peterson: Mm hmm, well I see you've done nothing to since you bought it.
Oscar Proud: Look, why are you here Peterson?
Mr. Peterson: Ugh, I feel bad about the deal I made with you.
Oscar Proud: Ah ah hey, I'm not giving you any more money, Peterson. I think $500 was more then a fair price for house.
Mr. Peterson: No no no no, I come to warn you. Your house is haunted.
Oscar Proud: Yeah I know, everyday by my mama.
Mr. Peterson: No no, Mr. Proud, your house will be visited tonight by the ghost of Garret Krebs.
Oscar Proud: It's Halloween, I hope see a lot of ghost, goblins, and crazy former home owners. Here, have a proud scary snack.
Mr. Peterson: I'm serious
[pops a snack into his mouth and then spits out]
Mr. Peterson: Man these are nasty, how do you make any money anyway? ugh listen, this was once owned to Garrett Krebs, but 30 years ago on Halloween, Krebs' house was reposed. He was so broken hearted he died, the same day. But he swore that every 10 years, he would come back and scared away the family that dared to live in this house. Why did you think I sold the house so cheaply to you 10 years ago?
Oscar Proud: Ahem, because I'm a savvy negotiator?
Mr. Peterson: No you boob, it's because Garrett scared me out, I felt bad about not telling about the ghost when I sold you the house, so now you know. If I were you Mr. Proud, I pack up my family and skedaddle-addle.
Oscar Proud: If I were you Peterson I get my nose checked.
Mr. Peterson: Why do I need to get my no...
[Oscar slams the door in Peterson face]
Mr. Peterson: YE-OW!
Oscar Proud: THAT'S WHY.
[laugh hysterically]