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Miranda (Character)
from Miranda (2002)

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Miranda (2002)
Frank: Please say it, say those three words, just three.
Miranda: Fuck off...
Miranda: now

Miranda: Will you go with me?
Frank: Why?
Miranda: Because you make me want to run in the fields.
Frank: But... why?
Miranda: Because I need you.
Frank: Yeah. But why?
Miranda: Because I love you.

Miranda: Wait! I can learn. I can be whatever you want me to be.

Christian: You know it's a myth, don't ya?
Miranda: What?
Christian: Love... it's just an incentive to propagate the species.

Miranda: It's like whatever we say becomes true.

Frank: [taking a deep breath] Would you like to go for a drink?
Miranda: No. Why?
Frank: You know, when people say the've seen miracles? Amazing things like, you know, they say they've seen the face of the virgin Mary. But it ain't, it's just a piece of coal or something.
Miranda: Yeah?
Frank: Well, what's important is, they've witnessed something of such humongously large, religous proportions, that their whole life just - shimmers.
Miranda: Yeah.
Frank: That's me, that is.
[very serious]
Frank: *You* are my virgin Mary... coal... thing.
[long pause]
Frank: I just wanna sit beside you in a bar. Go on then, say no. I know you're gonna say it.
Miranda: Allright then. One drink, no fuck.

Frank: [Miranda's handbag vibrates across the table] Your bag's wobbling. What's in it?
Miranda: Phone.

Miranda: I don't want sex.
Frank: I didn't ask... I think people should, um, get to know each other better before they have sex.
Miranda: In what way?
Frank: Well, you know, like, um... 'What's your favorite color?'
[Miranda ponders for a second then starts to snicker]

Frank: What are you thinking about?
Miranda: My dad.
Frank: What's he like?
Miranda: He was, um...
Frank: Really horrible?
Miranda: Yeah... he killed our dog.
Frank: Why?
Miranda: Because I loved it more than him.
Frank: Never knew my parents.

Miranda: [to Nailor, on the phone] You're not worth scraping off a shoe. Are you?

Nailor: [On the phone] I need to see you.
Miranda: If I don't call, you'll know it's me.
[Hangs up]

Miranda: When I ran away from my dad's, I lived in New Jersey. And then Christian came along. And he was kind... And funny. He taught me to do these card tricks, that I could do in bars, you know, make myself some money. And it was easy. I wasn't *taking* people's money, they just... they just *gave* it to me. It's like, for the first time, I was really good at something. And then it just grew. We sell people buildings. They don't even exist. It's like whatever we say, just becomes true. If Christian told you it was sunny, you'd believe him. The rain could be coming down so hard your head's bleeding. And there you are, smiling up at the sun. It's amazing.
Frank: [Not impressed] It's a con.
Miranda: [Shrugging] It's what I do. It's who I am.

Miranda: [Nailor has tracked her down] How did you find me?
Nailor: The smell. I can smell you 500 miles away.

Miranda: When our heads are close, I can hear the ocean.