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Quotes for
Aman (Character)
from Gallowwalkers (2012)

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Gallowwalkers (2012)
Aman: Legend goes that somewhere beneath these mountains lies a gateway between heaven and hell. It is said that a sacred sisterhood guards this portal and the power of their prayers keeps the damned from tormenting the living. Trouble with the damned is... they never stay put.

Aman: [to Hool] Do you remember me?

Aman: Where is he?
Hool: He did not come. Still, he eludes you.

Fabulos: You that good, or was that a lucky shot?
Aman: Lucky for you.

Fabulos: There's ah... there's really nothin' coming that we won't see.
Aman: Well, you didn't see that.
Fabulos: [a rattlesnake is slithering at his feet] Oh Jesus!

[last lines]
Fabulos: Hey, come on. I don't know how to be dead!
Aman: No one taught you how to live!

Aman: A man might take the news of his own death... badly.