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Black Manta (Character)
from "Challenge of the Superfriends" (1978)

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"Justice League Unlimited: Dead Reckoning (#3.6)" (2006)
Temple Guard: Humble apologies, but to enter this holy place, the right must be earned.
[Devil Ray shoots him]
Devil Ray: Keep the change.

Deadman: You killed my master!
Devil Ray: You'll have to be more specific.

"Young Justice: Summit (#2.19)" (2013)
Reach Ambassador: Remember, the Earth is now the property of the Reach, and per our origninal agreement, the Light is mearly our favored allies amoungst the humans.
Black Beetle: Show the proper respect, or suffer the consequences.
Black Manta: No agreement exists that makes a slave of Black Manta.
Black Beetle: No agreement exists that guarantees the *life* of Black Manta.
Black Manta: Manta guarantees that himself.
[Both draw their weapons]

Black Manta: Ignorant boy! This is not a world, a universe, in which a free man can afford to be soft. I will teach you to be ruthless, Kaldur'ahm, even if I must beat that lesson into your skull.
Kaldur'ahm: [They fight. Kaldur knocks him out] I believe that was fairly ruthless, father. I hope it made you proud.

"Young Justice: Downtime (#1.8)" (2011)
Black Manta: [to Kaldur] Such a waste. You really have no ambition beyond serving Aquaman? Aren't schools of others willing to die for their king? This fool, for example.
[Black Manta attack Garth]

JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time (2014) (V)
Black Manta: Atlantean, you can't win battles on with a fork.
[smashes Black Manta's gun with his trident and knocks him out]
Aquaman: Don't make me poke a leak in that hard head of yours, Manta.

"Young Justice: Depths (#2.7)" (2012)
Black Manta: Congratulations, Kaldur'ahm. You had quite a day. Capturing the Atlantean, killing a former teammate, destroying the com-sat.
Kaldur'ahm: My crew did not destroy the com-sat, Father. It's rocket must have malfunctioned. Our victory was mere luck.
Black Manta: I don't believe in luck. Which is why I arranged to have a bomb with an altitude sensors smuggled onto the com-sat rocket days ago. This was your final test. To see if you would take credit for what you have not accomplished.
Kaldur'ahm: And what if I have succeeded?
Black Manta: Then another test would have awaited. For it is not in success where true character is revealed, but in failure. I'm quite proud of you, my boy. You're ready for the next level.

"Challenge of the Superfriends: Secret Origins of the SuperFriends/Terror from the Phantom Zone (#1.8)" (1978)
[first lines]
Black Manta: I don't care what your newest scheme is, Luthor. I'm going to take care of the SuperFriends my own way.

"Challenge of the Superfriends: Wanted: The Superfriends/Rokan: Enemy from Space (#1.1)" (1978)
Black Manta: It's time for us all to go to the Hall of Justice and turn it into the Hall of Injustice!