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Quotes for
Huntsboy #88 (Character)
from "American Dragon: Jake Long" (2005)

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"American Dragon: Jake Long: Shaggy Frog (#2.23)" (2007)
Huntsboy #89: Evil Tech rocks!

Troll: We're supposed to fear you because you captured some half frog/half boy?
Huntsboy #89: No. You're supposed to fear us because we captured a half frog/half boy... with THESE!

Huntsboy #89: This one says it turns intestines outtestines!

Huntsboy #88: Peek-a-boo, freak-a-boo!

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Homecoming (#2.20)" (2007)
Huntsboy #88: We are cool and super fly...
Huntsboy #89: Dragon's got no alibi...
Huntsboy #88, Huntsboy #89: That's right! They ugly! They U-G-L-Y...
[they walk right into a dragon Jake]

[last lines]
Huntsboy #89: You know, maybe being sucked into a vortex wouldn't have been so bad.
Huntsboy #88: Man, I wonder if there are pretty girls and video games inside a vortex.
Huntsboy #89: You had to bring up the by-laws, didn't you?

Huntsboy #88: Help! I can't see through my eye-holes! Mommy!

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Hairy Christmas (#2.16)" (2006)
Huntsboy #88: So if we can't get the sasquatch for the Huntsman's present , what do you think: Betty Bunsen Brownie Burner or Potato Patch Bunny?
Huntsboy #89: Oh, Betty Bunsen. No contest.

Huntsboy #89: Dragon! Let's see how he likes these Christmas Goodies!

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Breakout (#2.6)" (2006)
Huntsboy #89: Ooh. Someone's gonna get a wicked hard smackdown from the the Huntsman and her name ryhmes with--Smunstsgirl.

Huntsboy #88: Rose and her boy friend, sittin' in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N - AAAAAH!

"American Dragon: Jake Long: The Academy (#2.3)" (2006)
Huntsboy #89: Dude, I am so wicked psyched to slay my first dragon!
Huntsboy #88: I heard that! First dragon I run into I'm gonna be like "Yo, what up fool?" and he'll be like "No! Spare me mighty number 88!" and then I'm gonna be like "WAKAAAAAAAA!"

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Switcheroo (#2.17)" (2007)
Huntsboy #89: I've got the feelin' for some steelin'. I've got some feverin' for some thieverin'. I'm feelin' snobberin' for some robberin'!