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Jake Long (Character)
from "American Dragon: Jake Long" (2005)

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"American Dragon: Jake Long: Homecoming (#2.20)" (2007)

Rose: [about to be killed by the skulls power] Thank-you Jake! For everything! I'll never forget you!
Jake Long: Rose, no!
Rose: Jake, let go. I'll be okay. I promise. I'll be okay.

Sun Park: You bet your auras you will! The votes are in and you two have been nominated for king and queen!
Jake Long: Say what?
Rose: Excuse me?
Sun Park: The winners will be announced at the Homecoming ball this Friday. Isn't that groovy?
Rose: Homecoming?
Jake Long: King and Queen?
Jake Long, Rose: Groovy!

Jake Long: [after destroying all of the Aztec skulls in a furious rage] Consider them destroyed!

Jake Long: So, it's true?
Rose: Jake, I'm sorry.
Huntsmaster: [evil laugh] So, this is the American Dragon's true human form. Before I wish for your annihilation, any last words?
Jake Long: Well, considering the circumstances, I have just two: Let's dance!

Jake Long: So, how exactly do these skull-thingies work again?
Jake's Grandfather: Whoever possesses all 13, is granted one irreversible wish.
Fu Dog: And if the Huntsman gets his mitts on them, ten bucks says he ain't wishing for a collection of '70s A.M. gold.

Huntsmaster: Huntsgirl, hand me the skull and finish him.
[Rose hesitates]
[Rose throws the Huntsman the skull and starts to fight Jake]
Jake Long: [furious] Your parents! That's why you're doing this!
Rose: All I wanted was a normal life, but the Huntsclan took that away from me, and now there is only one way for this to end Jake.
[chains fly out of Rose's staff which bind and muzzle Jake, making him fall to the ground helpless]
Rose: I'm sorry.

Jake Long: [as the Huntsman is about to wish for the annihilation of all magical creatures] Please Rose, don't do this.

Rose: [as she is moving to Hong Kong] It was nice talking to you.
Jake Long: You too, Rose. Happy Homecoming.

Jake Long: [his last line] You know what, guys? It's nice to know some things never change.

"American Dragon: Jake Long: The Hunted (#1.24)" (2006)
Rose: [as Thorn, the Huntsgirl] You don't know me, dragon.
Jake Long: [chained up] I know there's more to you than that. Maybe you're a little rough around the edges, but every *Thorn* has gotta have a *Rose*.
Rose: What! What did you just say?
Jake Long: [catching himself] I... just... mean... I think there's another side to you. You're not like the Huntsclan.
Rose: Not yet, but I will be.

Jake Long: Ah, when I see her, I don't know whether to kiss her to incinerate her with a fire ball.

Jake Long: [chained to a stake] What? No last meal? Give a dragon some love!

Jake Long: [chained to a stake] Silver, you did it! You swam!
Silver: Well, I am a mermaid!

Principal Derceto: I'm sorry Jake. Rose is gone. She transferred out of this school yesterday.
Jake Long: Transfered? Where did she go? I mean, I need to get a hold of her.
Principal Derceto: Well, there's no forwarding address here. Nothing. I'm sorry Jake. She did leave this for you.
Jake Long: [he is handed a picture of them together] But I - she - Aww man!

Jake Long: Wave your chains in the air! Wave 'em like you just don't care! Yeah!

Jake Long: Sorry, I didn't see you down there.
Reggie: How would you like to see my fist heading down your throat then?

Rose: [as Thorn] It's over, Dragon! Say Goodbye!
Jake Long: [tied to a tree] Rose, no!
Rose: Wh - What did you call me?
Jake Long: Rose, if you want to say goodbye, say it to my human face.
[Jake transforms to human form]
Jake Long: Rose it's me.
Rose: Jake?

Jake Long: Yo, Huntsgirl, why are you doing all this?
Rose: [takes off her right glove and shows the dragon her birthmark] I am marked. It is my destiny.
Jake Long: Yeah, well, I got a birthmark the shape of Idaho on my rear... doesn't mean I'm gonna move there.

"American Dragon: Jake Long: The Doppleganger Gang (#2.4)" (2006)
Jake Long: [seeing his doppelganger and Rotwood prancing around the room] Okay, now I'm just scaring myself.

Jake Long: I'm taking you back, now!
Evil Jake: You can take me back when you can catch me and beat me, which is... oh yeah! Never!

Jake Long: I'm gonna take over. Cool?
Jump-rope Jake Doppleganger: But this is what I do. This is who I am. I jump rope that's all I have!

Evil Jake: Clean up, Isle 10!

Evil Jake: Prepare to be absorbed!

Evil Jake: Too bad for you I'm so self-absorbed!

Jake Long: [fighting Evil Jake] What up? I feel so weak!
Evil Jake: You feel weak to me too!

Jake Long: I'll take the sleeping, you take the garbage. I take the napping, you take the Algebra.
Couger Scout Jake Doppelganger: Algebra? Aww man!
Jake Long: Wow! You really are my double!

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Dragon Breath (#1.2)" (2005)
Jake's Grandfather: The horn does not make the unicorn.
Jake Long: Actually, it does. Otherwise, it's just a horse.

Jake Long: It's like I said to my hot date Jasmine earlier. Hot date Jasmine, I says, if tou want to get the hotties you have to move your bodies!

Fu Dog: Kid, what's the matter with you?
Jake Long: Sorry. Guess I was a little put off by THE 8 HAIRY SPIDER LEGS!

Rose: Brad said he asked me out tonight so he could dance with the prettiest girl in the room. I guess he goy his wish.
Jake Long: Come on, I want to dance with the prettiest girl in the room.

Jake Long: [flirting with the janitor] Is it just me or are you feeling something?

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Bring It On (#2.1)" (2006)
Jake's Grandfather: There has been an incident at the museum.
Jake Long: I swear I didn't know that toilet was a piece of art.

Jake Long: [seeing Fury's hair] Snakes, why did it have to be snakes?

Jake Long: [to Trixie after she told off Spud] As he would put it you were extra harsh with a side of meanbeans.

Jake Long: Me and Spud will be here for you even to talk about the girl stuff.
Jake Long: Ooh, ooh! Is it just me or does Kyle Wilkins spread fine like... cheese on... a...
Trixie Carson: Save it for the ladies, Jakey-jake.
Jake Long: [embarrassed] Thank you.

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Half Baked (#2.2)" (2006)
Jake Long: What happened to the music? The pretty, pretty music?
[starts to sing horribly]
Jake Long: "My darling, she left me!"

Jake Long: Rose, sweet Rose. For you I blow my nose. Ah-Peace out.

[flashback to Jake moving to a monastery to deal with his loss of Rose]
Jake Long: Yo, brother. What's up?
Priest: I'm sorry, Jake. I don't think this is going to work out.
[widen to reveal Jake has about 50 pictures of Rose on the wall]

Jake Long: Thanks and enjoy the cupcakes. But don't just enjoy cupcakes, enjoy each other.
[grabs the couple by the shirt closely]
Jake Long: Because mortal enemies or not you never know when you'll be ripped apart by the cruel hands of fate never to see each other again!
[the couple immediately leaves, looking scared]
Jake Long: [Jake, sounding happy] Yall come back soon now, ya hear?
[waves at the couple]

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Hero of the Hourglass (#2.8)" (2006)
Jake Long: [he has just been grounded for one of his mom's lies] No TV or video Games for 2 weeks?
Jake' s Father: Hmm-hmm. You lied to us little Mr. and in this house, you do the crime, you do the time. Do you have anything to say for yourself?
Jake Long: It's just... I have to do my duty... I'm the American...
Jake' s Father: Uh-huh. Let's here it Mr. Baseball. You're the American what?
Jake Long: [notices the look on his mom's face]
Jake Long: I'm the... American kid who's grounded.

Jake Long: [about the teenaged Huntsman's voice] Dude, what's with the voice? You sound like an acordian stuck in a woodchipper!

Jake Long: Fu, there's a whole side of my family my dad doesn't even know about. And I can change it. The secrets, the lies, the me being grounded everyother week.

Jake' s Father: Oh, for the last time - Bedtime means bedtime. The world won't end if you're in bed by ten.
Jake Long: Actually, it sort of will.
[camera pans outside Jake's window to reveal threatening vortex in the night sky]

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Jake Takes the Cake (#1.17)" (2005)
Jake Long: At least the gremlin problem is history!
Jake's Grandfather: Good. Where is it?
Jake Long: Oh, it's gone.
Jake's Grandfather: You mean it got away?
Jake Long: I mean it got defeated!
Jake's Grandfather: You let it escape?!
Jake Long: I let it know who's boss!
Jake's Grandfather: It's still on the loose?!
Jake Long: Still runnin' Gramps!

Jake Long: Special on Isle sizzix. Pickled Gremlins. Get it? "Cause now your in a pickle jar!

Jake Long: [knocking over the wedding cake] Yo, is this butter cream frosting?
Jake Long: [comes up with cake all over his face and he puts the cherry in his mouth]

Jake Long: [singing] oh the Hubba Hubba Hulla is a hulla that you do-ah when you meet a girl who ya gonna luv-a-luv alot.
Jake's Grandfather: [starts singing] Aloha oh, with a smile it's an island hello!
Jake Long: Aloha ah, hubba hulla your troubles away.
[starts rapping]
Jake Long: NYC what? How ya doin', my name's Jake and I'm in the hulla, volcanos hot and Jakey-jake's coola and that's the way you hubba hunna Hulla.

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Fool's Gold (#2.11)" (2006)
Jake Long: It's no crime to shine!

Spud: [snickers] Spleunking
Trixie, Jake Long: SHUT UP, SPUD!

Jake Long: Hey there big guy! Why don't we just talk about our feelings instead of showing them with our fists?
Giant: You talk funny. Not belly jingle funny, wierd funny.
Jake Long: See, we're getting along already. Now, what's making you so angry?
Jake Long: Whoa, whoa. I don't see any leperchauns.
Giant: But, this leperchaun store.
Jake Long: [slyly] Now who's talking funny? How can there be a leperchaun store if there's no leperchauns. Which means, you must not be angry.
Giant: Not angry?
Jake Long: What? You're not angry. Well that is good to hear. Now off you go happy little giant. Now skip away laughing. Ha ha!

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Eye of the Beholder (#1.16)" (2005)
Eli Excelsior Pandarus: This worked out perfectly. I needed 2 eye witnesses to our blessed union and vioula. Here you are. Just hanging around.
Jake Long: [chained to the wall with a sphinx hair net over him] Fu, watch out! Pandarus is going to take the winner of the pageant and make her his bride!
Fu Dog: Your looking at her kid.
Jake's Grandfather: [also chained] What? You won?
Jake Long: No way!
Fu Dog: Is that sooooo hard to believe?

Eli Excelsior Pandarus: You look familiar. Do I know you?
Jake Long: I did your hair! When you did Good Magical Morning New York. You could need a good jugging -
Jake's Grandfather: [pulls Jake away]
Jake Long: Don't forget to condition, trim those side burns, skip a days shampoeing and -
Jake's Grandfather: ENOUGH!
Jake Long: [stops talking]

Fu Dog: Suzi, this is my stylist. Sven.
Jake Long: [in a girly voice] Eek! Split ends!

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Haley Gone Wild (#2.13)" (2006)
Haley Long: It's not like I deserve it...
Jake Long: Of course not! You're Miss Goody Two-Shoes who never does anything wrong!
Haley Long: Is that such a bad thing?
Jake Long: Polly-perfect.
Haley Long: I never said...
Jake Long: Nelli-Mc-nice-nice.
Haley Long: Please stop that...
Jake Long: Princess Kiss-up.
Haley Long: [getting mad] I asked you to...
Jake Long: Debby Do-Good.
Haley Long: That's not true...
Jake Long: Saint Perfect-us.
Haley Long: I said...
Jake Long: Little Haley-Halo!
Haley Long: I'm - STOP IT!

Haley Long: You don't know me at all!
Jake Long: [slyly] Well maybe someone can remind you.
[pulls out his cell phone and calls his mom]
Jake Long: Hey Mom? Jake. Just calling to let you know that Haley and I snuck out to Big Game Con. Twice.
Jake's Mother: What? You are both grounded! GROUNDED!
Haley Long: You told on me?
Pooka Pooka: What do you care? We're Pooka People! We're all about the fun.
Jake Long: Oh, and Haley wants me to tell Dad that Haley's been watching that puppet show he hates.
Jake' s Father: You know how much I hate that creepy puppet! That is a bunch of brainwashing! Come home right now Haley!
Jake Long: Woo hoo. Sounds like we're in pretty big trouble!

Haley Long: You don't know me at all!
Jake Long: [slyly] Well maybe someone can remind you.
[pulls out his cell phone and calls his mom]
Jake Long: Hey Mom? Jake. Just calling to let you know that Haley and I snuck out to Big Game Con. Twice.
Jake's Mother: What? You are both grounded! GROUNDED!
Haley Long: You told on me?
Pooka Pooka: What do you care? We're Pooka People! We're all about the fun.
Jake Long: Oh, and Haley wants me to tell Dad that Haley's been watching that puppet show he hates.
Jake' s Father: You know how much I hate that creepy puppet! That is a bunch of brainwashing! Come home right now Haley!
Jake Long: Woo hoo. Sounds like we're in pretty big trouble!

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Ski Trip (#1.14)" (2005)
Rose: [as Huntsgirl] Why did you save me? We're mortal enemies! Or did you forget?
Jake Long: I wish I could.

Rose: [sweetly] Hi, Jake.
Jake Long: [stares at her coldly]
Rose: I'm sorry that we didn't get to hangout this weekend.
Jake Long: Hey, you were busy
Rose: Was there something you wanted to tell me? Is this seat taken?
Jake Long: [sad flashbacks of them together]
Jake Long: [sadly] Sorry, it is.
Rose: [walks away, shocked]

Rose: [as Thorn the Huntsgirl] Go ahead! Finish the job! The huntsclan will find you sooner or later! Trust me!
Jake Long: Actually, I don't.
Jake Long: [peels off her glove showing him Rose's 'birthmark']
Jake Long: [shocked] They were right.

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Supernatural Tuesday (#2.14)" (2006)
Jake Long: Get ready for a sonic boom of teen angst!

Jake Long: [in a rap fight with Nigel] Little lost kitten, just in from Great Britain, got your tail 'tween your legs, from the rhymes I'm spittin'.
[kids cheer Jake on]
Nigel Thrall: Ooh, is this what they call freestyle rap? Oh, yes. May I contribute a verse? Okay. Oh dear, let's see...
[Nigel starts busting his own rhymes]
Nigel Thrall: Jakety-Jake, for goodness sake. You're hair's like a weed that could use a good rake.
[kids are now more impressed with Nigel]
Nigel Thrall: Yo, the dollar's worth less than the pound in the U.K. Try not to cry when I'm pounding you, 'Kay?
[kids cheer Nigel On]
Nigel Thrall: You don't reach my knees on the b-ball court. Why's a guy named "Long" got to be so short?

Jake Long: I've been out-skated, out-rapped, and out-classed. Stick a fork in me. I'm done.
[Spud actually does it]
Jake Long: Yeoww! Figure of speech!
Spud: Uh, heh-heh. My bad.

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Flight of the Unicorn (#1.21)" (2005)
Jake Long: Guy's, I need to go check the dumpsters
Trixie Carson: [as Jake hurls] Jakey, I told you eating all that fair food--
Jake Long: Guys, check this out!
Spud: No thanks man. I've seen stomach pot pie before. Not pretty.

[watching a fire-breather]
Jake Long: I can do that in my sleep!
Spud: I can do that after eating my uncle's chili cheeseburgers.

Spud: [about a bearded lady] Do you think that beard is real?
Jake Long: Yeah. Real nasty!

"American Dragon: Jake Long: The Love Cruise (#2.18)" (2007)
Jake Long: Rose is my boo, after all we been through, and a love that is taboo, we're goin' on the love crew, me and my boo.

Jake Long: Check me out in "smokeavision"!

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Shapeshifter (#1.13)" (2005)
Rose: [as Huntsgirl] I liked you better tied up!
Jake Long: [in dragon form] I bet you say that to all the dragons.

Jake Long: Wait, are you saying I can shapeshift into other people? Check this!
[shapeshifts into his grandfather]
Jake Long: The sparrow with the most patience is more patient than the one that's impatient.
Fu Dog: [laughing] You sound just like the old man!
Jake Long: [shapeshifts into Fu] Hey yo, forget about it! I need to go bet myself some dog buscuits and give myself a flee bath!
Fu Dog: I don't sound like that.
Jake's Grandfather: Jake, while you have you have shapeshifting powers, you can not use your dragon powers so you must treat this mission very seriously.
Jake Long: It's cool G! Serious is my middle name.
[shapeshifts into the huntsman]
Jake Long: Now, brotha's and sista's, bust a move and bring on the Huntsclan!

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Hong Kong Longs (#2.31)" (2007)
Jake Long: Rose, you remembered! But how?
Rose: You left this at my house. Let's just say it brought back some memories.

Dark Dragon: I tried to give you all the chance in joining me ruling the world, but the American Dragon has just sealed your destruction!
Jake Long: If we had to choose between destruction and joining you, we'll take destruction every time.
Dark Dragon: Then you shall have it. Starting with your own grandfather!

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Body Guard Duty (#1.12)" (2005)
Jake Long: From now on, I'm going to look forward to all the good things and not let the bad ones get me down.
Sara: [perky and happy] That's a super-duper attitude!
[suddenly dark and creepy]
Sara: You should keep that in mind when you find out the dark, awful truth about Rose.

Kara: You're cavity free this year.
Jake Long: Yahoo!
Sara: Root Canal next year!

"American Dragon: Jake Long: The Halloween Bash (#1.19)" (2005)
Huntsmaster: Huntsgirl, Have you chosen your prey?
Rose: [as Thorn the Huntsgirl, pointing her axe at a bound Chang] Yes. This one.
Huntsmaster: An excellent choice. Do you Huntsgirl pledge alliegence to the Huntsclan?
Rose: I do master.
Huntsmaster: Huntsgirl, begin your days as a true Huntsman and ...
Jake Long: [off screen] Kick out the jams!
[Rose is thrown onto a gravestone which knocks her out]

Jake Long: Umm, why are you stopping?
Harpy #1: They're going into a graveyard. On Halloween. That is so 5 minutes ago.
Harpy #2: That saying is so 5 years ago.
Jake Long: Umm, guys?
Harpy #1: Are you still here?
Jake Long: [they drop him, he swings down a pole and lands unharmed] That's what I'm talkin' about! Just because I don't have my powers doesn't mean I don't got mad skillzills!
Jake Long: [he walks right into a pole] Uh, never mind.

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Hairy Christmas (#2.16)" (2006)
Jake' s Father: [performing a Christmas Carol in front of the whole neighborhood] Four Calling Birds...
Jake's Mother: Three French Hens...
Haley Long: Two Turtle Doves...
Jake Long: And you Know: a bird and stuff...

Spud: Nana Spudinski's famous fruit cake!
Jake Long: It looks like a football.
Spud: It tastes like one too!

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Old School Training (#1.1)" (2005)
Jake Long: Days like today make me wish I was a normal human. Like dad.
Jake' s Father: [enters the kitchen singing] Hey, who's the cow with a halo on her head and an uder made of gold. Holy cow she's a wholesome heifer. Moo!
Jake Long: And I use the term "normal" very loosely.

Huntsman: I will ask you one last time old man. Where is the American Dragon?
Jake Long: Right under your nose dude! I'm like a booger that way! HA! Wait, that didn't come out right.

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Dreamscape (#2.9)" (2006)
[first lines]
Jake Long: So you don't remember anything about your folks?
Rose: They died right after I was born. The Huntsclan took me in a raised me. My earliest memory is me lying in my Hunts-crib crying out for my Hunts-nanny to change my hunts-diaper.
Jake Long: Me too! Except for the Hunts-everything.

Jake' s Father: You'll have to excuse your mother Jake. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bedinski!
Jake's Mother: Excuse me?
Jake' s Father: You heard me grumplestilsken. All morning you've been acting like a ...
[turns on the coffee machine blocking his fowl language]
Jake's Mother: Oh yeah? Well you've been ranting like a big fat
[turns on the coffee machine blocking her fowl language]
Jake Long: I'm just gonna get a bite at school where everyone is a bit less hostile.

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Act 4, Scene 15 (#1.5)" (2005)
Jake's Grandfather: [as Jake's daydreaming about Rose] Jake! Did you hear anything I just said?
Jake Long: Sure. You... were... saying... some ancient Chinese proverb that holds the key to me learning a valuable lesson?

Jake Long: Yo Yo Yo! Pay attention because Jake Long is in the heezy! About to audition for my man Mark Antinizzy!
[becomes dramatic when he sees Rose]
Jake Long: I'm dying Egypt! Dying! I hear only impurtune death awhile, a many thousand kisses, the pour last I lay up thy lips.

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Shaggy Frog (#2.23)" (2007)
Jake Long: [about 88 and 89] They're like late arrivals to the candy store. Suckers gotta come sometime.

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Game On (#2.28)" (2007)
Jake Long: Aww
Jake Long: Oh yeah! That was just waitin' to come out! Now where was I? Oh yeah! Man!

"Lilo & Stitch: The Series: Morpholomew: Experiment #316 (#2.14)" (2005)
Jake Long: Astroids? Space ships? The Am Drag protects magical creatures. It's not Sci-fi.

"American Dragon: Jake Long: The Egg (#1.9)" (2005)
Jake Long: Ball, ball, ball-egg!
Rose: [as Thorn the Huntsgirl] An egg? For me? You shouldn't have. But I'll take it anyway.

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Adventures in Troll-Sitting (#1.6)" (2005)
Jake Long: Okay, you can stay. But you can't let my dad see you.
Troll: Yahoo!
Jake Long: Or hear you! You see my dad doesn't know about magical creatures. My mom's been working on telling him since October... of '92.

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Feeding Frenzy (#2.12)" (2006)
Jake Long: Go appendix! Go appendix! Holla back now! Appendicitis!

"American Dragon: Jake Long: The Talented Mr. Long (#1.3)" (2005)
Professor Rotwood: Admiral attempt Mr. Long, but you can't beat my young piano protige with that mangy puppet.
Fu Dog: Hey, who are you calling mangy Molly Mc Hairpiece?
Jake Long: Ha ha. Take it easy Captain Argh-Argh.
Fu Dog: No, seriously, you might want to call an exterminator for that rats nest you call hair. I'd like to introduce you to a new concept. It's called a comb!
Jake Long: [he stuffs Fu into a case] What can I say? He has a mind of his own.

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Keeping Shop (#1.22)" (2005)
Spud: We may not be able to spew flames...
Trixie Carson: Or fly...
Spud: Or make lacey pillowcases with one swipe of our claws.
Jake Long: [when Fu gives him a wierd look] That was for Rose... I swear. Careful, you'll rip it.
[grabs it and puts it to his face lovingly]

"American Dragon: Jake Long: The Legend of the Dragon Tooth (#1.4)" (2005)
Jake Long: [after defeating a tooth minion] You know it! Ain't no thing but a chicken wing!

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Fu Dog Takes a Walk (#1.7)" (2005)
Fu Dog: [about to plummet to his death] It's times like these I wish I had a giant pair of batwings instead of a smugly personality. Nah, on second thought I'm good with the personality. But I sure could use a dragon.
Jake Long, Jake's Grandfather: [burst through the window]
Jake Long: [hits the machine causing Fu to fall]
Fu Dog: I take it back! No dragon!
Jake Long: [catching Fu with his tail] Scared you, didn't I?
Fu Dog: No, I'm akways this damp.

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Family Business (#2.7)" (2006)
Jake Long: Hold up! I'm out in my underwear in front of my little sister, a reporter and my home-ec teacher. Oh, I get it. This is one of those stress dreams! I'm totally dreaming! I love it when you find out it's not real!
[to Sun]
Jake Long: What's up Sunshine? Oh, common' yall! Raise the roof! Raise the roof! Shake what your daddy gave ya! Shake it like it might just save ya! No? Can I get a "HI HO"!

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Magic Enemy #1 (#2.25)" (2007)
Jake Long: [mocking Rotwood] Ook! What a major oopsie I have committed!

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Professor Rotwood's Thesis (#1.8)" (2005)
Jake Long: Sorry babe. But gold digging drops you on the 'hot meter'!
Rose: [as Thorn the Huntsgirl] Your the one that's about to be dropped, dragon!

"American Dragon: Jake Long: Hong Kong Knights (#1.18)" (2005)
Jake Long: [on desk rapping] My grades, they be slippin' but Rotwood he be trippen'. His youth, yo, it's over. Just look at his hair comb over!