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Quotes for
Kevin (Character)
from Just One of the Guys (1985)

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Just One of the Guys (1985)
[Buddy makes Kevin wait outside the front door to their house before answering it]
Buddy: [Buddy opens the front door] She's in the pool.
Kevin: What took you so long?
Buddy: I knew it was you.
Kevin: I keep forgetting how young you are.
Buddy: [after Kevin walks in Buddy looks at Kevin's Porsche outside] What a waste of a sports car.

[Kevin tells Terry a story to make Terry feel better about not becoming a reporter]
Kevin: Can I tell you a little story? When I was a kid, I was, I was obsessed with being a fireman. I'd set little fires in the backyard, and I practiced putting them out. Then one day, when... I was 12, I learned I could never be a fireman.
Terry: Why, what happened?
Kevin: I found out how much money they make. Pitiful!

[Kevin sees Terry's short haircut for the first time]
Kevin: What did you do to your hair?
Terry: Oh, I cut it. Isn't it cute?
Kevin: Cut? It's gone!

[Kevin shows up to Terry's house when he speaks to Buddy alone]
Kevin: All right, where is she?
Buddy: It's that darn cult again. They have her totally brainwashed. Want to split her records?
Kevin: [Kevin holds Buddy up to the wall] Look, you can tell me now, or you can tell me in the hospital!
Buddy: I'm suddenly remembering.

[Kevin sees Terry at the prom crawling out from the water]
Kevin: Terry, are you all right?
Terry: Kevin?
Kevin: What are you doing here in a tuxedo?
Terry: [Terry nervously responds] Please go home. I'll call you tonight.

[Rick, Terry, and Kevin all confront each other on the beach]
Rick: [Rick asks Terry] Who is this guy?
Kevin: Terry's boyfriend. Who are you?
Rick: Just a friend.
Kevin: Terry, we can work this out. I know you still love me.
Terry: No, I don't, I love someone else.
Rick: [Terry glances over to Rick] Whoa, uh, thanks, but no, thanks...