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Denise (Character)
from Just One of the Guys (1985)

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Just One of the Guys (1985)
[Terry tells Denise she was in the boys' locker room because they all believed she was a guy]
Terry: I can't give up! And today was a disaster, and I was a major geek, but they all thought I was a guy. I was in the boys' locker room!
Denise: You were?
Terry: Yes!
Denise: And they were?
Terry: Yes!
Denise: Can I be your younger brother?

[Denise dances with Terry at the prom]
Denise: I'm having such a good time. No one here knows I used to be fat.

[Terry asks Denise to take her to the prom]
Terry: Will you go to the prom with me?
Denise: [Denise stares at Terry] You are so sexually confused.

[first lines]
Denise: [Terry's best friend Denise interrupts Terry in her writing class] Terry...
Terry: Denise, why aren't you in Science?
Denise: They're showing a film strip. Everyone left. I have to talk to you.
Terry: [Terry scoffs] Denise, I'm really into this article.
Denise: I know, but I need your advice and you are my best friend. And I tried to deal with this myself, okay, and I'm really stressed out. Three guys want to take me out Saturday night and I'm not too thrilled about any of them, but I think I should go out with someone in case I don't have a real boyfriend by the prom.

[Denise tells Terry which three guys want to take her out Saturday night]
Denise: Bruce Schulmann. Edward Zink. And Roger Gibbler.
Terry: [Terry rolls her eyes] This is serious.
Denise: I know.
Terry: [Terry smiles] All right, on a scale of lame to cute, who rates the least low.
Denise: They're all lame. Put Roger in a Rent-a-Tux, he might move up to semi-lame.
Terry: Okay, forget the looks. Who's got the hottest car?
Denise: A Pinto, Dad's Skylark, and a Schwinn.
Terry: Looks like you're going to have to skip the prom.

[Denise gets asked out by the fourth guy, by the freshman]
Freshman: Hi, Denise. Are you busy Saturday night?
Denise: Sorry.
Denise: [Denise holds her hand up, whispering to Terry] Four!

[the two cool guys walk through the cafeteria saying hi to Terry but then ignore Denise]
Cool Guy #1: What's up, Terry?
Cool Guy #2: How it's going, Terry?
Terry: Hi, guys.
Denise: Hi, guys. Bye... Guys. Am I invisible?

[Buddy sits beside Denise wrapping his arm around her]
Buddy: You are so hot!
Denise: Buddy.
Denise: [Denise slowly takes Buddy's arm off] I just ate.

[Buddy tells Denise in the cafeteria about his parents being gone]
Buddy: Our parents are gone for two weeks. You know what that means? Their king-sized bed is empty. Well, what do you think?
Denise: I think if you and I were the last man and woman on Earth, the human race would die out.
Buddy: [Buddy smiles] You want time to think it over. I understand.

[Denise sits with Terry in her bed and tries to cheer her up]
Denise: Terry, I hate when you're depressed. I mean, if you're this upset over your life, I should be suicidal.
Denise: [Denise sees the roses on Terry's bedroom table] I mean, look what Kevin sent you. I'd do anything to come home and find roses.
Buddy: [Buddy holds a single rose staring up at the ceiling] Can we define the word anything?

[Denise finally agrees with taking Terry to the prom]
Terry: Denise... Just say you'll go to the prom with me.
Denise: I'll go to the prom with you.
Terry: [Terry hugs Denise] Oh, thank you.
Denise: [Denise doesn't hug her back] I want a limo. And you can't tell anyone, not my friends, not my parents, no one. Deal?
Terry: Look, I'm not proud of this either.
Denise: God, look how low I've sunk, and you know what's really sad, you're the best date I've had in weeks.

[Buddy hits on Denise who's trying to leave his house]
Buddy: Hey, Denise. What's your rush? We're young. We're wild. Let's be young and wild together.
Denise: I'd rather get the phone book and pick a name at random.

[Terry walks with her friend Denise at school as she still feels miserable for hurting Rick]
Denise: Terry, you have to snap out of this.
Terry: I will. It just may take me a couple of years.