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Rick Morehouse (Character)
from Just One of the Guys (1985)

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Just One of the Guys (1985)
[Terry opens her tuxedo shirt and reveals her breasts to Rick]
Rick: Wait a minute, are those what I think they are?
Terry: I'm sorry.
Rick: [Rick raises his voice in disbelief] Where do you get off having tits?

[Terry kisses Rick in front of everybody at the prom]
Rick: [Rick pushes Terry off him and responds] It's okay, everybody. It's all right. He has tits.

[Rick gets on the table in the high school cafeteria to make an announcement]
Rick: Um, excuse me. Could I have your attention please? Your attention? Every day at lunch, we get a very special treat from a very special guy. A guy who has dedicated his life to building his body, pushing his muscles to the very limits of human endurance. Why, you ask? Why? Well, to be strong enough to lift tables and spill food, Greg Tolan!
Rick: [everyone starts cheering and clapping with Rick] Whoa, wait. Let's take a moment to find out a little bit about the man behind the mess. Greg! May I call you Greg? Now, tell us, Greg, how did you get into spilling food, huh? Were you a messy baby? Did you hate your strained peas? Well, you know, how most psychologists tell us that guys, well, they get into body building to compensate for either a lack of IQ, or a small weenie. Which is it, Greg? Well, those of us in Greg's gym class certainly know the answer to that one.
Greg Tolan: [Greg makes the image of a penis with his pinky finger] I'm going to beat the shit out of you, Morehouse!
Deborah: [Deborah tries to keep Greg back] Greg, please!
Rick: Hey, isn't he great? Muscles and a sense of humor. Well, let's thank Greg for the many lunchtime thrills and spills he's given us. All right everybody, up! Come on, everybody up! Grab an end of your table!
Rick: [the kids in the cafeteria go to an end of their table] A tribute to you, Greg. Lift!
Rick: [everybody in the cafeteria lifts their table, spilling food, including spilling their food on Greg's feet] We love you, Greg!

[Rick finishes beating up Greg, quoting to Greg his own favorite line to say]
Rick: 'No pain, no gain!'

[Rick helps Terry out of the bushes on her first day]
Terry: Great bunch of guys.
Rick: I see you met Greg Tolan. He kinda runs the school. I'm Rick Moorehouse. Try not to get us confused.

[Rick sees Terry get in Terry's car as Rick makes a comment about Sandy]
Rick: She's pretty nice.
Terry: Yeah, but I got this one rule. I never go out with girls who say 'bitchin.'

[Rick invites Terry in after she gives him a ride home from school]
Rick: Did you want to come in?
Terry: Well, I was just going to... Just going to tune on my car, maybe play a little football, but, yeah I got time.

[Rick tells Terry about what his girlfriend looks like for if his Mom asks]
Rick: Um, if my Mom comes home from work and she asks you about my girlfriend... Just so you know, her name is Alice, and she looks a lot like Chris Evert Lloyd.
Rick: [Terry makes a 'What?' face] I just don't want her to worry, you know, about my social life.
Terry: Yeah, but Chris Evert Lloyd?

[Rick shows Terry his bedroom and his love for James Brown]
Rick: I'm kind of into James Brown.
Terry: I guess so.
Rick: You know, Prince, Michael Jackson? It all goes back to James Brown, the godfather of soul. Not to mention, Mr. Humanitarian, My. Dynamite and the hardest working man in show business. Ah, New York City, live, the Apollo Theater, 1962. This man was king.
Terry: Well, let's hear some sounds.
Rick: I don't think so.
Terry: Stereo broken?
Rick: No, it's just something I do by myself.
Terry: Huh?
Rick: Well, when I hear James I have to dance. You know, like James. I can't help it. I go crazy. And, uh, I'm usually alone when I do it.

[Rick attempts to ask the student Jeanine out to the prom]
Rick: You know, I sit right next to you in physics class.
Rick: [Terry tries to warn Rick she has glasses on that Rick can't see from his angle] You have beautiful eyes.
Rick: [Rick finally sees that Jeanine is wearing glasses and he nervously responds] I'll bet!

[Rick attempts to ask the student Beth out to the prom]
Rick: Um... Beth. Doing anything, uh, prom night?
Beth: I'm going to the prom.
Rick: What about Saturday?
Beth: I'm busy.
Rick: Night?
Beth: I'm busy.
Rick: How about Sunday?
Beth: I'm busy.
Rick: How about any night in 1987?
Beth: I'm busy.
Rick: [Rick yells out] How about yesterday? You busy yesterday?
Beth: [Beth smiles] I think so, but you can ask me out again.

[Rick and Terry talk in the boys' bathroom as Rick takes a leak unexpectedly]
Terry: What are you doing?
Rick: [Rick talks with his back to Terry] What's it look like I'm doing?
Terry: Well, do you have to do that in here?
Rick: Seemed like the right time, certainly the right place.

[Terry pumps up Rick to get back at Greg Tolan]
Terry: Oh, man, I've had it with that jerk. You want to know about Greg Tolan? I'll tell you about Greg Tolan. Greg Tolan is toast. He can't get away with this. We've got to get him back.
Rick: We and what army?
Terry: No violence. No need to sink to his level. You see, we have somethig that Greg Tolan will never have. Intelligence.
Rick: [Rick snaps his finger] You know, you're right. I mean, we're smart. Okay, Terry. What do we do?
Terry: I don't know.
Rick: Me neither.

[Rick, Terry, and Kevin all confront each other on the beach]
Rick: [Rick asks Terry] Who is this guy?
Kevin: Terry's boyfriend. Who are you?
Rick: Just a friend.
Kevin: Terry, we can work this out. I know you still love me.
Terry: No, I don't, I love someone else.
Rick: [Terry glances over to Rick] Whoa, uh, thanks, but no, thanks...

[Terry tries to tell Rick that she's a girl]
Rick: [Rick chuckles] Yeah. Big night, huh?
Terry: I bet you're a little confused.
Rick: I think I understand.
Terry: I know I should've told you sooner, but, uh... I didn't. Um... I'm a...
Rick: [Rick cuts her off] Terry, I know. You're gay.
Terry: [Terry frowns] I'm not gay.
Rick: [Rick hesitates looking back towards Kevin] Wait a minute. Now I'm confused.
Terry: I'm a girl. I'm a woman.
Rick: [Rick chuckles] Right, and I'm Cindi Lauper.

[Terry tries to apologize to Rick for lying to him about being a guy]
Terry: There was this contest, and I needed prove it, but then I stayed and I met you. And you're so wonderful that...
Rick: Shit... I can't believe this.
Terry: Rick, I know you're mad, but I think you're terrific, and your friendship means so much to me that I just...
Rick: Then this whole thing was bullshit. Major bullshit.

[Rick and Terry tell each other they still have feelings for one another]
Terry: I thought you hated me.
Rick: I missed you. I read your article. Do you, uh... Still feel the same way about me?
Terry: Yeah, I guess I do.
[as Rick smiles and Terry blushes]

[Terry tries to ask Rick out on a date as he reminds her he's the guy]
Terry: Well, hey, why don't we go out and have some fun? You know, like, maybe we could go out dancing Friday night.
Rick: Wait a minute. I'm the guy here. Let me just try this, okay? Why don't we go out dancing on Friday night?
Terry: [Terry smiles] What an original idea.