DCI William Bell
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DCI William Bell (Character)
from "State of Play" (2003)

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"State of Play: Episode #1.3" (2003)
DCI William Bell: Who gave you the briefcase, Mr. McCaffrey ?
Cal McCaffrey: For the tape, this is the second time I've asked for a phone call.
DCI William Bell: What part of a professional journalist pretended evidence like this should be kept from the police ?
Cal McCaffrey: Phone call.
DCI William Bell: The greedy part ?
Cal McCaffrey: Phone call.
DCI William Bell: Or the part protecting his mate, Stephen Collins ?
Cal McCaffrey: Look, I worked for him... once... about nine years ago. He didn't do it... Phone call.
DCI William Bell: When he sheltered from the press, he came to your house.
Cal McCaffrey: So ?
DCI William Bell: Well, he denied anything to do with her death.
Cal McCaffrey: Well, he didn't deny it, no, because he was never asked.
DCI William Bell: Never remotely crossed your mind ?
Cal McCaffrey: Look, he was on a train; she went under another.
DCI William Bell: Somebody paid for a professional hit man.
Cal McCaffrey: The briefcase implies that, yeah.
DCI William Bell: But you're excluding the VERY public figure who'd have everything to gain by getting rid of her. How come ?
Cal McCaffrey: If the reason you're keeping me here is to stop me doing a better job than you can, then I would be seriously embarrassed about that. You know ? I'd want to lead, not follow.
Cameron Foster: Well, you asked for that... when I said ten minutes ago this was getting repetitive. Were either of you listening ?

DCI William Bell: Della Smith's on her way back, a bit confused as to why a trusted friend and colleague left her wide open. Do you explain or do I keep on speculating ?
Cal McCaffrey: An established journalist is arrested for protecting a contact. Now that's going to hit the evening papers in a few hours. Maybe even the telly.
DCI William Bell: What, you think that scares me ?
Cal McCaffrey: Look, if I'm in here, refusing to surrender "vital information" because it might jeopardize a contact... and I'm the only person you're holding, then no hit man's going to give two shits about Della Smith, is he?
DCI William Bell: That's a very dangerous maneuver, Mr. McCaffrey.
Cal McCaffrey: Well, it's my choice.
DCI William Bell: [to Sgt. Cheweski] Make it look like we've relaxed supervision on Della Smith. LOOK LIKE. Plain clothes only. And find a decoy for Della. Get a support unit together.
DCI William Bell: [to Cal] Right, can we talk properly or are you going to be dragging the lawyers in again ?
Cal McCaffrey: I didn't sponsor a hitman for a headline, Inspector. That happened. I'm here because I want him caught. Like you do. So why don't you get your press people to publicize this arrest and then we can all get on with the story.
DCI William Bell: It's a case, not a story.

"State of Play: Episode #1.2" (2003)
Cameron Foster: [to newsroom] If Della Smith is in the building, could somebody please tell her that her house burnt down or, uh, her Lottery numbers came up ?
[waits for a response]
Cameron Foster: No ?
[to DCI Bell]
Cameron Foster: I'm not in the habit of lying. She's not here.
DCI William Bell: She's working on the Kelvin Stagg murder.
Cameron Foster: Correct.
DCI William Bell: With your chief reporter, Cal McCaffrey.
Cameron Foster: Also correct.
DCI William Bell: Is he here ?
Cameron Foster: I believe not. Mr. Bell...
DCI William Bell: It's Detective Chief Inspector Bell.
Cameron Foster: If you want to talk to busy people, you make a date or risk disappointment.
DCI William Bell: Can you tell me the extent of their investigations into that murder ?
Cameron Foster: No.
DCI William Bell: Well, you're their editor.
Cameron Foster: They haven't filed a story yet.
DCI William Bell: But what, so they just, uh, what ? Run around spending your budget without recourse ?
Cameron Foster: Seniors do. I know. I don't like it. I'd rather be a dictator but no one would work for me.
DCI William Bell: One of my officers was murdered. Don't piss me about !... Now Della Smith warned Stuart Brown that the patient he was guarding was a potential target for reprisals. Now, where did she get the authority to present that theory ?
Cameron Foster: I could've - well, my mother could have given you that from the TV reports. A gunman tries to kill a witness but not quite. Stands to reason that the motive for shooting the guy's still valid.
DCI William Bell: Well, she sought him out at, uh, 11pm to tell him that ?
Cameron Foster: You've met Della?
DCI William Bell: Interviewed her.
Cameron Foster: Beautiful woman. Recently dumped by a long-term boyfriend. It's a lonely job. Maybe she took a shine to your Stuart Brown. I really can't speculate. Well, I can, obviously. I just have. But it's not helpful, is it ?