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Blind Pew (Character)
from Treasure Island (1990) (TV)

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Muppets Treasure Island (1996) (VG)
Billy Bones: And no one knows to this day what happened to the treasure. Or the treasure map. Maybe you'll find them, Eh Hawkins. Hawkins? Ha!
[Billy Bones looks at you and laughs. Rizzo the Rat laughs]
The Great Gonzo: Tell us another adventure Mr. Bones. My favorite is the story about the one legged man.
Billy Bones: Ah, The one legged man? I told you to never to mention that cursed beast! Now get back there and finish brewing my stew. I feel the horrors coming on, begone!
Rizzo the Rat: The horrors. Oh I think I'll be going now. Ho.
[Gonzo and Rizzo head over to the kitchen. Billy Bones stands up and also heads into the kitchen. Then Blind Pew opens the top half of the front door]
:Blind Pew: Eh. Hi Billy Bones it's me Blind Pew! Come to settle the score! Heh heh, heh, Whoa, ow, whoa, ow!
[Blind Pew trips over the trash cans. Billy Bones comes out of the kitchen. Walks upstairs to his room and sees the paper with the black spot on it]
Billy Bones: THE BLACK SPOT! NO!
[Then Stevenson the Parrot appears on the stair rails]

:Blind Pew: Huh. Billy Bones! ha ha ha, It's your old pal come to see you! Ha! See you! Ha ha ha! That's a joke! I am blind I cannot see!
[Blind Pew continues to laughs and he crashes into the trash cans]

:Blind Pew: Ho ho I'll be coming back with some friends to take back our treasure map, and whatever else we can lay our eyes on. He he he. Get it? Eyes! Lay our eyes on. Ha ha, that kill me.
[Blind Pew falls down the stairs]

Rizzo the Rat: Pirates!
[the pirates break down the door and search the room]
The Great Gonzo: Woo. Uh oh.
:Blind Pew: We'd be taking back that treasure map now! What's that? I smell something burning.
[Then the dynamite explodes and blows up part of the Benbow bedroom Inn. Gonzo and Rizzo go flying in the air before falling down]
Cart Driver: Look out! It's raining rats and uh whatevers. Oh I've had enough of this job, I'm outta here.
[Then the cart driver man gets out of the cart and walks off]
The Great Gonzo: Whoa Hawkins! Ahh! Incoming!
Rizzo the Rat: Look out below!
[Rizzo the rat falls in the molasses barrel and splatters molasses all over Jim Hawkins face and he can't see]
The Great Gonzo: Molasses. What a mess.
[the cart moves]
Rizzo the Rat: Whew. That was a close one. Now if there was only some way to pass the time between here and Bristol.
Rizzo the Rat: [singing] 99 pieces of cheese on the wall. 99 pieces of cheese. Take one down. Pass it around. 98 pieces of cheese on the wall. 98 pieces of cheese on the wall, 98 pieces of cheese. Take one down let it turn brown. 97 pieces of cheese on the wall. 97 pieces of cheese on the wall 97 pieces of cheese. Take one down trade it for a pound...

Muppet Treasure Island (1996)
Blind Pew: I sink I smell somesing burning.

Blind Pew: [stroking Jim's hair] Oh a pretty little girl is it? Yes, take me to Billy Bones, ma pet!
Jim Hawkins: You've got it all wrong, there's no Billy Bones here, and I'm not a girl!
Blind Pew: I maybe visually challenged, but I can SEE, YOU'RE LYING.

Carry on Again Christmas (1970) (TV)
Old Blind Pew: [shouting] I've got the Black Spot! The dreaded black Spot!
[switches to regular voice]
Old Blind Pew: I don't know where I caught it, I'm sure. It must have been in a rosebush.