Trevor LeBlanc
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Trevor LeBlanc (Character)
from "Army Wives" (2007)

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"Army Wives: The Hero Returns (#2.5)" (2008)
Trevor LeBlanc: Not every hero carries a gun and runs into battle. Sometimes their scientists and archaeologist. Did you know the Army has a bunch of those people over in Hawaii? Some of them are civilians, some are soldiers. And they form JPAC. And that stands for Joint Prisoners Missing in Action and Accounting Command. And it's their job to scower the globe and find missing soldiers. Their still finding doughboys from World War I buried under hayfields in Belgium. I can't even believe that. World War II soldiers in caves in Guatacanal. Now those heroes; no one's ever gonna give them a metal. No one's ever gonna throw them a parade. We'll probably never even know their names. But they will not quit until every missing soldier that fought for this country is found and returned home. For their families, and for us. I mean, what's more heroic than that?