Mark Sanger
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Mark Sanger (Character)
from "Ironside" (1967)

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"Ironside: Due Process of Law (#1.27)" (1968)
Robert T. Ironside: [Looking at a piece of potential evidence outside a door, behind which a hostage may be held] This is a peppermint candy wrapper; break the door down.
Mark Sanger: This candy wrapper looks like a street car transfer.
Robert T. Ironside: Looks like a candy wrapper to me; must be the generation gap.

"Ironside: Eat, Drink and Be Buried (#1.4)" (1967)
Les Appleton: Y'know, it's all over the street now that you're living with the fuzz.
Mark Sanger: Look, man, it's a job! And that's all.
Les Appleton: Don't get uptight about it, man. I'm not puttin' ya down. It's a job, okay. It's a lot better than what you were doing.

"Ironside: The Taker (#1.5)" (1967)
Mark Sanger: I drink during the day I'm shiftless. You belt one down with a beautiful doll and it's all in the line of duty.
Robert T. Ironside: I couldn't phrase it any better myself.