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Eve Whitfield (Character)
from "Ironside" (1967)

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"Ironside: Poole's Paradise (#3.3)" (1969)
Officer Eve Whitfield: [as she holds Sheriff Poole at bay with her revolver] No pearl handle, Mr. Poole.

Ironside (1967) (TV)
Robert Ironside: [Inspecting a small envelope] Some miscellaneous nuts.
[Looks at Ed]
Robert Ironside: Some miscellaneous nuts?
Det. Sgt. Ed Brown: I tagged that one myself.
Robert Ironside: I don't believe it. You wrote "some miscellaneous nuts"?
Det. Sgt. Ed Brown: Well, what's the matter with it?
Robert Ironside: Why nothing at all. Except that in police work there is no such things as "some," numbers are important. And miscellaneous means a lot of different things, and these are all the same. And nuts is too general and happens to be incorrect. Otherwise, a splendid piece of labeling. One, two, three, four, five, six. Not some miscellaneous, just six. Now, six what? Not nuts, what?
[Toss the object to Ed]
Robert Ironside: Ed, what is that?
[Ed inspects it and then tosses it to Eve]
Robert Ironside: That's right, Miss Whitfield has had the benefit of an expensive classical education, perhaps...
Eve Whitfield: It's an acorn.
Robert Ironside: An acorn. Exactly. Six acorns. Now, what do we know about acorns? Come, come. Has no one ever told you that mighty oaks from little acorns grow? The acorn is the fruit of the oak, but do you see any oaks in among those sycamores. The nearest oak is a hundred yards from those sycamores. Now, query: how came those acorns among those sycamores?

"Ironside: Reprise (#2.10)" (1968)
Officer Eve Whitfield: What sign were you born under?
Det. Sgt. Ed Brown: It said Wesley Memorial Hospital. Why?
Officer Eve Whitfield: Not that kind of sign. Sign of the zodiac, astrological sign.
[Ed doesn't answer]
Officer Eve Whitfield: Here's my horoscope for today: "You will have a dramatic surprise." How about that?
Det. Sgt. Ed Brown: Now it's my time to say, "Oh boy."
Officer Eve Whitfield: All right. Listen to this: "Born leader, shrewd, decisive, commanding, warm, and generous, and yet an implacable foe of injustice." Whom does that describe?
Det. Sgt. Ed Brown: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Robert T. Ironside, but not necessarily in that order.
Officer Eve Whitfield: Right. But it happens to be the people born under your sign.
Det. Sgt. Ed Brown: Mine?
Officer Eve Whitfield: Right. Cancer - the crab.

"Ironside: Eat, Drink and Be Buried (#1.4)" (1967)
Officer Eve Whitfield: I can't shake the feeling there's something between her and Vic Durant.
Robert T. Ironside: That's what we need; another complication. A love affair?
Officer Eve Whitfield: I don't know. It's hard to pin down. Little things. A small glance. An attitude. The unsaid things.
Robert T. Ironside: You sound like a Victorian novel! Or a bad case of woman's intuition.
Officer Eve Whitfield: Well, don't knock it. It's come in handy before.
Robert T. Ironside: At Swarthmore, maybe. Here we graduate to facts only.
Officer Eve Whitfield: [Annoyed, stands up to leave] Well, I can butter my own coffee!
Robert T. Ironside: [Chuckling] Don't go away mad!

"Ironside: Programmed for Danger (#3.9)" (1969)
Officer Eve Whitfield: [after surviving a dangerous undercover job] The truth is, I was terrified. But I knew that if I had shown how really frightened I was...
Det. Sgt. Ed Brown: You hear that Chief? Fearless and dauntless - I'd say she's our girl.
Officer Eve Whitfield: What?
Robert T. Ironside: Well, Eve, it seems there's this night club owner who's hiring topless waitresses without a license. Now, if you'd care to volunteer...