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Quotes for
Mitch Crumb (Character)
from "Crumbs" (2006)

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"Crumbs: Pilot (#1.1)" (2006)
Andrea Malone: I was so obnoxious you have no idea!
Mitch Crumb: Um, yeah, I do.

Waitress: What famous people do you know?
Mitch Crumb: Uh, it's not cool to name drop. Ben Affleck told me that.

"Crumbs: Friends in High Places (#1.3)" (2006)
Andrea Malone: Hey can I be your beard for the premier then ditch you for the hot young star?
Mitch Crumb: It'll be prom night all over again. Except I won't find you in the bushes yelling "It unhooks in the front!"
Andrea Malone: ...Yeah you will.

"Crumbs: He Ain't Hetero, He's My Brother (#1.12)" (????)
Jody Crumb: [after finding out Mitch is gay] Is this because I used to hold you down and drool in your mouth?
Mitch Crumb: No, Jody, that's what makes you gay.