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Quotes for
Miss Viola (Character)
from Happy Feet (2006)

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Happy Feet (2006)
Baby Seymour: [singing] Don't push me 'cause I am close to the edge. I'm trying not to lose my head.
Miss Viola: Yes, I like that one. I could really get jiggy with that. Lovely.

Miss Viola: Good morning class.
Class: Good morning, Miss Viola.
Miss Viola: Right, well, today we will begin with the most important lesson you will ever learn at penguin elementary. Does anyone know what that is? Anyone? Anyone? Someone? Seymour?
Baby Seymour: Fishing?
Miss Viola: No. Mumble?
Baby Mumble: Don't eat yellow snow?
Miss Viola: No. That's not it. No.
Baby Gloria: It's our heart song, Miss.
Miss Viola: Thank you, Gloria. Yes, yes.

Miss Viola: Without our heart song, we can't be truly penguin, can we?
Class: No.
Miss Viola: But, my dears, it's not something I can actually teach you. Does anybody know why? Anyone? Anyone?
Baby Gloria: You can't teach it to us, ma'am, because we have to find out heart songs all by ourselves.
Miss Viola: Well done, you.
Baby Gloria: It's the voice you hear inside, who you truly are.
Miss Viola: Yes. Thank you, Gloria. Excellent, lovely, thank you.

Baby Gloria: [singing] Midnight creeps so slowly into hearts of those who need more than they get / Daylight deals a bad hand to a penguin who has laid too many bets.
Baby Gloria: That's as far as I've got so far.
Miss Viola: Oh, yes. Lovely. Really lovely.

Miss Viola: Well there is always Mrs. Astrakhan.
Memphis: Mrs. Astrakhan?
Miss Viola: If anyone can, Mrs. Astrakhan can.