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Annie (1982)
Rooster: Oh sir. We are just so thrilled to have found Annie. We don't need any money.
Daddy Warbucks: I'll take it back.
Lily: Of course, we are poor people. It would help us a lot. We could buy her milk, a warm blanket.
Daddy Warbucks: Put it in your pocket, Mrs. Mudge.

Rooster: Easy Street. Easy Street. Annie is the key.
Miss Hannigan: Yessiree.
Lily: Yessiree.
Rooster: Yessiree.

Rooster: This is Lily St. Regis.
Lily: Named from the hotel.
Miss Hannigan: Room service!

Annie: [while tearing up the check] Mr. Warbucks will eat your livers!
Rooster: I'll kill ya, ya little brat. I'll kill ya!
Miss Hannigan: [to herself] He's really gonna kill her!
[while chasing Rooster and Annie]
Miss Hannigan: Rooster! Rooster stop! Rooster, she's a baby!