Richard Burton
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Richard Burton (Character)
from Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story (1995) (TV)

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Burton and Taylor (2013) (TV)
[Elizabeth is being escorted out of her room, sobbing hysterically]
Richard Burton: What's going on? Elizabeth!
Chen Sam: Leave her. She's poorly. We're getting her straight back to the apartment.
Richard Burton: There's nothing wrong with her.
Chen Sam: She's sick.
Richard Burton: Really? Well if she is, take it from one who knows: she's got it from a bloody bottle!
Chen Sam: Can you blame her? You treat her like shit! She finds out you're married from a newspaper article; you criticize her as an actress...
Richard Burton: What?
Chen Sam: You!
Richard Burton: I have NEVER criticized her as an actress, she is PEERLESS as an actress. Jesus!
Richard Burton: You call that acting, out there? It's like a bloody pantomime dame tripping over all her lines - I know she can act, I know better than anyone! Which is why I'm not gonna TOLERATE that any more!
Chen Sam: In which case, maybe you'll leave her alone once and for all. Because Miss Taylor was fine until you took this job; she was well until you decided to come back into her life again. Now why you did that, only you can know for sure, but from here, it looks like it was for one reason only: to break her heart.
[Richard is left broken and reeling from these words]

[Richard buys several bottles of vodka, only to pour them down the sink]
Richard Burton: Never... never.
[he throws the bottles against the wall, destroying them. He slumps into his chair]
Richard Burton: [quoting King Lear] Thou art the thing itself: unaccommodated man... is no more but such a poor, bare... forked animal... as thou art.

[last lines]
Elizabeth Taylor: See, I know you, better than you know yourself.
Richard Burton: Yeah.
[they laugh]
Elizabeth Taylor: Wanna say the lines?
Richard Burton: No, not at the same time, no!
[they laugh giddly]
Richard Burton: I'll never do it!
Elizabeth Taylor: You'll be fine!

Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story (1995) (TV)
Richard Burton: Miss Taylor, has anyone ever told you, what a very pretty girl you are?

Richard Burton: I taught her about beer, she taught me about Bulgari.