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Zoe Burden (Character)
from "Cashmere Mafia" (2008)

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"Cashmere Mafia: Pilot (#1.1)" (2008)
Zoe Burden: Mia got the job, and Jack called it off.
Caitlin Dowd: Oh, my God. I'm so sorry. And screw him.
Mia Mason: Well, not anymore

Zoe Burden: Brooke, Katherine... What is it with these girls? It's, it's like Generation Y gave way to Generation I.D.
Eric Burden: I.D.?
Zoe Burden: I deserve.

Zoe Burden: Is it hard for you to stay faithful to me?
Eric Burden: Where'd that come from?
Zoe Burden: Davis is having an affair with Cilla Grey.
Eric Burden: Does Juliet know?
Zoe Burden: Mia and Caitlin and I, we're telling her tomorrow.
Eric Burden: Wow. Will you bring nets and a tranquilizer gun?

Caitlin Dowd: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! We're all wearing black?
Zoe Burden: Well, it is New York.
[Juliet walks in and sees everyone wearing dark suites]
Juliet Draper: Okay. Who died?

Caitlin Dowd: I have a teleconference with Tokyo. I gotta run. I love you.
Zoe Burden: My nanny quit.
Mia Mason: Oh, no...
Zoe Burden: A whole thing...
Juliet Draper: I have to have sex with Davis.
Caitlin Dowd, Zoe Burden, Mia Mason: OH!
Juliet Draper: He's going on a business trip tomorrow. It's superstitious good luck thing with us.
Mia Mason: Kind of like a little bone-voyage?

Zoe Burden: [pleased with the way the children are reacting to their intended new blonde nanny] Well, they certainly seem to like you. So, how can we make this work?
Brooke Adaire: [all bright beaming smiles] Well, I get 900 a week, Wednesdays half-days, Sundays off, a cellphone with unlimited texting, a MetroCsrd, my own shelf in the fridge, and a TV with premium channels in my room.
Zoe Burden: [cellphone rings] Oh. I'm sorry, I just... Yes, Katherine?
Katherine Cutler: [on phone] I really need a Mental Health Day.
Zoe Burden: I'm sorry, I'm going to have to say no.
Katherine Cutler: Why not?
Zoe Burden: [veiled impatience] That research that I needed yesterday, the thing is, I need it even more today, seeing as how a day has passed.
Katherine Cutler: Ugh. Fine.
Zoe Burden: [switches off phone, then, to Brooke] So, when can you start?
Eric Burden: [intervening, to Brooke] Oh, just excuse us one second.
[to Zoe]
Eric Burden: She's a little demanding, shouldn't we-...
Zoe Burden: She's perfect! Trust me.
[to Brooke]
Zoe Burden: Thursday is my daughter's dance recital, and we underline bold CANNOT MISS IT.
Brooke Adaire: Well, how about tonight then? I could go grab a suitcase.
Zoe Burden: Done!
[to Eric]
Zoe Burden: Late! Running!
[kisses him on the neck, then, to Brooke]
Zoe Burden: And, oh, hey, welcome to our home!
[the girl is pleased]
Eric Burden: Bye!
Brooke Adaire: [quite elated] Bye!

"Cashmere Mafia: Dangerous Liaisons (#1.3)" (2008)
Caitlin Dowd: There's a new blog out called 'Regrets Only' which posts gossip on women in business. Read what the latest post has.
Zoe Burden: [reading from the printout] "Which Lily Parish Cosmetic executive has been seen canoodoling all over town with her hot, chocolate ad agency rep? These ladies are sharing more than makeup tips."
Mia Mason: Canoodoling? What the hell is that supposed to mean?
Caitlin Dowd: Never mind. "Hot chocolate"? What does that make me?
Mia Mason: A marshmellow?

Zoe Burden: [about Katherine] I hate what she's good at.
Eric Burden: Which is?
Zoe Burden: I mean the rack, the bod, the whole blond man-trap thing.
Eric Burden: Man-trap?
Zoe Burden: Yeah, my mom used to say that. I mean, she's like Business Barbie.

Zoe Burden: [to Juliet] So, this is it? This is really going to happen? You're going to do it?
Mia Mason: Of course she is.
Zoe Burden: Look, I'm all for fighting fire with fire. But revenge sex? I mean, doesn't that seem a little "Yuck"?
Mia Mason: If your husband cheats on you, you're officially entitled to one free "yuck." It's the law.

Juliet Draper: Bobby Walsh is in town.
Zoe Burden: Now? I thought...
Juliet Draper: Apparently he couldn't wait. I thought I see him tonight.
Zoe Burden: Talk about burying the lead.
Juliet Draper: I didn't say anything back there because I didn't want to get the cheering squad all riled up. I'm starting to have second thoughts.
Zoe Burden: You want me to talk you out of it? In which case, I would open with the remote, but undeniable possibility of contracting as STD. Then there is the Fatal Attraction syndrome.
Juliet Draper: Davis has been on his best behavior.
Zoe Burden: That's big of him.
Juliet Draper: You know, he was even talking about romantic getaways, going back to this resort we loved in Anguilla.
Zoe Burden: Wow! You ready for that?
Juliet Draper: Not at all. I'm starting to think Cilla was more than the meaningless fling that Davis makes her out to be.
Zoe Burden: What makes you say that?
Juliet Draper: That blog. A fling wouldn't lead to that kind of vitriol. Clearly, this was more. Hell hath no fury like a mistress scorned.

"Cashmere Mafia: Conference Call (#1.2)" (2008)
Zoe Burden: [to Victoria] Just so you know, I don't blame you for hitting on my husband. He's a good-looking guy. And he's an adult. I trust him to make his own decisions. But don't hit on my kids, EVER AGAIN!

Juliet Draper: [to Caitlin] You're gay now?
Mia Mason: Oh, she's not gay. You know what? She's hip. It's the thing to do. It's like when everyone was pregnant, you know. Lesbians are the new babies.
Caitlin Dowd: Excuse me, can the possible lesbian answer that question? I don't know if I'm gay or I'm straight. I don't want to join a union yet or anything. I met someone I like. It happens to be a woman. That's all I got. Just please, be supportive. I don't want your opinion or permission. And don't act like this never happened to any of you.
Mia Mason: Well, I went to Wellesley. It's practically part of the curriculum.
Zoe Burden: I made out with Jenny McGruber at summer camp. She was really good at lanyard. I had some amazing plastic jewelry that summer.
Juliet Draper: I was trying to process one lesbian...
[stares at Mia and Zoe]
Juliet Draper: Now I have three.

Zoe Burden: Let's do you next. What man do you want from this list?
Caitlin Dowd: I'm good.
Zoe Burden: What? What do you mean "You're good?" You're never "good".
Caitlin Dowd: Thanks a lot. I am... have a date.
Zoe Burden: Really?
Juliet Draper: You did mention last week you kissed someone.
Mia Mason: You've been holding out on us. With whom?
Caitlin Dowd: With a woman.
[Mia, Zoe, and Juliet all stare wide-eyed and shocked at Caitlin]
Mia Mason: You really have been holding out on us!

"Cashmere Mafia: Yours, Mine and Hers (#1.6)" (2008)
Zoe Burden: Forget this one deal, which I made happen. I have generated more business for Gorham Sutter than anyone else. And yet the only people who get promoted around here are men; white men, to be blunt.
Henry Gorham: I don't like what you're insinuating.
Zoe Burden: I am not insinuating anything, Henry. I'm saying it straight out. It doesn't matter to you, does it, that I have given everything to this firm, including my integrity?
Henry Gorham: Integrity? Come on, this is Wall Street. As far as a promotion goes, well, you know that that is a tricky process. Your time will come.
Zoe Burden: Oh, I know it will, Henry. It just won't come here.
Henry Gorham: Well, not if you keep up like this.
Zoe Burden: Don't worry, I'm not going to. I quit.

Cynthia Tate: Zoe, I know how difficult it is for women to rise in this field, mothers especially.
Zoe Burden: Oh, the stories I could tell. But to work with a woman of your stature on something as meaningful as this, I just... I would love it.
Cynthia Tate: That's what I like about women; they talk to each other. And if this moves forward, I'll need someone to talk to.
Zoe Burden: Me too.

"Cashmere Mafia: The Deciders (#1.4)" (2008)
Katherine Cutler: Zoe, Clayton promoted me because he has confidence in my abilities. He keeps telling me to take more initiative.
Zoe Burden: Yeah, and we're all very appreciative of your abilities. But Clayton isn't handling this deal, I am. Which means that...
Katherine Cutler: [intrupting] That you're pulling rank.
Zoe Burden: That I'm responsible for everything that happens on this deal. Which means I lead, you follow. And you don't make a move without clearing it with me first.
Katherine Cutler: Okay! I hear you and I get it. I'm really sorry. Would it be okay with you if I peed before heading back into the conference room?

"Cashmere Mafia: Dog Eat Dog (#1.7)" (2008)
Zoe Burden: The only reason you'd leave the office to track me down is if you needed something from me.
Clayton: I don't need anything. But now that we've landed Tate, don't you want to come back to the office and put his money to work?
Zoe Burden: Tate wants to know where I am, and you don't have an answer.
Clayton: Actually, I told him you were having your eyes done.
Zoe Burden: You what?

"Cashmere Mafia: Stay with Me (#1.5)" (2008)
Nicholas Branch: How many of the guys in the office has Katherine been through?
Zoe Burden: One that I know of. How did you know?
Nicholas Branch: It's a type. In my office, there's a Claudia and a Joelle.