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Caroline Penvenen (Character)
from Poldark (1996) (TV)

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"Poldark: Episode #2.12" (1977)
Demelza Poldark: [about her sexy new dress] Oh, Caroline, I look like a wanton.
Caroline Enys: That is exactly what you're supposed to look like. It's the ambition of every respectable lady.
Demelza Poldark: So what's the ambitions of wantons?

"Poldark: Episode #2.13" (1977)
Caroline Enys: Perhaps one aspect of arrogance is refusing to accept what life has ordained for us.

"Poldark: Episode #1.16" (1976)
Caroline Penvenen: Your cure is worse than my malady.
Dr. Dwight Enys: We often use one fire to put out another.

"Poldark: Episode #2.11" (1977)
Monk Adderley: I swear I have never refused a duel but once, muh dear. That was when my father called me out.
Caroline Enys: Your father challenged you?
Monk Adderley: I'd taken a fancy to a lady who turned out to be his mistress. He called for pistols.
Dr. Dwight Enys: [Entering] I was wondering what had become of you.
Caroline Enys: I was in the library with Captain Adderley. Captain Adderley has been telling me about duelling exploits.
Dr. Dwight Enys: I've always thought dueling a very extravagant reaction to a quarrel.
Monk Adderley: There's no other way between gentlemen, muh dear.
Caroline Enys: At least you declined to fight your father.
Monk Adderley: Certainly. By no stretch of the imagination could my father be accounted a gentleman.

"Poldark: Episode #1.13" (1975)
Caroline Penvenen: Men are so stupid about money.
Dr. Dwight Enys: My dear, we are stupid about everything.