George Warleggan
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George Warleggan (Character)
from "Poldark" (1975)

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"Poldark: Episode #1.9" (1975)
Nicholas Warleggan: [Speaking about Poldark] Do you have a case against him?
George Warleggan: We have three or four good witnesses who'll swear against him.
Nicholas Warleggan: If they don't, they won't be paid.
George Warleggan: One's a discharged servant nursing his grudge as you nurse your guineas.
Nicholas Warleggan: Now, speakin' of that, how mu...
George Warleggan: Only a guinea or two, Father.
Nicholas Warleggan: Mmm. I want to see Poldark hang, but I don't want to be bankrupted.
George Warleggan: You have great faith in hope, Father. Put more faith in cash, and you won't be disappointed.

Francis Poldark: [Half drunkenly] Are you here for the elections or to see Ross hanged, drawn, and quartered?
George Warleggan: For the elections as everyone else.
Francis Poldark: Ah, have you got money invested in the elections as well? My dear George, you've got your dirty little fingers in every pie, haven't you?
George Warleggan: Francis, I don't...
Francis Poldark: You know, I doubt there's a profitable pie in the whole of Cornwall that you Warleggan blackbirds aren't comfortably baked in.

Nicholas Warleggan: What's this?
George Warleggan: A list of our witnesses bought and paid for.
Nicholas Warleggan: Eight? How much did they cost?
George Warleggan: [Slighly exasperated] You can't have people hanged for nothing, Father!

"Poldark: Episode #2.1" (1977)
George Warleggan: It was the will of God that he was born on St. Vaentine's Day. He shall be Valentine.
Nicholas Warleggan: Valentine? There has been no such name in the family.
George Warleggan: There has been not one such as my son in any family,
Nicholas Warleggan: Does Elizabeth like it?
George Warleggan: She will when I tell her. Ours is a union of the old gentry and the new. We need a new name.
Nicholas Warleggan: You won't get away from Warleggan.
George Warleggan: I shall never wish to. It is too respected and feared.
Nicholas Warleggan: Fear can be bad for business.
George Warleggan: Respect and fear are one.

George Warleggan: [to Elizabeth] Education demands discipline as well as instruction.

"Poldark: Episode #2.13" (1977)
George Warleggan: Love and jealousy are part of the same face.

"Poldark: Episode #2.9" (1977)
George Warleggan: [Entering the room] If you are here on the business I suppose, then let me tell you it is useless to appal to me.
Ross Poldark: That I believe. Compassion was never your strongest point.

"Poldark: Episode #2.7" (1977)
George Warleggan: [to Ross] Damn you and Goddamn your family!
Lord Devoran: Gentlemen! This does not become either of you!
Ross Poldark: [Deadpanned] We do it all the time.

"Poldark: Episode #2.3" (1977)
George Warleggan: [to Rev. Whitworth] A man who can bargain is worth his price.

"Poldark: Episode #2.11" (1977)
Nicholas Warleggan: I know you have certain moves afoot against Prescott's Bank.
George Warleggan: Moves that we cannot make until that old fool Pearce expires. For a man who's been expected to meet his maker at any time during the past six weeks, he's showing a remarkable facility for holding off the appointment.

"Poldark: Episode #1.15" (1976)
George Warleggan: [Referring to Ross] Forgive me, Elizabeth, but he's the last man to advise anyone on anything. His own situation is desperate.
Elizabeth Poldark: That's how Ross likes to live... on the edge of the pit.
George Warleggan: Too hot a place for most of us,