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Dan Topping (Character)
from 61* (2001) (TV)

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61* (2001) (TV)
[about a newspaper article on Mickey Mantle]
Sam Simon: All I did was say that he had an off season.
Dan Topping: He hit forty home runs last year. A lot of players would kill for that kind of an "off" season.

Dan Topping: I was wondering if you would consider changing the lineup around?
Ralph Houk: What do you mean?
Dan Topping: Switching Mantle and Maris.
Ralph Houk: You're kidding me. We're only a game up on the Tigers, the most important series of the year and you want to screw with it? What is this about, the home runs? You're reading the fan mail? You're letting the fans run the team?
Dan Topping: The fans pay your salary, Ralph.
Ralph Houk: Well, you can change the lineup if you want, but not while I'm manager. And I'll tell you something else, the right guy is going to break that stupid record!