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Count Danilo (Character)
from The Merry Widow (1934)

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The Merry Widow (1934)
Count Danilo: Are you pretty? Or beautiful?
Sonia: Gorgeous.

Danilo: I'm a soldier. My duty is to fight. I'm willing to die on every battlefield. But I'm not going to drink another cup of coffee!

Captain Danilo: You're the freshest Fifi I've ever met.
Sonia: But a nice Fifi.
Captain Danilo: How nice?
Sonia: Not too nice.
Captain Danilo: Your right eye says yes, and your left eye says no. Fifi, you're cockeyed!

Danilo: May our hearts remain as cool as this champagne.

"Live from Lincoln Center: New York City Opera: The Merry Widow (#21.2)" (1996)
Hanna: Besides the engagement to Rossion is off.
Danilo: Off?
Hanna: Off.
Danilo: But that rendezvous in the summer house....
Hanna: That was no rendezvous, that was another women a married woman, I merely stepped in to save her honor that's all.
Danilo: That's all?! And I nearly went out of my mind with sheer RAGE and MISERY
Hanna: You did?
Danilo: Yes.
Hanna: Why?

Danilo: You said yes.
Hanna: And your uncle said no!
Danilo: You got angry.
Hanna: And you left me and went back to Marshovia.
Danilo: I went back to Marshovia to tell him how wrong he was about you. How proud I would be to have you for my wife, how proud Marshovia would be as well.
Hanna: You said that?
Hanna: He relented. I raced back to Paris... but you had already given yourself to another.
Hanna: I... never knew.
Danilo: And now you will give yourself to someone else again!