FBI Agent Alonzo Mosely
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FBI Agent Alonzo Mosely (Character)
from Midnight Run (1988)

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Midnight Run (1988)
Alonzo Mosely: Let me tell you something, asshole. I've been working on this Jimmy Serrano thing for about six years; Mardukas is my shot. I'm gonna bring him into federal court, and I don't want any third-rate rent-a-thug who couldn't cut it as a cop in Chicago bringing him to LA on some bullshit local charge. Do I make myself understood?
Jack Walsh: Can I ask you something? These sunglasses, they're really nice: are they government-issued, or all you guys go to the same store to get them?

Jack Walsh: I know my rights. You owe me phone calls.
Alonzo Mosely: What should be of paramount importance to you right now is not the phone calls. It's the fact that you're gonna spend ten years for impersonating a federal agent.
Jack Walsh: Ten years for impersonating a fed, huh?
Alonzo Mosely: Ten years.
Jack Walsh: How comes no one's after you?

Alonzo Mosely: Is this gonna upset me?
FBI Agent Tuttle: I think it's safe to say that.

Airline Pilot: Can I help you guys?
Alonzo Mosely: Special Agent Mosely, FBI.
Airline Pilot: Are all you guys named "Mosely"?

Alonzo Mosely: Where's Jack Walsh?
Train Porter: He got off with the other guy - - two or three stops ago. His real name's "Mosely".
Alonzo Mosely: [shouting in a sudden frustrated outburst] I'M Mosely!

Jack Walsh: Can I have my sunglasses please?
Alonzo Mosely: Here's your sunglasses.
[Mosely spitefully tosses them up and drives off. Jack tries to catch them but they fall on the road and end up chipped]
Jack Walsh: [Sarcastically] Nice.
[Jack pulls Mosely's ID out of his pocket and holds it up]
Jack Walsh: Thanks for this too.