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Lilia (Character)
from Îsu II: Tenkû no shinden (1992) (V)

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Ys: Book 1&2 (1990) (VG)
Lilia: Are you alright?
Adol: Who might you be?
Lilia: Me? I am Lilia from Rance Village. I felt a cold shiver down my spine, and I felt compelled to come in this direction. Then I found you lying here on the ground. Your body's surrounded by a pure white light.
Adol: Where am I?
Lilia: This is the land of Ys, There are many goons patrolling this area. Quickly, let's go to my village before they find us.
Adol: Right let's go.

Lilia: Is that really you Adol? I'd never thought I'd see you again. Do you recognize me? I am Lilia from Rance Village. Not long ago, I was caught by some demons as they were rounding our people in our village. Soon after this, a demon named Keith came and saved me. He gave me this key. He told me that I would be able to open many locked doors with it.
[Adol gets the Master Key. An eerie laugh comes from outside the door... ]
Dalles: Heh heh ha ha ha ha ha ha! You are a most helpful soul aren't you Adol? You have led me to the hideout of these rambunctious runaways. These people have learned all too much about this forsaken land, so of course I cannot permit them to live. However, I do have a rather big heart. And I am going to let you watch as I turn their bodies and souls to ice cold stone. Heh heh ha ha ha ha!
[Then Lilian and the men turns into stone statues]