Valerie Tyler
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Valerie Tyler (Character)
from "What I Like About You" (2002)

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"What I Like About You: Surprise (#4.2)" (2005)
Valerie Tyler: [about Vic] We are legally married. That son of a bitch fireman is never gonna leave!

Valerie Tyler: Jeeze, one night of booze and getting married and everybody is all up in my grill!

Holly Tyler: Come on Val, let's go.
Valerie Tyler: No, no, we can't. Not until Vic leaves.
Holly Tyler: And when is that gonne be?
Valerie Tyler: Very soon. I turned the electricity off. I'm sweatin' him out! Ha!
Holly Tyler: Val, he's a fireman. He's good with heat!

"What I Like About You: Girls Gone Wild (#3.18)" (2005)
Lauren: So, how was your date with Chris?
Val: Have you ever been on one of those dates that is just... perfection?
Lauren: Oh, you guys did "it" in your car?
Val: Lauren, I don't even drink fruit punch in my car!

Val: This little custody battle that you and Vince are having over your friends is really ridiculous. All right? So I think you need to just talk to Vince and...
Holly: eh, eh, eh
Val: I'm just sayin'
Holly: eh, eh, eh
Val: You forgave Tina.
Holly: Yeah, but it's just more complicated with Vince, I mean we might still have feeling for each other, but then he slept with her and lied to me about it. Tina's just my slutty friend!
Val: [Gary, Ben and Tina walk in. Val points at Tina]
Val: Oh, Hey! We were just talking about you!

"What I Like About You: Boys' Club (#2.2)" (2003)
Holly: Totally, and you know what? I'm gonnna have more problems. Pshhh... Could get arrested for shop-lifting... You know how I love stuff!
Val: Yeah, you're not gonna do that, but if you did, I would know what exactly what to do.
Holly: Yeah you would!

Holly: Oh my god! I just remembered another problem!
Val: What?
Holly: There's this girl, sitting on the couch. Having a fabulous conversation with the best sister ever, and she's eating this amazing Peanut butter Cheese cake. She's totally comfortable but dying of thirst! What does she do?
Val: She needs milk huh?
Holly: Yeah she does!
Val: Oooh, oh well I would tell her to get her thirsty butt up off the couch and get it herself!

"What I Like About You: Someone's in the Kitchen with Daddy (#4.7)" (2005)
Val: Think I was born yesterday dropout?
Holly: Well let me tell you something Drunken-Married-lady!

"What I Like About You: The Talk (#1.22)" (2003)
Val: Sex is a mystical, magical thing. It isn't a game.

"What I Like About You: We'll Miss Gittle a Little (#3.9)" (2004)
Valerie Tyler: My color scheme is harvest peach not pee-pee yellow!

"What I Like About You: Tyler v. World (#1.21)" (2003)
Don: Can you tell me what's going on?
Mindy: It's a pathetic attempt to...
Valerie Tyler: Hey! I believe I have the floor, Blondie.
Mindy: You're blonde, too.

"What I Like About You: Your Cheatin' Heart (#2.14)" (2004)
Lauren: [after seeing Gary without his shirt] I think you should know that when Gary turns 21, we're getting married.
Valerie Tyler: But, I thought you were dating the doctor.
Lauren: Oh, we'll be divorced by then.