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Quotes for
Stella (Character)
from RocknRolla (2008)

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RocknRolla (2008)
One Two: Hello?
Stella: It's me.
One Two: Who?
Stella: ME.
One Two: Ahh. Well, what do you want?
Stella: You.
One Two: Well, you had better come in then.

One Two: Nice shoes, by the way.
Stella: Thank you. You will be able to afford a pair of your own in a couple of days.

One Two: I've got one just like that at home, but with a little boy fishing.
Stella: Is that what they call humor where you're from?
One Two: Is that what they call art where you're from?

One Two: So you don't wanna know what happened?
Stella: I know what happened. Hollandaise?
One Two: I see you ordered already.
Stella: You were late. Shouldn't you have taken precautions?
One Two: Precautions?
Stella: Well, that's your job, isn't it? I didn't realize.
One Two: Realize? Realize that they had guns? Big, long, dangerous machine guns? With war criminals attached to the trigger?
[cue big getaway sequence by the Wild Bunch]
One Two: You know what, darling? I'm just gonna leave this laundry bag here, under the table for you, okey? Goodbye, sweetheart. You're way too dangerous for me.

Stella: Drink?
One Two: Dance?
Stella: You're a dancer?
One Two: Am I a dancer? Shall we set the record straight? See, my dad was a dancer, and his dad before him. So, finally, it percolates through the old DNA. You're not joining me?
Stella: Sure. I like to dance.