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Arthur Spiderwick (Character)
from The Spiderwick Chronicles (2008)

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The Spiderwick Chronicles (2008)
[Jared reads Spiderwick's Free Guide To The Fantastical World Around You]
Arthur Spiderwick: [voice-over] Dear reader, what you now hold in your hands is the culmination of a life's work. And you will soon see, as I have, that there are fantastical creatures living among us, hidden through mimicry and magic. This book will give you the tools and techniques needed to lift the veil and see the unseen. Once you have this sight, you will never see things the same way again. But be forewarned, the secrets you are about to learn have been kept hidden for ages, secrets that many of this realm would prefer to stay hidden. The creatures you will meet are truly a sight to behold, and most of them do not like being observed. But, over time, I have garnered their trust. Some, I am quite happy to report, I now call friend. But a rare few are, quite frankly, to be feared. The darker forces of this realm all live in service of one creature, the ogre, Mulgarath. The secrets herein are powerful, more powerful than even I was aware. Never before has knowledge of the fantastical realm been assembled in one tome. And so I implore you, dear reader, to use this information wisely, for the ogre, Mulgarath, seeks this knowledge with relentless persistence. If he were to obtain the information in these pages, I can assure you his intentions would be of the vilest sort. He assumes many forms, and so you must constantly be on guard. I deeply fear that the more I learn, the more I place everyone around me in grave danger. So, reader, beware. I beseech you, beware.

[Jared realizes that Arthur can't do anything to help him]
Jared Grace: [Jared with tears in his eyes] The last thing I said to my mom was, 'I hate you.'
Arthur Spiderwick: Listen, son. The boy who had the tenacity to find me, doesn't need my help. Now, Mulgarath wants the power that comes with knowledge. You have that knowledge. You are the book now.

[Lucinda is reunited with her father Arthur Spiderwick]
Aunt Lucinda Spiderwick: Am I dreaming?
Arthur Spiderwick: No, my child. You're not.
Aunt Lucinda Spiderwick: Child? Do you know how old I am?

[Lucinda asks her father Arthur Spiderwick to take her back with him]
Arthur Spiderwick: I'm so sorry. I was so captivated by all the magical creatures I found that I lost sight of the one I already had. But I see now, and I may never be able to forgive myself.
Aunt Lucinda Spiderwick: You came back as you promised, so I forgive you.
Arthur Spiderwick: My dear, because the book was saved, the sylph allowed me to come see you, but I cannot stay. Because if I do, all my years will come back to me all at once, and I will turn to dust.
Aunt Lucinda Spiderwick: Then this time, take me with you.
[Arthur holds out his hand as Lucinda smiles and holds out to take his hand]