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Quotes for
Roland (Character)
from Jumper (2008)

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Jumper (2008)
Roland: Only God should have this power.

Roland: [to David] You think it could go on like this forever? Living like this with no consequences?
[David tries to Jump and Cox stops him]
Roland: There are always consequences!

Roland: [to David] What I'd like to know is how you rob a bank without opening any doors.

Roland: You always go bad.
David Rice: Maybe I'm different.
Roland: You're not different.
Griffin: I'm different, boo!

Roland: [about David's mother, who he realizes is a Paladin] When's the last time you saw her?
William Rice: She split when the kid turned five.
Roland: Five. Oh.
William Rice: [opens door] Haven't heard a word since. If I hear anything, I'll be sure to give you a holler.
Roland: [closes door] No, you won't.
William Rice: No, I won't.