Margo Masse
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Margo Masse (Character)
from Fear (1996)

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Fear (1996)
Margo Masse: Do yourself a favor and don't think so much. It gives you premature wrinkles.

Nicole Walker: My dad hates him, that's for sure.
Margo Masse: Well that means that he knows you're sleeping together, you know it's that usual weirdo jealousy trip.
Nicole Walker: How could he possibly know we were sleeping together?
Margo Masse: Caught ya, ya hoe! You never told me you were screwing him! You'll always remember your first, not your second, not your third, just your first.

Margo Masse: [finds them playing "Street Fighter"] Hey there, handsome. How soon are you gonna grow up, so I can ravage you?
Nicole Walker: Leave Toby alone, Margo.
Margo Masse: [CUTTING-ROOM-FLOOR LINE] When did you start sticking up for this guy? I thought you couldn't stand him.
Toby: [CUTTING-ROOM-FLOOR LINE] She can't; Mom had to force her to come downstairs and hang out with me.
Nicole Walker: [CUTTING-ROOM-FLOOR LINE] Well, at least he hasn't done what *you* did... I need some fresh air.

Margo Masse: Sorry, sorry, sorry. Mr. Kehele decided he'd have to stare at my boobs for ten minutes before he'd give me an extension.

Steve Walker: [on the phone] ... Okay, fine. You're right. It's not an emergency. All the same, could I please talk to the people that try and solve murders - ? Jesus!
Toby: [sees Kaiser's head poking through the "doggy door"] Come on. That's a good boy.
[the dog's head, and ONLY its head, is shoved through and rolls across the floor]
Nicole Walker: Come here, Toby. Over here.
[He runs into her arms and they hug each other]
Nicole Walker: ... I'm sorry you had to see that, bro.
Steve Walker: [still on the phone] ... Yeah, um - My - My name is Steven - Hello - Hello? HELLO?... The phone is dead.
Terry: You're next, man!
[Steve begins to rush after him, but Laura stops him]
Laura Walker: No, wait! We don't know whether he's alone out there. Here, security will come.
[She taps a control panel repeatedly, but nothing happens]
Steve Walker: There's not even a siren.
Laura Walker: Well, Larry will still get the signal.
Steve Walker: No, it's disconnected. The system works through the phone lines...
Margo Masse: Nicole, can I borrow him?
[Nicole nods and dismissively pats Toby's shoulder]
Margo Masse: Over here, Toby.
[He goes over to Margo and they share a tender embrace]
Laura Walker: ...It doesn't matter. No one is getting in here. You designed it, remember? Reinforced doors. No entry without the code.
Nicole Walker: Dad...? David's got the code.
[There is a beeping as David punches in the entry code. Steve hits the manual override just in time, thus keeping the door locked. There is banging and pounding as David's hoods attempt to break in through the windows and side doors]
Steve Walker: Nicole, take Margo and Toby up to your room and stay there.
Nicole Walker: Will *you* be okay?
Steve Walker: Laura and I will be fine. Laura, get the flashlight. Then turn off every light in the house!
[Halfway up the stairs, Nicole screams as Logan leers in at her through a skylight]
Steve Walker: *Nicole!* I'm counting on you three guys to make sure they don't get in from upstairs! If that happens...!
Nicole Walker: I get it, Dad. Good luck to you.
Steve Walker: Thanks, now GO ON! AND LOCK YOUR DOOR!
[as Nicole ushers Margo and Toby to her room, Steve turns back to Laura]
Steve Walker: Turn the flashlight off. I don't want them to know where anybody is.
[the doorbell rings continuously]
Steve Walker: No one's gonna hurt our family, honey. No one!
[Upstairs, Nicole sits with Toby on her bed while a tearful Margo paces the floor nearby. Toby gazes around the darkened room, and then forces a smile at his sister]
Toby: [CUTTING-ROOM FLOOR-LINE] ... You always said, if you ever invited me in here, it'd be the greatest day of my life.
[Nicole returns the smile and kisses him tenderly]
Nicole Walker: [CUTTING-ROOM FLOOR-LINE] I'm still working that one out; give me time.
[Margo sobs loudly]
Nicole Walker: I'll be right back, Tobster.
Margo Masse: Oh, they're gonna kill us, just like they killed Gary.
Nicole Walker: Don't say that. You need to calm down.
[Toby notices Terry outside the bedroom window, and waves for the girls' attention. Margo screams, while Nicole produces an umbrella]
Nicole Walker: Toby! Coming through!
[as Toby rejoins Margo, Nicole jabs Terry with the umbrella and he plummets to the yard below. Toby is duly impressed]
Toby: [CUTTING-ROOM FLOOR-LINE] Take a bow, Rapunzel.
[In response to the joke, Nicole beams at him and flips her hair, a la "CHARLIE'S ANGELS"]