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Quotes for
Bill Holt (Character)
from Cement (2000)

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Cement (2000)
Bill Holt: I tried to page ya.
Lyndel: Oh, yeah, I just... I was a little tied up.
Bill Holt: By who?

Bill Holt: [to Nin] She always puts me on the hold. Does it... Is tha... Is... That's a bad sign isn't it?

Nin: I'm talking to Truman, you know as I said, and uh... you know he's telling me to ask you, uh... you know, how'd ya count it?
Bill Holt: [furious] How'd I count it? I checked it three times. Like I always check it.
Nin: Don't... I'm just telling you what he s...
Bill Holt: You sit on this fucking chair, and you're gonna look me dead in the eye...
Nin: Look, calm down...
Bill Holt: [yells] And you're gonna fucking ask me how I counted it! You shut your fuckin' mouth, motherfucker, or I'll take your goddam head right off your fuckin' body, you hear me!

Lyndel: They would have invited you if they wanted you here, Bill.
Mic: Bill, she's right. They're all talking about you, they're pissed off.
Bill Holt: Well, let them talk. Didn't you know talk was a form of flattery?
Carter: Not if they call you an asshole.