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The Rani (Character)
from "Doctor Who" (1963)

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"Doctor Who: The Mark of the Rani: Part One (#22.5)" (1985)
The Rani: [to The Master] You're unbalanced. No wonder the Doctor always outwits you.

[the Master has The Doctor captive and is bragging yet again]
The Rani: Oh, do stop squabbling and get on with it!

The Rani: [watching The Master on her monitor] What's he up to now? It'd be something devious and overcomplicated. He'd get dizzy if he tried to walk in a straight line.

The Rani: [after the Master evaporates one of her servants] You and the Doctor are a well-matched pair of pests. You bring nothing but trouble. Now I need a new assistant.

The Rani: [On seeing Peri for the first time] Who's this brat?

The Doctor: [shackled to a table] Well, well, well...
[lies back]
The Doctor: ... The Rani.
The Rani: You were expecting to see The Master?
The Doctor: To see? Not exactly. He was burned to a crisp the last time I saw him.
The Rani: Your smugness is misplaced. He's here. He's very much alive, and he wants vengeance. Curse the pair of you!
The Doctor: Well, since we're insulting each other, I can't say I care much for your taste in clothes. Doesn't do a thing for you.
The Rani: Hmm, your regeneration's not too attractive, either.

"Doctor Who: Time and the Rani: Part Two (#24.2)" (1987)
The Rani: [as Mel] Oh, forget the Rani. She's finished. Destroyed.
The Doctor: Is she? Oh, don't underestimate her. She's a brilliant but sterile mind. There's not one spark of decency in her.

The Rani: [as Mel] I must have forgotten.
The Doctor: You, Mel, forget? Ha ha ha ha. A kangaroo never forgets.

The Rani: Quite adept at maneuvering, aren't you, Doctor?
The Doctor: Well, there's a will there's a Tom, Dick and Harriet.

"Doctor Who: Time and the Rani: Part One (#24.1)" (1987)
The Rani: Leave the girl, it's the man I want.

The Rani: Am I expected to abandon my research because of the side effects on inferior species? Are you prepared to abandon walking in case you squash an insect underfoot?

The Rani: [as Mel] Doctor, are you sure you're well?
The Doctor: Of course. Fit as a trombone.

"Doctor Who: Time and the Rani: Part Four (#24.4)" (1987)
The Rani: Selective retribution will bring any dissidents to kneel.

The Rani: I have the Loyhargil! Nothing can stop me now!

"Doctor Who: The Mark of the Rani: Part Two (#22.6)" (1985)
The Rani: Experiments are always subject to the unexpected. They can be capricious.
The Master: Capricious? Turning mice into monsters?
The Rani: A marginal error, quickly corrected.
The Master: The Time Lords didn't think so.
The Rani: Petty spite on the part of the Lord President, just because they ate his cat.
The Master: Hm. Took a chuck out of him, too, I remember.

The Master: Wait... I refuse to run away and let that crack-brained freak win again.
The Rani: Then stay, but without me.

Doctor Who: Dimensions in Time (1993) (TV)
The Rani: You can't escape, Doctor. Say "goodbye", Doctors. You're all going on a long journey. A very long journey.

The Rani: Fated to wander a dismal corner of the universe for twenty years; helpless, paralysed. It'll drive them insane.

"Doctor Who: Time and the Rani: Part Three (#24.3)" (1987)
The Rani: Prepare the Doctor's cabinet for occupation.
Melanie Bush: But that'll be a waste of effort. You've got to find him first and then catch him.
The Rani: I need neither find nor catch him. The bumbling fool's ready-made as a sacrificial lamb.