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John Barrett (Character)
from Darkness Falls (1999)

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Darkness Falls (1999)
Sally Driscoll: I'm... I remember. John
John Barrett: John, yeah.
Sally Driscoll: And Jane. Your wife is called Jane.
John Barrett: Jane Barrett, yes.
Sally Driscoll: Please do forgive me. I'm so sorry. I just...
John Barrett: It's not a problem, it's okay. It's something I've become accustomed to.
Sally Driscoll: What is?
John Barrett: Having to remind people who I am.

John Barrett: [to Mark Driscoll] You know my Jane would have loved to come here tonight. She was always talking about you. Always talking about you. I suppose she fell a little bit in love.
Sally Driscoll: Wasn't that sweet. Did she, Mark?

John Barrett: Sally, you find my behavior perfectly normal, do you?
Sally Driscoll: Given the circumstances, yes.
John Barrett: What of my wife's accident? You don't know the circumstances! There's something the three of us will explore together.

John Barrett: Tell me about your marriage.
Mark Driscoll: I beg you pardon?
John Barrett: Well, you have a great lifestyle, an interesting job and a beautiful wife. Idyllic, I'd say.
Mark Driscoll: Idyllic, yes...
John Barrett: Idyllic, no!

John Barrett: Tell me about Sally's faults.
Sally Driscoll: Go ahead, tell him. I know what they are, anyway.
Mark Driscoll: Silly things, you know. Nothing important.
Sally Driscoll: Like, I drink too much.
Mark Driscoll: Yeah, now and again.
John Barrett: I wonder why.

John Barrett: It took a lot planning this meeting.
Sally Driscoll: Meeting? It's fucking kidnap!

Sally Driscoll: You hadn't realized in any way that she might be having an affair?
John Barrett: Do you realize when, or should I say, if?
Sally Driscoll: One prefers to ignore it. So long as it's not actually thrust in your face.